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Saturday, December 29, 2007


everyone or maybe i should not generalise it, but most people i know will fall in love with the place that they went. especially the first place that they went, on a long journey, the first long hauled plane ride they went.

the first person that told me how much they love the place that they went was Dharmik, when he went to Australia for the first time, its his first long trip. long holiday. and i still remember what he said and i quote "its so lovely i wish to stay there" and also ashley says how much she love canada, as lots of sweet memories she had there at pegion moutain, and how amazing the first feel of snow. am not suprise IF its the first long trip raja took to new zealand now and he will say how beautiful the place is and all. and i will b waiting to hear all the stories as all these stories, others experience can b useful to myself too, if am lucky enough to visit next time.

as for me personally, this year's trip, well was beautiful. as usual i was not that excited before the flight and during the trip. typical me not appreciatiing the moment. but i kinda love it at Italy. beautiful people, nice town, scenery, weather, the whole 9 yard. although it is one of the place that i would love to visit one day, i mean watching italian football and eating italian food, italian fashion on tv, and music.. heck, i can say i love it there. so am thankful for 2007 for the trip to Europe.

no matter how much i love it over there. at the same time i do still love Malaysia. after all, home is where the heart is right? i love the places that i visited in Malaysia, Penang is particular with the beaches and food. and not forgetting my dear hometown in Kelantan. even if the place is not that develop, heck it have a special place is my heart. of course there no megamall or beatuful beaches like in Terrenganu or cleaner and well kept like Terrengganu, it still my home after all. the 3 trips to Terrengganu/Kuantan this year was a nice too and of course lots of wonderful memories too. its too bad really i am gonna give the trip to Mout Kinabalu next year a miss due to classes.

the reason why i thinking of all this is when i saw the news bout ANC earlier. of course its some political party in south africa, but then again, for me, can be Astro Nature Circle too. a society that i joined in Melaka Campus. kinda bring me back on how those meetings where everyone suppose to create a circle during committee meeting. and some meeting till late night at the ClC concourse. some might think , is Julian missing Melaka?mayb my frens Andre and Vicki was right, Melaka is a place to visit for 1 day or 2 but never a place to stay. no offense but its kinda boring.

as we all bidding goodbye to 2007, there are still few things that i cant let go. like flying. maybe travelling will heal it. seeing and experience new things certainly a wonderful experience. visiting different places with different people certainly bring different dimension to the experience. i mean even if i stay in Kl for most of my life, i still wont know where to get the best mee goreng right? after all visitng places DOES open our eyes to new things

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

merry happy christmas!

ting tong ting tong.......... the chiristmas bells rings and of course bring delight to everyone, from 1 to 92. opening gift of course something that been anticipated for everyone. i mean, how can u NOT like gifts?!

well, this years gift was suprising. even some i've already knew, but den again the trill of opening the wrapper and wondering whats inside, get me all excited. and also the joy from seeing others opening up their present, expecially if its from u.

after opening up all the gifts.. its bed time as church will be at 8am and we need to get up early to get there as it was easily full.

FGA, jalan kelang lama was the place and i can see there lots of upgrades happening, the chair are so similar to the one at the cinema.anyways this year's show was not as good as last year, because its from the young adult. boring ppl do some choir. unlike the year before with the youth church or the children's that was fun. anyways, during my annual visit of course there are prayers and for the blessing for the year.

after taking a short meal, we headed of to Victoria station to pick up the Turkey and went to Botanic Garden to give the Turkey to Uncle Chan's family. we had roasted duck for lunch.den my dad got call for one of his millions cousin. so we went to USj 11 to see them. all this relative here can be really intimidated when i meet them. its not like they are angry people, just most of them are successful.

and i also met "mr. romantic" i mean i heard of this uncle before but never actually met him. well his story was, when his wife passed away, he went and visit his wife grave EVERYDAY, without fail, there he bring flowers and spend some time with his wife. yes stories that can break and touched your heart huh?

