If You Don't do it, You Don't Really Believe it. Some people spend their whole time searching for what's right, but they can't seem to find any time to practice it. Your life story is not written with a pen, but with your actions. To do nothing is the way to be nothing.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

december keynote

december is a wonderful month, for me personally.december is the month where we rejoice the birth of our saviour, for christian, and all mark world's aids day. a symbol that we acknowledge aids IS a major issue among us, the living people of planet earth.

other than that, december is also the month where most of us reflect, and ponder, "hey.. is it a good year for me? do i achieve what i set from the beginning of the year?" and for some, its time for everyone to gather again, and be thankful for our blessings.

turning 20 in a few days, well, i guess thats not quite a big hint, i guess you will receive e-mails from those birthday reminders that mine is coming up.the whislist goes on and on.. but on a serious note, well, they say its not good to tell others what u wish for, but then again, whatever i said here will turn out the opposite anyways.. so,

turning 20, i my whislist is to keep on growing, to keep on improving.in all the ways, especially maturity level. as we all grow older, the resposibility grows too, and at the same time, we are expose to more things. keeping an open mind will help a lot. i know in the past that well, i have a lot of restriction on things. for example i have this prejudice against clubs. but now, i've learnt to accept it as a way for some to relax and let their hair down. but then again, keeping my feet on the ground, exessive clubbing do have its negative side.mayb i would prefer to seat at a jazz bar, having some good finger food and some great company as a form of relaxing but then again, shaking my head to the killer's- mr brightside also have its advantage. the curiousity level of myself should increse, but i guess that takes time, maybe baby step like eating some veg that i won't touch before untill the ultimate test which is eating durian.

i have to say, my biggest critics is also my biggest compliment. i was once been describe by a middle age woman as a person who have a "chip on his shoulder" i was confuse on what that mean, it means, that someone who love to find fault. yes, critics is always hard to swallow, and taking the step of admitting that yes i do sometimes have issues with the people that well, i don like. for what ever reason. the only thing i could do is, to smile and accept those critics that was thrown as turn it into the coal that burn my desire to improve myself. heck, what is perefection? is anyone perfect at all?

there are also question asked on why i have a double standard, and treat those nicer looking ones, better.i guess, being human, or a human nature to note that we all want the best. i guess i was wrong to treat the less attractive one unequally or not as good, as they are the one who will b beside me when am down.those are the people who will bring my feet back on the ground and will wack my head if it grows too big. and for those nice looking one, well there are around u when u are up and no where to be seen when u are down. altho it does apply on case to case basis, am here to admit that i am wrong to treat people in generally with a double standard.

keeping grudge is also something that i gotta take care. sometimes i understand after a while, why people do what they do, and act how they act. mayb for some its out of desperation, mayb for some they think of their own self interest and neglect / sacrifice others feeling.there are some people that i would like to prove a point, there are some that i would like disfigure, but that all the tought when i was pissed. i mean when u are angry, don u feel like hitting that person's face?
but thinking rationally, its better to let it go, and to take it to the next level wish them well. i haven't reach that level of wishing them well, sincerly YET, or even let go of all the things i think they did wrong. although there is always 2 side of a story.

december 2008 well, its certainly a busy month for me, with exams, assignment etc, but i hope, i could spend some time with everyone. thousand apologies if i cant.God bless!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

late and short

its about 3.49 a.m, well its been a while since i stayed up this late or post something like this.assignment, well, there are still lots to go. thats the reason behind me staying back this weekend. saw some beautiful stars outside the balcony earlier, soft wind, a bit relaxing after all that counting. wonder the brightest star there if its the northen star, i also wonder how a constellations looks like. normally weekend will be crowded, with richard and kah lai come over to the house, and football match will be on.but then again its kinda of a nice change, a bit peaceful and having some alone time. its gonna be a busy month, december, guess i have to stop procrastination and continue my assignment.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

simon's weding

they say true love only comes once in a lifetime. and when u found the right person, faith will bring both of u togather to the alter.another memorable day for the family.november this year seems like very eventful, after sister's graduation ceremony, and now, my cousin got married last sunday.

things started on saturday, where i was planned to picked up my cousin who arrived by train. knowing them lil kids, i guess i wont mind waking up extra early as 5 a.m to pick them up. but i got sms from mom saying i don need to pick them up. thus i woke up late and have planned with my frens to meet them in kl. as soon as i stepped into the train, my dad called and have a changed of plan. asking me to get my cousin who is in university in KL and get back home after that. pissed i was as all my planned that been approved by my mom have to be altered. another reason to be pissesd is, knowing my cousin a university student, cant she be independent enough to take the train? fuming i was, i try keep on reminding myself that i am here for my cousin, and for his wedding, to help him and try make it flow well.suck everything up, and try to wear a smile, and i end up bringing the kids to watch madagascar. and makan kfc @ jusco near my place.

