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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

innocent child

reading some blog lately make me miss the time of all of us being all innocent. yes innocent. maybe growing up is tough, but hey, everyone have to go through it right? which have its downside.

ever any of you had a bad time at school? am sure some do but what bout the majority ? there are lots to miss from the high school days. if you throw a chair at someone, the next moment you will be the bestest of fren after, a "macha..." there are no such things as vengence, grudges, and all that. no mmu - mind manipulated uni. opps.. i havent learn the line thing that can make u cancel that. oh well.

i've been told " its hard to find real fren now" the reason the person gave is, lots have their own agenda,and people cant be sincere. well thats not MY opinion, so pls don put my head on the chopping block.

in life where adult or the older one,are to looked up upon and to be listen to advice, but i find it the total opposite. sometimes, opinion of the younger person seems wiser. hey, old is not always gold rite?

being innocent well, makes u feel so carefree, there are no strive to acheive something, earn the big cash, etc. personally, i feel like if we keep on thinking bout cash,even if its for motivation, we might get lost in it someday, and will be money minded freak. of course money is important, but there are not everything rite? take a chill pill, but don take too much like me, being to chill bout studies can never be good. when we are young, there are no motivation to be successful in studies. it just happen. i mean, to keep self far away from the "kiasu-ness", last time we just study, whenever our mom asked us to. instead now, " ok i study so i can beat the 4 flat dude", i don see the point of beating.instead why don coperate? if you are good enough, he/she might even work for u. the best CEO don have to be the smartest person in the world.

when you are young, you fall in love, and some might say it just puppy love, or infatuation.but being in love, so sweet and innocent,and young, everything or most of the thing just turn into a smile at every move or turn. but when older, there lots of deceiving, backstabing, cheating, just try watch the bold and beutiful lah. am sure not all relatonship are based on or drive on cash, and looks.but as we go older, the more we think, the more we know how to lie and hide our secret in the closet.which sucks really.ever wonder what happen to be innocent, and honest, where like those disney movies we see, all the princeses heart is at the prince charming's, such devotion.maybe some might say, thats all in the movies la.. but i know and heard and seeen it all happened before.

mama what is alcohol? or why that uncle walk like he is dancing? ever we tought of all that before we ever try all those stuff? alcohol, cigarrate, drugs, gamble, clubs.

those were the days. carefree life without any worries, and where mind on our imagination, which every lego we played, instead of what gonna happen, or what we gonna eat or who hates us.an empty white cloth. maybe its like ther mercs advert, life should start when we are old and ends when we are young.

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