wen back home, ashley honey come over. after saturday night shopped for her gift with my mom and sister and with all those wool at MNG entering my nose which cause the flu am having till today, finall its in the wrapper. and this time, yes i can c her hand all shaking opening the gift. so its all good, she having good time opening the gift and i having a good time laughing my butt off :D

my cousin and his gf came after that, and they come with gifts too.. really really really last minuete shop as they come straight from 1u den to my place. but was nice of them. we end up having Hokkien Mee at damansara utama, since my dad is forever loving that mee.

well, christmas have been wonderful this year. and the build up to christmas too was great. and it all started when ashley come back to start thing off to the end with the hokkien mee at DU. from start to finish, i had a great time. yes it would be great if the party that was planned was ON, but den again, there is DEna's party to make it up for. and like the saying goes, u cant have everything in this world, yes i cant, i mean there area some friends that i like to see like amar, raja or dharmik to share this festive season and some family like my cousin michelle, but of course with the regular fixture with my family and ashley, its been a wonderful christmas and not forgetting friends too. so a happy new year everyone and wishin you all a prosperous new year ahead. God Bless

eve- thats hot!

for the eve dinner, was at the hilton. my turn to choose on where to eat and i gladly say, it was spot on as everyone thinks the food was good and fresh. so it was my family, one of my cousin and joined by Uncle Ooi and his girlfriend. they have the train set at the lobby, which is HUGE! i mean HUGE! its a double deck track and the width of the whole thing is like mayb 50+ meter?
anyways, it occupied a huge potion of the lobby

and den........... the eating begins.. FOOD!!, how i love the sound of that. various cusine, from tradtional western with the turkey and ribs,malaysia with the likes of satay, indian, with tandoori's japs, with sushi, and also chinese with some chinese veg,seabus and also comtemperary dish like choco fountain, prawn cocktail and etc, nice buffet :D

the blardi hell moment of the day was, when i was tricked into taking one of the cocktail shot. its a bloddy merry and it comes with oyster in it. my cousin and Uncle Ooi's gf says it was good, and as a guess i expect her to be the last person who trick me. the blardi think taste like fish water!!! and am suppose to drink it like a shot after chewing the lemon grass. argh! maybe for both of them, it tasted good, but i certainly DO NOT enjoy it. anyways, there is always good old satay and the peanut gravy to overcome the awful taste.

after dinner around 1030, went to the lobby as there is a choir with a panist there.watch them sing and everyone started to clap and sing along.

finnally arrived home just in time for the gifts!, just before the stroke of midnight around 1130 :D

*present present present, present present present, sing with me now... present present present *

Sunday, December 23, 2007

cant buy me LOVE!!

sunday make my christmas doubly jolly and a new year a happy happy one. went to mid V again with the sweetheart ashley. poor sweetheart this time gotta follow we shop and shop and shop. as we walked almost all the major shop in gardens and mid V. had such a great time

talking bout retail therphy, i brought my christmas spending to a record that i never spend that much before in a day .but i shall NOT complaion bout the hole in teh pocket as all those gifts are for those who i care most. like the song goes.. " cant buy me love..."

later the night, my uncle who din see for ages suddenly come visist the house. maybe thats the magic of this festive season. which is bringing everyone togather. we went out for food after Christiano Ronaldo score that beautiful penalty kick. and bum into one of the family friend, from our small town. apparently he is the a Senator right now.

so the eve is tonight.. off to the hilton, and like one famous hilton said " thats HOT"

full house

saturday was a bit of a slow day. day only started in the evening as my mom have her facial appointment. so half way, my dad decided to let me try out my ssiter's new car. she was worried, especially hlaf way to mid valley it poured like mad! the visibility level is LOW. anyways i made it thru to the parking. and we end up at the gardens.

was greeted with the store "coach" as i browse around the wallet cost around Rm 1600.. yummy. as we walk around, i followed everyone as i wanted to know what they like. the hint were, staring at certain things for a LONG time, lie to them and tell them don have any more size, been forced to use every dirty trick in the book so they wont buy it.

