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Monday, November 17, 2008

HSBC Young Entrepreneur Award

anybody up for it?seriously..

HSBC - Realise your business potential with innovative ideas.

Dear all,

Realise your business potential with innovative ideas.

The annual HSBC Young Entrepreneur Award 2008-09 is back. Once again, we are seeking bright post-secondary students with innovative ideas and a keen interest in business.

This programme is your chance to demonstrate your creativity as well as acquire a wide range of practical business knowledge and skills from workshops organized just for you.


• The Malaysia competition will take place from October 2008- May 2009
• Team will compete for Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards.
• Business proposals that demonstrate a positive impact on and benefit the environment will also be eligible for the Eco-Business Innovation Award.


This is open to full time post-secondary students age 25 or below (as at 30 April 2009) from universities and colleges in Malaysia. Participants must compete in teams or 2 or 3; members can be from the same different schools.

Post-graduate students, self-study students and students studying abroad are not eligible to participate in this competition. A participant cannot be a member of more than one team. Each team is allowed to submit only one proposal.

Selection process

Round One : Initial proposal

• Submit the outline of your innovative business idea at www.asiayea.com.
• Can be an entirely new idea or it could focus on a new way of doing things.
• Up to 30 teams will be selected for the second round.

Deadline : 12 December 2008


Enquiries can be made to info.my@asiayea.com.

For detailed information on the Awards, the format for submissions and the complete rules and regulations, please visit the official website at www.asiayea.com

Thanks you.

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