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Sunday, April 26, 2009

prom king and queen

Well I never lived the dreams of the prom kings
And the drama queens
I'd like to think the best of me
Is still hiding
Up my sleeve

the guys (ben on the left is the king)

and the ladies (notice,the one in red, poking up her boobies.extra attention? i dono)

the glow in her eyes...

sorry eric..


Kok Jin said...

wow...how you get this photo when you weren't there ??

haha...a prom queen from FOE in a FOM prom...irony sial...

julian said...

the greater irony is, its much more happening than FOE's!! are we just nerds with calculations, with big T-shirt and funny color coordination that don't know how to party? seriously , FOE.

Anonymous said...

The part where u say the girl showing off her boobies for attention,clearly shows that u're lack of understanding about girls and how immature u are..

A said...

i would have to agree with the above statement :)