waited for mom till 8 pm as my dad went home with my brother who just arrived from JB. when mom arrived, she wanted to finish off her "suprise " gift for everyone. as time flies, we found out that LOTS of the shop are closing. we arrived home around 11pm.

open letter

dear you,

yes, i hardly know you. but u seem nice and friendly.but i guess u finally showed your true cour huh? even if he is not my best friend, he is still my friend, and what u have done to him is not very nice, in fact its a demostrate what a bitch you can be. yes you might score good grades and probably in one of the top uni in the world and at central of London town. you have it all, and on the other hand, your guy here working his ass off, putting off his education for half a year just so he could afford to see you, and yet you cheated on him with some white trash that u met at a club for just a few weeks? i'll say fuck you. a cheap slut like you should get gang raped by those drunked white trash at all those clubs that you love to go so much, in fact you r FAT, like u have 10 kg of Turkey up your ass. so fuck you, you cheap slut. your grades cetainly don't show what kind of person you really are, shallow and just plain cheap, why don you just take a tube to Soho and just offer your service. thank you very much.

p/s : and those who feel Malaysia is a rat hole and if you'll don feel safe here, think again. think how you all can afford to go abraod. its because your parents make the money HERE in Malaysia, if its wasn't for Malaysia, God knows where you will be. so be gretful in this "humid" weather, that you all been in for most of your life.

thank you, and merry x'mas may your soul burn in hell

reunion.. dena's x'mas party

got a suprise sms from raja. he was gonna leave for New Zealand in 10 minutes. was shocked, so i quickly call him. he was gonnna visit his bro there. lucky fella. have fun mate!

during that friday night, rizal fetch me to go to dena's party. i think its an annual party. inside the car i saw prem. prem, the gangster wannabe, who is always shy and the one who work with me during our spm break and even when he shifted to hartamas in secondary i still saw he sometimes at tutiton and the line of his life is when kavitha asked him " prem, come lets dance" at parisha's party.

oh well, with the car, there is one other car too following, its ray's. and sharean was inside it. thing is, way back in secondary and primary these two are my good friends. we are so close that some of the girls call us gay. but due to some bitchness n puffy doggy eyes, we din talk to each other for quite a while already, mayb a year?

i feel akward at the party, not to mention lost. its been a while since i see all of them. mayb i was stuck at mmu for FAR too long. its hard to strike a convo or just joking around with them. maybe if i just see and hang with them more often, i might get the old feeling back, i mean all these people i feel most comfy with, and they know me for ages. never feel so lost and at the same time glad to see everyone especially during the holiday season.

yes, i've said before, this christmas is gonna be special and what special was to see everyone again and having the one i wanted to see most,ash. although she think she was not invited, think dena did explained to her and i took the blame as ALWAYS hehehehe.. was damn funny how dena talk to her on the phone.

we all went to pelita and i was home at 130 am. its nice to hear from everyone and get some update what they are doing. although not ALL are good news..


parents day

its a friday. i was suprise to se my dad as he woke me up. i have no idea that he is on leave.he bug me to follow him to run errant. the first was the car wash, den off to faber office near old klang road, to pay the house thing. and then to lucky garden to go to the bank. adn in the car the normal lecture and conco bout education and stuff. although it did keep him quiet for a moment as i bring up the flying school. anyways, mrs.gan called ask to go lunch with her. so we went to her office to have lunch. and during lunch, dad gave me money to cut my hair ;( they been bugging me to cut it off for quite a while. so now i have no reason to NOT to cut my hair. goodbye oh dear ponytail...

meeting the family

its a public hols, so the generous and kind hearted and not to mention one and only girlfriend come over with some gifts from the UK. she gave the fruit cakes for my family and chatted with my family for over 2 hours! i was disappointed she was not shaking like the first time she saw them, or else i would have fun.. hmph!