the big day finally arrive.. woke up at 4 am!

at 6 a.m....

the "sisters" getting ready with the bride

the car of choice

busy making things right..

according to the rule, only at 7.30 sharp that my cousin could get down from the car.so as we arrive at 7 a.m, we just wait in the car. i can see how nervous he wass, double checking everything, asking me if i got the ring, the "ang pau". being the best man, its my first time, and have no idea how it is like... 5 minutes before 7.30 we asked him if he is sure that he wants to get marry, if he want to change his mind, we can just drive off :p

finally the moment arrived!

the "brothers"- heng dai's arrival

sucking is my speciality

as he fail to answer the question by the "sisters"

and all the other "brother" have to support

cili padi with bread.. yummy

which of these are her lips?

that tought u a lesson huh? for not knowing

the last task was singing

something to "settle" the "sisters"

mission accomplish

in front of these innocent children.. sigh
even a wedding one is round..

time to call " mummy" and "daddy"

fast forward to the night..

grandmama and the bridgroom's elder brother

suddenly richard wear so smart tonight

probabaly 2 of the happiest ppl other than the married couple

me and richard with the hamster

the guy that intro them

1 big family


"yaaaaaaaammmm seng!"

what do u get when u add a thai girl and a nepal dude?


with a bling bling that kayne west would be proud of, worth more than 50 cent, rm 75k to be exact!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

me and day dreaming

let it be being tired, a long day of class today, or am just having a bad hair day, but paying attention in class is quite a challenge today. its thursday, and the weekend is almost here. guess its taking a toll on me, thus my mind goes wondering and dreaming of things that i should not be thinking about

i googled for Vladivostok, or rather accidentally. so long ever since i've heard the name. the first time i heard it was when i was learning the world's history or the world's geography. you see, there is this train service called the "trans siberia railways" which connect asia and europe. imagine what an adventure it would have been, if flying from kl to harbin, in china and catch that train via the chinese eastern line. its like travelling in the silk road, cutting through the heart of central asia.it would be a heck of an backpacking adventure, when arrived in moscow from Vladivostok. maybe travelling this way probably not ideal for some, as they would prefer to go to a place that is more vibrant like lam kwai fong, in hong kong, or paris, london or milan or rome, or which ever. guess everyone have their own cup of tea certainly would be delighted if i could have a dslr and go on some back packing trip like that, with some great company, and of course some vodka in russia. but then again, i guess not many would like it, plus with the student budget, its kinda tight to fund such trip.

thinking of graduation in june, and goin for the road trip after that, and spend 3 months in USA with Work & Travel (WAT) USA summer that was posted in the bulletin a few day ago.. ahh.. i got it all planned and sorted- in my dreams lah..

while dr.lee was giving his lecture about diamond, my mind was wondering if we could ever make cultivated diamonds, like how they make the synthic pearls. thus i tought, hey why not that be some business proposal and then i could join the HSBC young entrepenuership competition, when actually i should be listening to dr.lee explainion of how diamond structure etc...

day dreaming of a roadtrip, or entering the HSBC competition in class certainly make me have a lot to catch up upon.. plus makes me feel that there are lots more to gain. so its not the right time to get tied down yet :p... its gonna b a memorable weekend this one, i hope everything just goes smoothly if its not great. off to kickboxing! the first class of the new sem.

Monday, November 17, 2008

why you :(

something that make my heart stopped
just when the moment i start liking you
but u,


By TAN YI FEI Date Posted: 17-11-2008
Barring Policy :
Dear students,
Please take note of the our new barring policy:
Lecturer might bar students based on the following conditions:
i. Student achieved below 30% of the total coursework marks, and
ii. Student’s attendance is below 50%.

30% ?seriously now!

HSBC Young Entrepreneur Award

anybody up for it?seriously..

HSBC - Realise your business potential with innovative ideas.

Dear all,

Realise your business potential with innovative ideas.

The annual HSBC Young Entrepreneur Award 2008-09 is back. Once again, we are seeking bright post-secondary students with innovative ideas and a keen interest in business.

This programme is your chance to demonstrate your creativity as well as acquire a wide range of practical business knowledge and skills from workshops organized just for you.


• The Malaysia competition will take place from October 2008- May 2009
• Team will compete for Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards.
• Business proposals that demonstrate a positive impact on and benefit the environment will also be eligible for the Eco-Business Innovation Award.


This is open to full time post-secondary students age 25 or below (as at 30 April 2009) from universities and colleges in Malaysia. Participants must compete in teams or 2 or 3; members can be from the same different schools.

