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Sunday, December 23, 2007

being the older one

i went to the mall the next day. i suppose to get my christmas shopping done. so the sweetness of Ashley Chin come over at 10, while those kids still sleeping like pigs so off we went to mid v. So SO happy.. as it feel like ages since v go out togather. love every moment of it. i was indecided and walking and walking making me tired till we go down the escalator and there lost of those teddy on sale. i think hallmark having parade their stuff. something struck me, i feel like getting those kids some gifts.

i mean wen i was small, there lots i've wanted but i never asked the elder one, either my siblings or cousins. i just think it would b nice if they go back to their home the next day with some gift and putting a smile on each of those small faces during the christmas period would be nice.

so i got some stuff for 5 of the girls at the hallmark store and a Lego set for the boy. the tiny hands helped me wrap up the gifts ;D

too bad for one of my cousins as she left her hp on the cab when she went to the pasar malam at cheras. but being a kid, they never would feel sad. still can hear her giggle and laugh the whole night thru.

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