anyways.. she gave me one of the sweetest gift ever for my b'day, even though its late but i don mind at ALL.i love her so much. its a genuine Manchester United 07/08 jersey with my name on it and have a number 10. the mark of a great player, like ruud van nisterooy and now wayne rooney. it flew all the way from the europe. ahhhhhhhhh.... the joy and the sweetness, am happy! just thinking bout it now making me wanna give her a HUGE hug.* a hint for u, get out of the house!*

went to the curve with my aunt and her family and also my cousins later for lunch. shop there a while off they go to back to their home. some to Jb, some took the flight to Kelantan. sayonara, and hope to c u all again in febuary for chinese new year.

being the older one

i went to the mall the next day. i suppose to get my christmas shopping done. so the sweetness of Ashley Chin come over at 10, while those kids still sleeping like pigs so off we went to mid v. So SO happy.. as it feel like ages since v go out togather. love every moment of it. i was indecided and walking and walking making me tired till we go down the escalator and there lost of those teddy on sale. i think hallmark having parade their stuff. something struck me, i feel like getting those kids some gifts.

i mean wen i was small, there lots i've wanted but i never asked the elder one, either my siblings or cousins. i just think it would b nice if they go back to their home the next day with some gift and putting a smile on each of those small faces during the christmas period would be nice.

so i got some stuff for 5 of the girls at the hallmark store and a Lego set for the boy. the tiny hands helped me wrap up the gifts ;D

too bad for one of my cousins as she left her hp on the cab when she went to the pasar malam at cheras. but being a kid, they never would feel sad. still can hear her giggle and laugh the whole night thru.

am back- road home

as promised i'll be home for x'mas. the road home wasn't easy as i have to carry my lauggage plus my heavy cpu, as a cicak gladly make my power supply its own home, thus making is explode. * kaboom!* amyways, the road home was made easier by vi ling, as vi ling dropped me at the kajang comuter station. off i take the comuter to the mid valley station.

den *boom!* the christmas mood struck me. all the load i've carry don't seem to feel like a burden no more. hehehehhehe. after droppiong off the cpu at the computer shop, i went to take my long awaited gift that i've ordered a few month back.can see the relieve from the sale people that i finally take that gift and paid the other half of the ammout. with the anticipation of seeing the one and only sweetheart of mine, i quickly jump into the cab to her house, with all smelly-ness and sweaty-ness and all. had such a comfortable time. and even if i need to walk back with those heavy bags, but i have a HUGE smile on my face.

as i returned home, i doze off at the couch, those nice and comfortable couch that i miss very much till my mom get home. i asked my sister to go to mid valley with me to collect my computer and at the same time can try out her new car. the car is alright, but the unfair part is she got her plate number according to her b'day, without my mom's knowledge and dad played some vital role.

as i opened the house door with my cpu, i was greeted with all those small kids that is from Times Square theme park. my house was like a kindgerten!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

party time!

ahhh... the finally here. my widget countdown now says 22 more hours. everything seems beautiful now, even britney's gimme more sound like the bird singing in the morning. with just one more assignment to go.. and it seems promising since the graph it seems looking good. wonder what will spoilt it for me. putting that far away, even if people don't really like me or the way i get things done, who cares? know why? i tell you why
  • the reason of for my smile gonna b back in 22hrs
  • lots of things waiting for me at home, so i got lots to look forward to
  • shopping! x'mas shoppings
  • parties
  • and the wonderful time of the year is here

thus, whats there to NOT be happy about?of course there some who think they are "wise" talking behind my back,guess they don't really practise what they preache.

with that aside, it time to get back to my old tune..

this is the remix to ignition

hot and fresh out the kitchen

mama rollin that body

got evey man in her wishin

sippin on coke and rumim

like so what im drunk

its the freakin weekend baby

im about to have me some fun

(R.kelly's ignition)

Friday, December 14, 2007

you're coming home!

