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Monday, November 23, 2009

nafas lega

Exam is done today. Really hope I do well, from previous supposedly 4 chapters, cut down to two and during exam,we are required to choose one of the two topics. With the assignment already passed up on friday, it suppose to be good times. Cyber P things are taking shape and hopefully booth are ready and we will get a good reception for our trip. defying all odds that previous students says its hard to conduct a trip during short semester, hopefully MMU students will take part in our rock climbing trip.

Got back from a housemate birthday, Quek. A happy 21st to you. A simple celebration but a meaningful one with all his friends. Life can be simple sometimes and it can be good too.

whenever my birthday come along the event that I wanted to attend but can't pops up. Especially the Monsoon cup. been wanting to go ever since I first yacht trip, and wanted to work part time for the event management team that runs the show there. But every year there are always mid term and classes etc, thus I can't work or witness the event. Guess the closest I've been is when during my cousin wedding.

Another awesome event is the Penang Jazz festival, always love to be in Penang and listening and also be serenade  to Jazz music by the beach is just awesome-ly awesome or the swank and modern G-hotel. *drools*

All these event is the thing that 'you wish u where there' kinda moment. Nevertheless, I have to be realistic, although it sometimes nice to dream. I wish to afford those imported car when I work, like the honda and the toyota etc... but to be realistic I would be lucky enough if I could afford a Proton Saga when I start my work.if my pay is around Rm2300,  even a MyVi installment would put a hole in my pocket.It sucks to be realistic sometimes, but thats a fact. Near the Thai boarder, a clerk would only be paid less than Rm1000 for starting pay and an odd job worker that risk their life climbing container, under the hot sun would rely on their overtime to support their family, and some with kids. Maybe I cant speak for all the clerk who works there, but this is the pay in the market, at least in logistic, true story.

Another event invitation also was received today, for Brats's year end camp. This is the camp for those who are chosen from all the camps throughout the year.only selected few are invited for that particular year. During my year, I was in Malacca for foundation, thus I missed out a lot, like white water rafting.  This year they are going to Pahang, to do off roading and  camping to find out life in small community.

Another mail I surprisingly received today is from a lecturer. Its nice to have such lecturers that write to ask whats up and whats happening. Is a such a change from those up tight Dr of a lecturers, that thinks they are all that, just because they have the title 'Dr' and write some journals.

Another good change of wind is that I noticed that well, how do i put this, not quite happy with me before this have let the past be the past. At this rate, I would be making peace and making more friends  than enemy in MMU.

Tomorrow is a free day... I know I still have a lot of studying to do... at least more than others, but perhaps Pavillion is calling... for just tomorrow at least.