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Sunday, November 2, 2008

goat kut teh, china girls and single's night

last night is more like a single night at home, well, parents went to one of the extended family's son wedding dinner. and sister went for her date. leaving me and my brother at home.so me and my brother decide to go to the country club, to practise some golf. i kinda like it here at this club. not at those fancy club in the kiara area where i used to play. maybe the inferior feeling around those people in kiara, plus there is not contanst nagging by coach. it was a good night, more like a bonding session with my brother. and his friend alan came to join us. i din realise that this is the dude that my dad gave a piece of his mind a few days ago, for an error alan did at work. it certainly akward for me if i knew it earlier.

this morning, a sunday morning, a suitable place would b to the church. instead my phone rang, God knows who called in the morning. but my dad's cousin came over to visit, so we went breakfst that this new place nearby my house, that i've been to twice last week.

goat kut teh.. God knows, talking bout globalization. 1 think i noticed that there are lots of the waitress from China. am not saying this restaurant have hanky panky business, although the food here is not bad. just around klang, there lots of chinese restaurant is run by chinese national, and again, i shall stress that they don't offer "extra service". Goat kut teh, try it, it suppose to be more healthy than the cousin bak. although they do offer both bak and goat here, and also fishes.

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