close your eyes and picture it...
being FAR FAR away from home,
and u just awaken from your sleep on the plane back home,
with the headphone still playing daughtry,
"I'm going home,Back to the place where I belong,
And where your love has always been enough for me"
while the stewardess offer you an old long time coming nasi lemak
and before you know it,
the captain will announce
"welcome to Malaysia, and for Malaysian, welcome home"

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

i'll be home for Christmas

the making..

the video..

christmas certainly have a certain meaning to everyone, other than celebrating the birth of Jesus, there lots of other reason too for the chirstmas celebration. maybe for some, christmas have been comercialise, or some might think, " hey am not christian, so i don celebrate it"

but for me personally, the true meaning of christmas is the gathering. its similar to the Chinese New Year's eve dinner, but for me Christmas is more to the smaller scale,as in it don't involve ALL the uncle and aunty, mostly its just my family, without the extended one.

i think the video describe Christmas very well, i mean, if u watch the video above, on how the boy run to the father, and gave him a HUGE hug.. don that just touch your heart? i mean, if that don moved you, den i dono what will. although the video, its about the soilder coming back, arent we similar? i mean, as we grow, there some of our family or siblings, might leave the hse to further their study, or work. i mean, people leave their house and at this particular time, during the holiday season, everyone just gather again, after being FAR apart for long. don that just make u smile? when u saw the one that u love and care, right in front of u, not through the screen on the computer or the picture that we hav in our wallet.

one year i remembered, after our christmas dinner, i was told "if when am no longer here, you all must gather among yourself, no matter how busy you are because...... you are all family". am sure everyone have someone special in their heart, let it be girlfriend/boy friend, family, best friend, that we want to see badly but don't have the oppurtunity, so as a suggestion, how bout take the chance during christmas to take time no matter how mafan it is to travel, to see maybe that person or all the person that YOU wanna c.

being away this christmas and havent bought any gift yet, i would like to take the chance to apologise if i am a bit rushing to get everything done as soon as possible and in the process might offend anyone or i might not make time to celebrate any b'days or gathering or just to hang, as i am rushin to get my revision done and also assignment.i hope everyone would understand, as Christmas is one of my favourite yime of the year, i might sound selfish here, but i guess, i have my priority, which is my family.

am dreaming tonight of a place I love

Even more than I usually do

And although I know it's a long road back

I promise you

'll be home for Christmas

You can count on me

*you'll be home for christmas, thinking bout it make my heart sing*

Monday, December 10, 2007

wedding pics

cousins- no my eye not that small
nah! take lah.. the aunty like dont wanna give only

the lil creature call lil hamster

yes.. i know i look good

golden itu emas

mom and cousin

the siblings

rain rain go away

the weather today describe the day today. dark and cloudy and rainy.its my first time studying at the library from morning till night for an exam. a mid term to be exact.but all that work, don seem to pay off. there lots of question that are blank. why? because there lil time to do and the solutions are LONG.of course LOTS others cant finish as well, although that is some consolation, but then again,there are some also finish. guess i need to work by the dec 16th dateline...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

200th post! and suprise b'day part 2


the gan cousin celebrating b'day

the gan's cake

tan"tai lo" kean

group pic after cake fight


out of the pool

i swear he wrestle before

as the night as i tought to be over, i got a call from pei se, to ask go do assignment and all the group members already there, so i got no choice but to go.i do smell something fishy as i went to the house and nobody open the door, and suddenly they wan me to go to the pool side, i already know whats waiting.

as i try to bargain with them so i don need to be thrown into the pool, yee kean sudddenly rushed to me and give some wrestling hold, which i cant do anything much bout it. thus the rest appraoch me to get my valueble out so it wont be damanged in the water. too bad for them, the guards are there, thus they need to rush as fast as possible after dropping me. while hiding, the cakes arrive., and the " pull the candle out by ur mouth" trickbeen used. i never expect the cake is just a bait, as its just cake make out of cream, icing. and the whole icing throwing happen.with my nose full of icing, and also my shirt and pants and shoes. am all covered with the icing. it does feel like u got a flu when all those icing up ur nostrol. and icing + eye, can be quite sting-y.

