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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


as the Olympics looming, and the Olympic torch was in KL this week, everyone looks at China for the masterpiece of a showcase during the summer Olympic. other than that, the world's eye also on China due to the internal issue with Tibet. but since a few years ago, China have emerge from their nickname of the "sleeping Dragon" , and now can compete with the world's big player like USA or the British. it grows at such a great pace and the GDP grows like no other country have. lots of businesses and company have based there now.

with lots of company there, the competition is VERY tight. i have a question, "why China?" lots of say china this and that, that they are gonna be a super power, and we need to learn to speak chinese now so later we can deal with china. cut that crap, not to deny that china have a great volume, but with all the competiveness there, not many that can come on top.

i would say, why don we look at South east asia? its ridicilous, how people go crazy over china when we have at indonesia it self have about 100million people. if one company that could manopoly the business in South East Asia itself, wont that be sufficient enough? plus there are not many competition here, compared to China, thus a more success rate, its not easy but the chances is more here rather than to China.plus, with our country, is among one of the respected country in the region, for sure there are not much of red tape. sometimes we don't have to look so far away, because the grass is not always greener on the other side.

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