Post-graduate students, self-study students and students studying abroad are not eligible to participate in this competition. A participant cannot be a member of more than one team. Each team is allowed to submit only one proposal.

Selection process

Round One : Initial proposal

• Submit the outline of your innovative business idea at www.asiayea.com.
• Can be an entirely new idea or it could focus on a new way of doing things.
• Up to 30 teams will be selected for the second round.

Deadline : 12 December 2008


Enquiries can be made to info.my@asiayea.com.

For detailed information on the Awards, the format for submissions and the complete rules and regulations, please visit the official website at www.asiayea.com

Thanks you.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

red letter day

last last sunday, 9th November is a proud day for the family. the day of the ceremony of my sister's graduation. although she have passed the exam for quite a while, but have to wait for the ceremony till then.

graduating in bachelor in business and accounting, its a morale booster for her. especially someone who is a low on confidence sometimes. but she did it, making everyone proud of her.

guess it sums the day when his wife says "its rare to see you smile that natural"

the ceremony was held @

nice place with a great garden.

the day started with everyone waking up extra early, and wearing a big smile on their faces.
i kinda miss those kinda moment.i mean normally, some might be away for business, some
might be away for socials, and me, i might be away for studies. so having everyone,and added
bonus that everyone joked and have a good laugh and time, is well, they say
a blessing.

mom picking up the flower i bought..

upon arriving... we have our personal cameraman- nigel :p

letting the proud mama having a "aww.. my lil have grown up" moment

the Gan's


one for the memory..

upon entering

the picture where i look round they say..

lady of the hour

for the first time i can be open or just joke around with my family. for example, like "hey.. look at that hot chic" to people like my mother or, telling my brother " loads of "fishes" around huh? " somehow i felt comfortable kidding and not bring so reserved. its like hanging out with my buddies.
after the graduation we went to pavillion as its the nearest place around before waiting for dinner. the dinner reservation was at 7 p.m. walking around pavillion in a suit, well, its kinda odd. so instead i just wore my long sleeve.people might mistaken me for the sales person, or some who just back from office. oh well, window shopping at those expensive shops where i can only look through the glass window, is just satisfying. i mean, looking at the day have been, what else i could ask for? happiness does overweight all those material stuff, even if those watches make tag-heaur look just cheap.
dinner was at saisaki, also a stone throw away from pavillion. was joined by richard and kah lai, and also my uncle. richard like usual, talk to his friends in the kitchen, as he used to worked in shogun in 1u. too bad no discount.but then again, am not the one who is paying anyways :p
thinking bout it again, its almost the same food everytime. they do need to make some major changes, seriously! that capped a landmark day in the family year.certainly a memorable one.
with good things, also come the bad one too.. well, thats the circle of life. listen to the phone call this evening where there is a death in a distant relative, sure is a blow.. also learning that the uncle in singapore is going to have a heart surgery, does leave some worrying question mark on what could happen?
but rolling on the wave of good news, that my cousin is getting hitched on this coming weekend

this was during my holiday where i went for the food tasting. its the first time that i actually have some role to play for a wedding. as you see, there are not much of cousins at an adult age in my mom's side of the family. thus we are kinda closly knit. last year was his sister's wedding, and now his turn.

one of the song that we used to listen, when we play blackjack during chinese new year..
now its time for one of us, to move on, move on to another step of adulthood of having a family. congrats, lets hope things go smoothly for another busy but eventful weekend

Sunday, November 2, 2008

goat kut teh, china girls and single's night

last night is more like a single night at home, well, parents went to one of the extended family's son wedding dinner. and sister went for her date. leaving me and my brother at home.so me and my brother decide to go to the country club, to practise some golf. i kinda like it here at this club. not at those fancy club in the kiara area where i used to play. maybe the inferior feeling around those people in kiara, plus there is not contanst nagging by coach. it was a good night, more like a bonding session with my brother. and his friend alan came to join us. i din realise that this is the dude that my dad gave a piece of his mind a few days ago, for an error alan did at work. it certainly akward for me if i knew it earlier.

this morning, a sunday morning, a suitable place would b to the church. instead my phone rang, God knows who called in the morning. but my dad's cousin came over to visit, so we went breakfst that this new place nearby my house, that i've been to twice last week.

goat kut teh.. God knows, talking bout globalization. 1 think i noticed that there are lots of the waitress from China. am not saying this restaurant have hanky panky business, although the food here is not bad. just around klang, there lots of chinese restaurant is run by chinese national, and again, i shall stress that they don't offer "extra service". Goat kut teh, try it, it suppose to be more healthy than the cousin bak. although they do offer both bak and goat here, and also fishes.