i went to wash up, after done throwing icing and also taking pics. its kinda a hard work washing all those icing out. especially with icing in my shoe- the next morning, i saw my shoe full of ants as it dry my shoe. do feel a bit sleepy after bathe, i guess its a bit cold. but the night is still young they say. they wanted to go makan, and we went to "gasoline". its like a bistro kinda thing near south city plaza. it was my first time there.

there have the heavenly baked chocolate indulgence waiting for my me. they decide to to celebrate pei se's b'day too as its already almost 12 and her b'day on the 5th.after makan, went to kim's and eric's place to share out the bill. from kicking the ball around the living room, one thing lead to another, and they end up playing blackjack. for me, i was asleep till they woke me up at 4am to go back.

what a day.how nice it would be if its my b'day everyday. its nice to have your friends and family to celebrate it for u. 2 more b'day to go i guess..den only i can finally say i celebrate with everyone i wanted.although the one that u wan to celebrate with is not here, i guess its like the saying goes, God close the door for u, but open a window for you. thus, i would like to thank individualy those who make this b'day a memorable one. my cousins, aunty and uncle and my family who celebrate it at Terengganu, my ashley, who celebrate with me on9, my friends from school, who suprise me, from dena, vicki, ranpreet,gurdip and gulpreet. and also not to forget my MMU's classmate and friends, wai luen,yee kean, juan jie, pei se, kwek, kim, yin fung, eric, jansen,kean kong, kok jin, kelvin, meiseim, kah kean, and kawai. sorry if i miss out anyone. also thanks for the b'day wishes thru sms, friendster or facebook. thank u again everyone.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

suprise b'day part 1

its been a quite unexpected b'day this year. although the initial plan was at Hard Rock with my family as i was impressed with the one at Rome.as they are very busy as they are preparing their trip to Shanghai and brother at Johor working plus my sister just start new job, i guess they are kinda busy. so i guess, i shall not suggest it. as my trip from Terengganu was exhausting. and need to get up at 5am to get the train to cyberjaya for class.. so its kinda very tiring b'day morning for me. thus, i went home to rest my eyes. as i was kinda tired to do any celebration plus i know, most of my friends are still broke anyways.

at 6p.m a mosquito named "ranpreet" called.to ask to go for a drink. as i was so tired i was reluctant to move my heavy butt off the bed. but she said she already at my door ringing the bell.. but to my suprise there 4 others that i din expect to show up. vicki leong who suppose to be working, dena who just finished stpm gurdip who just done with A levels and also her sister.

it was sweet of them to visit me during my b'day.really. i mean how many people would drive almost 40 km plus or half and hour- 45 minutes drive to spend b'day with a friend who they hardly see for ages. but oh well, like the saying goes.. a friend in need is a fren in deed. so being the normal crazy and noisy gang.. crazy as in good crazy.we went on a road trip around putrajaya as we are find our way to Alamanda.lots of turns, wrongs one, lots of honking too and bumper crash. and of course lots of laughter.its nice to have the old faces again, and the familiar laughter.

had Mc d for dinner. till vicki and dena was supposedly went "toilet". they took damn long and i do smell something fishy. so i was proven right as dena said to meet at the park. there i saw dena and vic seating at the secret receipi. the joke was when they oder, vicki said " tunggu 4 perempuan india dan satu budak cina pakai baju kuning" as they wan to wait till i arrive only to serve the cake. according to dena, the way she said it was like some ah long. anyways.. lots of pic been taken-camwhores. as walk around alamanda, to sum up a wonderfuly suprisingly night with sweet friends like this. who need enemy rite? and yes.. goin out with a group of girls, am not suprise if we stop to a women's shop. they stop at elianto where i got my finger painted.

