If You Don't do it, You Don't Really Believe it. Some people spend their whole time searching for what's right, but they can't seem to find any time to practice it. Your life story is not written with a pen, but with your actions. To do nothing is the way to be nothing.

Monday, November 30, 2009

I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making

CLUE #1,

where to go detective?

the land of cheese?

or the cakap kopitiam?

Decision: the clue found in the kopitiam. Good job mate

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Been to the mall very frequent lately.  From Tuesday to Pavillion and Mid valley, Wednesday to Sunway and Thursday to Atria, and Saturday in Mid Valley.Jam pack time, coming back home with almost zero energy, remind me of the hectic life of KL. Its been a while since I left home when its dark and return home also when the sun already set. It used to be a routine. Classes, books, fun, friend and food. You move around, stuck in jam, wait for buses, smell the smoke fume that will cut short half of your life span, yup thats life in town alright. At the end of the day, after all the hours of jam are cleared you find your self around Jalan Sultan Ismail, looking at the lights the light up the buildings, you will tell your self, "what a wonderful world".

Been out shopping at the malls, leaving all the technologies behind, thus no internet. when arrived home, I just feel like sleeping. wall post, AM, comments, all are not replied.

Till I found some time yesterday till I received a phone call while surfing FB,

" hello, Mr Gan please?"

From the voice I already knew who that was, even with the unknown phone number. Its Hema, good ole friend from school that is back from Perth just before my b'day as promised. Another Guju who said coming back in time haven't received any news yet.

But browsing through FB, makes me feel like really do a lot of things. Especially with lots people around. But the fact that I really hate the most is I CANT. Like a prisoner in my own cell, I cant do anything about it, not even when you are suppose to be the man of the day, now feel like not looking forward to it. I used to the commander and chief flying high...sucks when you are not the commander anymore

But we all are our own prisoner of our desire. Like the ZARA sale, so many people line up early in the morning to grab hold of their designer label goods. Am too are guilty of it. Pushing, grabbing, long queue, yup thats some sale alright.

Next week booth for Cyber P hopefully gonna be open, as time is running out, I seriously not looking forward  for booth duty. I really would like to spend the time doing my own things, but again, are tied to it, as its a group effort, and as a group member I should chip in.

Monday, November 23, 2009

nafas lega

Exam is done today. Really hope I do well, from previous supposedly 4 chapters, cut down to two and during exam,we are required to choose one of the two topics. With the assignment already passed up on friday, it suppose to be good times. Cyber P things are taking shape and hopefully booth are ready and we will get a good reception for our trip. defying all odds that previous students says its hard to conduct a trip during short semester, hopefully MMU students will take part in our rock climbing trip.

Got back from a housemate birthday, Quek. A happy 21st to you. A simple celebration but a meaningful one with all his friends. Life can be simple sometimes and it can be good too.

whenever my birthday come along the event that I wanted to attend but can't pops up. Especially the Monsoon cup. been wanting to go ever since I first yacht trip, and wanted to work part time for the event management team that runs the show there. But every year there are always mid term and classes etc, thus I can't work or witness the event. Guess the closest I've been is when during my cousin wedding.

Another awesome event is the Penang Jazz festival, always love to be in Penang and listening and also be serenade  to Jazz music by the beach is just awesome-ly awesome or the swank and modern G-hotel. *drools*

All these event is the thing that 'you wish u where there' kinda moment. Nevertheless, I have to be realistic, although it sometimes nice to dream. I wish to afford those imported car when I work, like the honda and the toyota etc... but to be realistic I would be lucky enough if I could afford a Proton Saga when I start my work.if my pay is around Rm2300,  even a MyVi installment would put a hole in my pocket.It sucks to be realistic sometimes, but thats a fact. Near the Thai boarder, a clerk would only be paid less than Rm1000 for starting pay and an odd job worker that risk their life climbing container, under the hot sun would rely on their overtime to support their family, and some with kids. Maybe I cant speak for all the clerk who works there, but this is the pay in the market, at least in logistic, true story.

Another event invitation also was received today, for Brats's year end camp. This is the camp for those who are chosen from all the camps throughout the year.only selected few are invited for that particular year. During my year, I was in Malacca for foundation, thus I missed out a lot, like white water rafting.  This year they are going to Pahang, to do off roading and  camping to find out life in small community.

Another mail I surprisingly received today is from a lecturer. Its nice to have such lecturers that write to ask whats up and whats happening. Is a such a change from those up tight Dr of a lecturers, that thinks they are all that, just because they have the title 'Dr' and write some journals.

Another good change of wind is that I noticed that well, how do i put this, not quite happy with me before this have let the past be the past. At this rate, I would be making peace and making more friends  than enemy in MMU.

Tomorrow is a free day... I know I still have a lot of studying to do... at least more than others, but perhaps Pavillion is calling... for just tomorrow at least.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Did something that I regret.I turned down my early birthday gift during the weekend. I was a invited to be one of the 500 delegates for the YES conference. Somehow, my nerve got to me.Now am kicking myself, the chance to meet people I admire like Tony.

Another YES is the Year End Sale which will happen this Sunday if am not mistaken. As i trying to hide my disappointment in myself, probably a shopping therapy might work, plus its been a long time since I've shop, and I got a bundle of list to finish, especially with Christmas is coming.

