If You Don't do it, You Don't Really Believe it. Some people spend their whole time searching for what's right, but they can't seem to find any time to practice it. Your life story is not written with a pen, but with your actions. To do nothing is the way to be nothing.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

my day today ;)

bits of sponge that flew out from inside of the kicking shield that i broke with my kicks

was at good night today at kickboxing, the class is way smaller, so instead of the boring routine, we tried a lot more including an ancient move. certainly enjoyed myself today, not sure if its the joy of learning new routine, less people means no more boring routine 1-4, instead more kicking! or i just enjoy kicking my partner who is a lim kok weng student, also a junior, or it can b the shopping i did for the day :)

certainly today with self declaired holiday, and also man utd winning and totally dominate last nite's match, it takes my mind away from registration for the new semesters's course. the diellema of the subject "mini project" certainly there are lots to gain experience wise, but then again, as much as i would like to learn, i don't really wanna a liability for my partner, whoever it may be. i mean programming is just not my thing.as the result for test 2 is out, well, an average result, a mix feeling, that i know i can do better.

while waiting for my bode graph to print and m packing for tomorrow almost done, so i could get up and leave for home. happy holidays everyone, its a long weekend.of course i hope tomorrow would b an equally productive day, but then again, i shall not put my hopes up so high, to end up with disappointment. and congrats to my cousin simon, who is a father today. his princess was born at 3.45 kg.

Monday, April 27, 2009

thinking of u..

its been a very tiring day, rushing electronics assignment. well, its always been like this whenever it involve pSpice simulator. there are lots happening at home, but its all good. i went home last saturday, for first time in 2 weeks, feel like its better then going back everyweek, because it IS true that absent make ur heart fonder. thus i was missed at home. but the main reason i went back because i want to sent my dad off. he will be off to the UK.

while doin or copying assignment i got an sms from him last nite,

"hi, just visited wembley,now having pie and hot chocolate in the emirates, catchin the arsenal match"

thinking bout him, catchin the arsenal match and tonight he will be catchin the newcastle match and most importantly, the champion league semi final between Manchester united and Arsenal at the Theather of dream. so happy for him that his dream of catchin a Man united match finally came true. its in his wildest dream to be able to watch it, in 10 years ago. as he was planning to retire with DAB 4996. but things have change. yes, we are gretful for the blessings.

but doin or i should say more appropriately, copying the assignment, just make me wonder if i really cut out for this engineering thing? math test 2, i dont think i could achieve a near perfect mark, not to be cocky, but the questions in test 2 are kinda like tutorial. sadly i cant remain professional enough to differentiate between personal and work and in the end let my woes get the better of me. with all the assignments, just copied, the question remains, whether i really could make it in the world of engineering?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

prom king and queen

Well I never lived the dreams of the prom kings
And the drama queens
I'd like to think the best of me
Is still hiding
Up my sleeve

the guys (ben on the left is the king)

and the ladies (notice,the one in red, poking up her boobies.extra attention? i dono)

the glow in her eyes...

sorry eric..

Thursday, April 23, 2009


for those goin for prom later.. try out this song, or the evergreen "wonderful tonight"

P/s: ask a someone for a dance, its 'legal' tonight :p

they looked so smashing
he thought he's dreaming
the dress is glittering fly
the floor seemed silent
the lights shined violent
don't you let it go not even for a moment
all hail the queen she's the one for the summer

don't wake me up earth angel we're dancing

Sunday, April 12, 2009

shoe string budget

its not even middle of the month
and i spend all my allowance for the month
and that remind me that i haven't pay for Tioman trip and fix my dvd-rom
guess this will b my last big purchase for quite a while;
my first oakley

i've saved some cash to travel, well frankly to the UK, but things cant always go ur way rite?
well proud to say that i save enough, for quite a while,
just waiting for my holidays.
but now,
i think i should use the money for:

tiffany & co

Friday, April 10, 2009

week in review

week in review
  • people fight/argue- julian is now involve! (hurray!)
  • 1st chinese orchestra concert on coming monday
  • read the news, people die by eating rojak in singapore
  • malaysia have a new cabinet
  • done with writting report
  • next week have presentation
  • watched fast and furious
  • goin back after 2 weeks tomorrow
  • might sign up for Tioman trip next week
  • booked flight tickets for 1st overseas trip of the year :D
  • have to prepare engin math test 2 next week, history shall not be repeated
  • got kick in the face- literally
  • go on tv show
  • visiting a friend that who got involve in a road crash
  • drove manual car, and almost getting the hand of it
  • have to remind myself to keep fit for Tioman trip
  • saving money to buy a Psp UMD
  • saving cash to get new DVD rom, altho ppl start to use blue ray now
  • have to cut hair this weekend
  • have to start packing my clothes now to leave for home tomorrow
  • wonder how the reaction will b like when am home
  • wonder if there any good food for me
  • will i study this weekend?
  • in between wanting to eat yong tofu and saving cash
  • addicted to song from one buck shot
  • done with lab for the whole sem!

Monday, April 6, 2009


there are lots that i wanted to say,

but one quote says " if u got nothing good to say, its better not to say things"

sometimes my words can b blunt, sharp, and can go right through the heart,

people don't like to hear it,


because sometimes they just don't wanna face it,

they still in denial,

they can't take critics,
thus, now i choose to keep to tought to myself,
locked inside,
no even a Kuan yin ma moment could unlock it
even if it IS a release to let everything out,
stop to give comment that sometimes might b a building critics,
stop expecting so much from others,
as how we treat others is out of sincerity,
no expecting something in return,
if we be good to someone,
and they choose otherwise towards us,
there is nothing much that we could do right?
well, that are the 2 things i at least gonna TRY to do,
people choose NOT to listen,
if its their funeral
we either gave them a symphety
or an "i TOLD u SO!"

Thursday, April 2, 2009


school days

post spm

brats/pre melaka


cyber 07

cyber 09 sem 3
best comment: "tengok rambut dia, macam tak senonoh"- meisiem

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

most expensive ever

not too long ago, my friend turn 21,
another magic number is 8
thats how long we never met,
3 was the other number,
thats the only number of people from primary that attended
$$$$$ was the cost of the event.

it was at the lake club

its a black tie event, with black and red is the theme

the ladies up for the best dress

fancy deco for the night

the host for the night ( from left the bff and sis)

pic taken moment with all the guest

a family potrait

thus this is the most and grand-est b'day bash that i have ever attended,its similar to Mtv's my super sweet 16 except the got an electric guitar other than a mercs

a few weekend back....

12 is the fees per hour for the court

2.7 per shuttle.

grand total for an hour of work out: rm 20

  • most expensive badminton session per hour