on the way back to cyberjaya, we admire the beautiful bridge while findin the way back. so i would like to take this oppurtunity to thank vicki leong, dena, ranpreet, gurdip and her sister, gulpreet( i think). the feeling at that time i shall describe is a "touched". so thank u again u guys.

last weekend as an 18

deja vu..sungai ular
kitty and mummy

disable toilet? or woman's?

our only car.. in morning


Monday, December 3, 2007

last weekend of an 18, today, am 19

so another year have passed on by.it seems like a blink of an eye now.year and year goes on by, and i always wonder and ponder what i have acheive during the pass year. gone were the good old schooling days, heck i miss it like crazy whenever i think of it. friends have come and go, and some have move on, those that are gone being replaced by new faces, but those who are still around, will remaind around, as time was never a an obstcle to hold a friendship

from the past i remembered, during form 4, as i went to times square with andre,amar and his friends to participate on a streetball challenge. and during the form 5, i got dump in the mud after playing football in the morning at the bangsar sports complex with dharmik and friends.well, that was the first time ever they got me, as my birthday normally during the hols. the traditional birthday boy wacking.

last year i remembered celebrating my b'day 2 days earlier on the 2nd, at an ex place. with my friends. so that was when am 18.with just a blink, am 19 today.the things that change is...people around me,i finally got the 1 that captured my heart for about 5 years.and have one of the wonderful gift for valentine. my best frens of 9 years clearly have some issues with me. my year started great as i got an invitation to go for a test for my dream job as a airline pilot. although its still a mystery if i throw away the test as i don't wanna miss the goodtime for the propose stay in Sri Kembangan, or i just go there unprepare. although, the move to sri kembangan collapse due to multiple reasons, i still wave goodbye to melaka and make it into the cyber campus.having hated to stay on in MMU, as i don feel its the place for me, i guess am adapting slowly to the fact that i am in too deep to change anyting.

well, last weekend was like a trip back. a walk down memory lane. i went to a trip to the east cost, as one of my cousin getting married.its the 3rd time this year alone that i take the trip to kuatan/ terengganu. and i even visited the same fishing village that i visited during the chinese new year hols, and pass on Beserah, where i have a great holiday there during my August break. there lots of places i been to also this year. other than the east coast, i get a taste of my first long long hauled flight to europe. Italy and Austria to be specific. the once might Rome, full of its architecture,Florence, with its great leather goods, Sienna, with the great country side, Pisa with the wonderful leaning tower and the romatic city of Venice, sums up my italian trip. then furhter up north to Austria, with the world renown Swarovski crystal in Innsbrug, where i went on one of the world famous highway the Autobahn, and visit the lil town of mozart in salzbrug and the grand city of maria theresa, in Vienna. well, that trip is one of those trip that deserve to be in the top shelve as one of those moment that i wont forget.

the trip to terengganu last weekend sure remind me of what it was last time. where there are family friends everywhere at the east coast. we stopped at kemaman to see one of my mom's friend. the husband and wife couple have moved away since i was 2 years old, and yet she get my name right with her first try.its amazing when people know you, even when its been ages since u saw them, or you don even remember seeing their face. i had one of the sweetest sambal for my nasi lemak. this trip remind me Anthony Bourdain, where he often try out street food during his trip, so was i when i went to the market.its like a food heaven where u wan to taste everything there as you are so curious by just looking at the food. as we arrive in terengganu, we met up with my uncle and his family. we stayed nearby the tunku mizan golf and country resort. it is around 4-8 km from Pulau Duyong, where the Moonsoon cup was held.upon arrival, we decided to eat at the stall nearby where they serve lots of local food, like variety of kuih, nasi dagang, which is the signature trandmark of terengganu, and of coz, the fish sausage, or keropok lekor. yes, tony Bourdain was right, everything is good when its deep fried, and there is some deeping. the keropok is DAMN addictive.