I gotta admit that this week should be good. I mean my assignment looks almost done *finger cross* now and the dateline is tomorrow. Guess am still disappointed and trying to look forward as nothing can be done already. To add more salt to injury,there is an Asian BP this weekend in Bangkok. would be nice to have a swan song tournament, and to meet up with everyone, jo, prae,liying,lukmo,farai and my sister from another mother sue who said wanted being me go Russia... Would be interesting to see how the coach,Tate face if he see me there with other uni tickets. Sometime I could be a bad influence, but I think i did good with Cav. Talking her into debate and also body combat when I was doing kickboxing. Would be nice to see how the apprentice's team do in their debut in a prestigious event. Guess all I could do is see their FB picture, and listening to Prae commenting, and this will be a story of 'how she met cav'

Put a smile, and the Christmas song on and pretend none of those excitement is happening, and prepare for Monday's midterm. "its that time of year, where the world fall in love,every song you hear seems to say merry christmas dream came true"

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Good job Emi, attending a speech by the most powerful man in the world

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friends and i


For some am a friend,
For some am a good friend,
For some am a best friend,
For some am a 'macha' kind of friend,
For some am a bad friend,
For some am a betrayer of a friend,
For some am a bridge between two strangers to b friends,
For some am annoying friend,
For some am a friend with listening ears,
For some am the 'him' in "please don tell him anything, he will spread",
For some am the 'him' in "go ask him la, sure he know what happen to this and that person",
For some am the friend that come for assignment answer,
For some am person that they only come in time of trouble.
For some am friend when they got no other friend or before they have any.
For some am the 'old' friend when they found new one

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Less than half a month, am turning 21, less than 2 months we moving in to 2010.another inch nearer for graduation, and lesser time in the cell call MMU.
The legend, (wait for it)- dary trip  that supposedly to end the year with style, apparently is not on. sad to say with a student budget, and the short time frame of planning and also with the airline price raising Rm 800 every month of the delay, certainly looks now doom. The ideal case of watching Man United playing at old trafford, especially during their in rich vein of form during the winter and spending time in Scotland's bon fire for new year, and roam around London after new year.  Sound rocking right? oh well, there would be on the list of "should have done".
Next year also mark an eventful milestone in my family.My one and only sister is getting married. She would be the first among us 3 siblings to get married. Although at first I do think its a wtf thing, and some MMU friends do think its too early for her and bombard with lots of critics, but the opposite happen when I told one of my high school friend, he goes like "oh  hey, thats a wonderful news, tell her I say congrats" . Its the first positive response that I've gotten apart from the oh-stupid-la,oh-why-marry-at-such-age-la from MMU-ians. It certainly does open my eyes, and when I pay a courtesy visit to my sister's bf house together with my parents a couple of weeks back.Its a humbling experience for me, and make me tell myself, that she is my sister, who else is gonna support her if I am not, regardless what others might think, what ever that she is happy with, am sure to have her back.

During dinner, my dad ask my brother to take care of the house and look after my sister as he is going away this week and only be back on saturday, and so does my mom who is going away to write some papers for the bank, inside my heart, I laugh... "am sure the house gonna have a party-lah".
In life I think the 2 important is skills and luck. no matter how smart you are, you always need that luck,to make thing successful.I think I am fortunate. I am fortunate enough to experience things that maybe some might have experience it, but there are lots haven't yet. I sometimes find I do find it amusing, how others find things amusing, no matter how classy they try to act, in the end it won't just look unnatural. But at this age where we still finding who we are, its kinda hard to understand why people act that way. Like some might think having english name would make them more glamorous, or they want to be 'different' and 'creative'. Too creative like naming themself after an expression i.e: happy lim or after a gas i.e Barium lim or adding an extra alphabet i.e Ccris lim.

Another reason why I say I am fortunate is because of my friends. Of course some friends do turn their back on you, sometimes can be a pain. I have all that so called friends, and now some might not be consider as friends, but the silver lining is, I do hope not to jinx this but, I fortunate enough to have friends that still keep in touch ever since primary. I do hope the reunion is a success. But apart from that, knowing that some like Hema, and Dharmik or D-man apparently they call him over in Melbourne would ask if I got anything on for my birthday so they could book a ticket in time for it. It could be true or just them sweet talking, it just nice to have friends that have you on their mind.

The unwritten  Bro code is not Bros before hoes, but we have to understand and not have the heart capacity the size of the or of a germ. For some probably not so happy when their friend have a significant others in their life. Let it be bf or gf, and the significant other take their time from their friend. But like I said earlier, I am fortunate to be able to experience this earlier while some still struggle to get the grip of this fact even when they are in their 20's. Having friend like Dharmik who have gf since form 2 till now, do help me to understand the situation that couple do need their time together, thus its all good in the hood.

The only down side its, my grades its not as on par as usual. I do let lots people down by that. Turning 21 soon, do makes me ponder who am I or what direction am I going to. No am not the first class student nor some president of the student body. Guess thats the biggest let down at the hood, as expectation from them before trying to talk me out from going to Malacca is not low.

Friday, November 6, 2009


those who fail their driving test for a few time, read this

gomo kelate gomo

Aku ore kelate, tapi dok penoh tengok kelate maie bola, tahon lepah, kelate kaloh kat final, tapi tahon ni, kelate masok final pulok lepah mene denga Perlih maso semi. Wala-pong banyok ha dulu denge keto polih pong ore kelate bakar, coach mat saleh dio tingga, kelate tetak kelate-lah, tetak bersatu. aku asyik tengok MU,MU jah, wala-pong tingga KL ko, Melaka ko, klang ko, tapi gak, hati aku tetak kelate. male esok aku harak, Kelate boleh gomo negeri. masok sebaga favourites, denge sokonge kuak ore kelate hok sokmo semangak. Male esok, harak harak kelate bulleh mene lepah pak puloh tahon lebih doh dok mene pialo nih. hok panda tu pon aku raso mesti dok panda apo ambo kechek nih, guno babel fish pong dok leh translate. sebelong aku abih, aku nok royak, "gomo kelate gomo abih teh "

Wednesday, November 4, 2009