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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Graduation 2012

Comes the October wind again and its time for convocation. Stated the lecturer's FB status. And today, officially all of the friend in the same batch graduated. The first convocation that I witness or be around campus is in 2010, to see some friends that graduated earlier. Then 2011, was my year and 2012 I see it is the others turn. 

Life is such, that we need to put the puzzle together. God give you a bit of hint here and there, but for us to put all the jigsaw together at the end of the day to have any overview or a term that was constantly thrown nowadays, ' lesson learn'.

On the way to the graduation this morning, one signification line in the song 'Graduation' hit me it says

" As our life change, we will be friends forever"

It is very true that once we leave university,all our life have changed, due to these two reasons

  1. Job
  2. Location
Let it be interest, let it be family, friends, companions, opportunity, luck or so many other factors that could play a role. Ideally, nobody wants to be apart and doing things that they have no interest in, or nobody wants to be stuck in 2 hours of jam everyday and having to wake up and get back when the sky is already dark. 

Thus the first piece of puzzle today is all of us will go our separate ways, regardless we are happy with it or not, as for a fact I know 2 best of friends are not happy to be far apart from each other, where one is in Peninsular and the other is in the borneo part of Malaysia.

Then I went to breakfast in Puchong. Pei Se told me that she have a few items that she missed having in Puchong. So the both of us met the rest in the usual dim sum restaurant that we usually eat. Then the first significant person I saw was Crystal, as this is my first time I saw her since she have arrive all the way from Bintulu yesterday.

The second lesson here is the value of friendship. There are 3 of our friends graduated this time. Yee Kean, Yin Fung and also Pei Chin. For these three, few of us travel from far just to congratulate them in person. Sometimes it also about the money to travel, but mostly it about the heart. Taking time to spare with your friends. In a year of 365.5 days, how many days do we have to spare for gathering especially with everyone is working and annual leave are limited?

As I arrived campus, the 3 main person is not out from the graduation hall yet. Decided to walk around, to get the old feel in the campus while others are looking for flowers. There are a few familiar faces that I've bump into.But of all the old faces no would be other than Lynda. Don't get me wrong, but what do you feel when you got to know that most likely you won't see them again.
Going back then, when I've first met her in the meeting in Voices Club. She was a freshman/woman then, just joined MMU after her form 6. And the first few questions she asked was " How the hell I get through ?" as that time I almost half way in finishing my studies. Fast Forward to today, its her special day. She did get through with flying colours perhaps. Another good thing to hear is that she will be getting marry in 2 years.

Lesson number 3, there are a lot of people that we know, some we get close to, or some we just kenal kenal cina. But being able to remember the person, that I believe what makes yourself  different from others. Some you might have forgotten their name. 

In a nutshell, today's lesson is all about friendship.Will there be other occasion for all of us to gather again? I don't think so. Especially with the friends you make but in not in the close circle. Graduation is probably the time to say goodbye as sad as it sound. Maybe facebook would be a key tool. But when we will meet again? Maybe for a holiday, maybe when someone get marry? Who knows.... But as cliche as the saying goes.... " Friends are forever"