my mom and aunt decided to pay my cousin who is getting married a visit as her house was nearby. for me, i decided to join my dad and uncle to watch the Hk badminton open finals between our national hero, lee chong wei and world number 1, lin dan. although the first set seeing lin dan being out of his character making school boy error, but at the middle of the second set,i fall asleep, i think its because of overdose of keropok.

the night was the time for the wedding. my parents decided to stop at the secret receipe to order a cake. they was saying its for my b'day. although i try to insist thats its OK, but they go ahead anyways.as we arrive at the restaurant, saw my cousin. i think i can say its the first time i saw her in skirt. or a dress. she look totally different, and the first question she asked me was" what the hell u do with ur hair?! go cut!" so there the picture taking and we off to dinner.with the typical chinese dinner. although the stuffed crab did caught my eye. heheheheh. and then, my old man decided to go on the stage and take the mic, to represent my cousin's side, the wowan side. the song was "will u still love me tomorrow?" although it was emberessing, i guess no choice but to scream and support him. and then, my aunt sang a hokkien song i think. lost the voice screaming, and there's the "yam seng" session. i had plain water instead of alcohol. so its all good.

when the night was about to over, stopped by secret receipe to get my cake. sadly, they don't have chocolate indulgence, but they bought classic cheese i think.it was not that bad. quite tasty too. its emberessing to have your lil cousin's and uncle and aunty to sing "happy b'day" for u.and this time, its in 2 language. english and mandrin. you see, am normally a family kinda person. everytime b'day dinner or celberation is with family not my extended family. unlike my sis who always want to celebrate with her frens. anyways, all i can say is, its a nice change and having b'day when family member around, its kinda economically PROFITABLE.

the next day was the tea ceremony. while waiting for the groom to come,there lots of convo and jokes about asking my cousin and bro to choose one of the bride's entourage.as they are all girls. when the groom arrive, they played some game as a hurdle. but i can say that they let him in TOO easily.as all the tea ceremony done, we went to the guy's side, with all the honking.we pack our stuff and head back to KL after that.

on the way i say, Kertih. they should rename the place to Petronas or something. as the whole town is circle around Petronas. from the school and also the quaters. the place is HUGE!! as we stopped middle of the road, for more fish sausage (keropok lekor) the thing is so yummy, i think bought almost rm 10 and i think i eat most of it. and if am not mistaken, its 5 for rm 1. plus its full of fishes goodness. and on way back, we also did stop at cherating, where we visited during the new year for some coconut juice and nasi goreng. we did try to get some fresh fishes at Sg.ular. but the fisherman says we are too late. instead we hear to the fisherman's story. on how life as a fisherman is not a guarentee to return everytime they set sail, and also how they find the fishes. with diving down the water, and they can hear where the fishes at and what kind of fish it is. amazing huh? but it does take years of trainning. my days end at 10pm where dinner at bukit tinggi for some steamboat.

Saturday, December 1, 2007


' julian...!' ' julian...!'..........hpw i wish they could just shut up for a while. its an quite akward night tonight. so meetin old frens.. some at party, some hitting the range, some just busy yelling or barking order. and for me? to be in all in the middle.

everyone wanting things their way.well at least they are fighting for it.. tho it might b unfair or might b dirty sometimes. but for people like me.. just a sigh.. and a deep breathe. adjusting to all their demands. sometimes i do wish, i will do the talking and they all do the listening.

the lonely bird that come visit me today, might know some answer or might understand how i might feel. i dono if its hurt or what, but it just seating there no matter how i try to chase it away.

the hot and windy day today is, does set in the mood. with just me listening to some blues guitar music heck shall i just say its just "brilliant". maybe the east cost wind blowing, tomorrow might it be at the beach or Pulau Duyong does have the sense of home, or emptynes.

Gravity is working against me
And gravity wants to bring me down
twice as much aint twice as good
And can't sustain like a one half could
It's wanting more
That's gonna send me to my knees
Oh gravity, stay the hell away from me
And gravity has taken better men than me