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Sunday, December 23, 2007

reunion.. dena's x'mas party

got a suprise sms from raja. he was gonna leave for New Zealand in 10 minutes. was shocked, so i quickly call him. he was gonnna visit his bro there. lucky fella. have fun mate!

during that friday night, rizal fetch me to go to dena's party. i think its an annual party. inside the car i saw prem. prem, the gangster wannabe, who is always shy and the one who work with me during our spm break and even when he shifted to hartamas in secondary i still saw he sometimes at tutiton and the line of his life is when kavitha asked him " prem, come lets dance" at parisha's party.

oh well, with the car, there is one other car too following, its ray's. and sharean was inside it. thing is, way back in secondary and primary these two are my good friends. we are so close that some of the girls call us gay. but due to some bitchness n puffy doggy eyes, we din talk to each other for quite a while already, mayb a year?

i feel akward at the party, not to mention lost. its been a while since i see all of them. mayb i was stuck at mmu for FAR too long. its hard to strike a convo or just joking around with them. maybe if i just see and hang with them more often, i might get the old feeling back, i mean all these people i feel most comfy with, and they know me for ages. never feel so lost and at the same time glad to see everyone especially during the holiday season.

yes, i've said before, this christmas is gonna be special and what special was to see everyone again and having the one i wanted to see most,ash. although she think she was not invited, think dena did explained to her and i took the blame as ALWAYS hehehehe.. was damn funny how dena talk to her on the phone.

we all went to pelita and i was home at 130 am. its nice to hear from everyone and get some update what they are doing. although not ALL are good news..



Anonymous said...

having fun...
it's a summer christmas... but freezing my balls off here!!!
Merry X'mas and a happy new year!!!

julian said...

just remember my all blacks kits when u back k? heheeheheh

Mae said...

hey, you didn't link to my facebook album. hahaha. it was nice seeing you too!