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Sunday, December 23, 2007

meeting the family

its a public hols, so the generous and kind hearted and not to mention one and only girlfriend come over with some gifts from the UK. she gave the fruit cakes for my family and chatted with my family for over 2 hours! i was disappointed she was not shaking like the first time she saw them, or else i would have fun.. hmph!

anyways.. she gave me one of the sweetest gift ever for my b'day, even though its late but i don mind at ALL.i love her so much. its a genuine Manchester United 07/08 jersey with my name on it and have a number 10. the mark of a great player, like ruud van nisterooy and now wayne rooney. it flew all the way from the europe. ahhhhhhhhh.... the joy and the sweetness, am happy! just thinking bout it now making me wanna give her a HUGE hug.* a hint for u, get out of the house!*

went to the curve with my aunt and her family and also my cousins later for lunch. shop there a while off they go to back to their home. some to Jb, some took the flight to Kelantan. sayonara, and hope to c u all again in febuary for chinese new year.

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