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Thursday, April 17, 2008

tip of the ice berg

friends influence is never a doubt. i mean, sometimes our friends can do some bad things, like smoke or drink, yes we might say, we wont follow them, even though they smoke, we still be friend with them but wont get influence. but how much of friends influence can we resist? like our friends might go to club every week, while we are at home, study our butt off.or, we have a sensitive friend, that cant take joke, as the closer we get to them, a tiny bit at LEAST of the sensi part is for sure to rub it on us.

coming into uni, i've met various kind of friends. its not like high school no more, where after a fight with chair flying around the class, the next day, we have a good laugh on the football pitch.after so long, i still cant put my feet firm and settle down here. i mean, one can be hated from other for no apparent reason. sarcastic remarks,envy or being hated for being a bit more fortunate, and some even just because of a dinner, turn their back, and start to stop talking.as ridicilous as that all sound.

one scenario is, take is as when you walk at the mall and some guy drive a mercs and park at the valet.he have a sunglass on and a staright face. does that mean that guy is snobbish?or is there any reason for you to don like him? i mean, his mercs is the symbol of his fortune, or success.if he is posh, let him be, he is luckier than you, it might not be fair but hey, thats life, some are luckier than others, if everyone drive a mercs, who would be the alam flora? he is not showing off with the glasses and the huge car nor boasting, he just showing the fact. thats what he drive, so just be it.while others might drive a local car, or a smaller car. that the fact.

joking around can be quite harmful to yourself, when some cant take the joke.some might have PMS on that day, regardless guy/girl, OR they are just not born with some sense of humour.i missed the class room feel where laughter and seriousness in such a good balanced.

some other sad part is, some would think they are up there, above the rest.some when they have a lil knowledge of something would think they would be worship thus, lost their humble-ness. while some would think they are a class above the rest- erm......excuse me, i guess u never heard of gucci or salvatore ferragamo before? sorry if your fashion capitol is NOT milan ya.

typing and talking lots here, might get me in trouble with the so called "ISA" of the place here.and the punishment? get isolate like a certain hak cai.oh wait, since when i give a crap? you are nobody to ask me to stop talking or blogging.

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