If You Don't do it, You Don't Really Believe it. Some people spend their whole time searching for what's right, but they can't seem to find any time to practice it. Your life story is not written with a pen, but with your actions. To do nothing is the way to be nothing.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

i'll be home for christmas...

close your eyes and imagine...
u r in an philharmonic hall..
the curtain raise
the light at the hall turn blue
and the orchestra started to play, with the violin and piano playing
a spot light beam, to the tenor,
he was seating there alone
the conductor stop his orchestra..
and he sang......
I'm dreamin' tonight of a place I love
Even more then I usually do
And although I know it's a long road back
I promise you....
i quote a mother sayin " i like to wish my family a very merry christmas to my family and my daughter especially, Madison who will be 4 this year, am gonna miss opening up present with her,watch her face, and seeing her face on chirismas morning and watch her experience the new experience that christmas bring."
christmas is not only about the year end sale, the gift, the trees. its about getting togather. as one, as a family. its that special time of the year where everyone gather togather. its the same like Chinese New Year, where everyone will b back for the eve dinner. other than the religious expect that we are celebrating the birth of Christ, its who that u spend your christmas is important. its time to rekindle the relationship between family or those who are near to your heart. thus... i'll be home for christmas... lets make it a white christmas.a special one. as we might not know who we will be celebrating christmas with the following year. although.. a same line up and same faces will be delightful..
in the spirit of the holiday, am wishing everyone well, and have all the blessing in the world for in everything they do, and they will find God's grace in every mistake.and everyone will give more then they take from this world. So, do warm the whole world with the smile on your face whenever things go wrong, it doesn't matter if u don have a straight teeth or a gap in your teeth, what matters most is it comes from the heart...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


looking for the perfect christmas song for the holiday season which is coming real soon?well, try this album by Josh Groban, was released on Oct 09, 2007. so its not an OLD MAN song. and Josh Groban is still alive. Just in case if some might think the song is OLD.

btw.. it was produced by David Foster, one of the best producer in the business.. so its hard to hate this album. the album featured those classic christmas song like...silent night,i'll be home for christmas to name a few.. it also featured some duet with some of the world best talent like faith hill for the song " the first noel" and with brian Mcknight for "Angels We Have Heard On High"

the album "noel" is certainly would be great for those who will be in the holiday mood and will be looking forward to reunite with their family again. as the holiday season is coming... seasons greeting 2 everyone.God Bless..

Monday, November 26, 2007

my proud home

many people have some misconseption that is impossible for me not to go clubbing. why? because of all those clubbing place are just at my backyard. and am from KL.

but dear misunderstood people. yes i have been brought up in KL. in the capitol, fast busy town and the whole 9 yard. but i only moved to KL when i was 10. though majority of my growing up and most important stage are mostly in Kl, i don forget my days in a small town call kuala krai. the town is way smaller than any other town, let it b Taiping or Banting or Bukit Katil, Semabok, Cheras, or anywhere. and there not much development here. yes there are the basic infrastructure like market, school and all that, but they don have hypermarket like Tesco, Giant or stuff like that, and even its the home for the ONLY zoo in Kelantan, but its not as famous as the famous Zoo in Malaysia like Zoo Taiping or Zoo Negara.

but the amazing thing bout this place is the people. a small town where everyone know each other. everyone is so friendly and you feel safe. i mean during the days i was there.my parents can afford to NOT lock the door without getting broken in. the bond is so close that everyone is like family. the main economy here is timber and palm oil. but one of the famous son of Kuala Krai is the fashion designer, Zang Toi who design clothes for Ivana Trump, Sharon Stone, Eva Longoria, Debra Messing, Patti Labelle, Farrah Fawcett, Angela Bassett, and Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas to name a few.

and the star describe it as... :

MOST Malaysians would probably have heard of a town called Kuala Krai though perhaps they would not be able to place its exact location on the map. They may not be able to tell you much about the place unless they have some connection with Kelantan.
For those who live there, and for those who have moved to far-flung places such as Canada, Australia, UK and Indonesia, to name a few, the creation of a website dedicated to Kuala Krai helps them keep in touch with what has happened there over the years, and what the members are currently up to.
Members from around the globe remember times past, and seem to have particularly fond memories of the scrumptious Malaysian, especially Kelantanese, cuisine.
The site is regularly updated with news and articles that are of interest. Just now there is a piece about Zang Toi, who originated from Kuala Krai.
But, even while the members communicate remotely, there are plans afoot to meet up visually!

there are also a website dedicated to the town www.kualakrai.com

even am far away or no matter where i MIGHT be, a return there is always special.as i it keep my feet on the groud, and remind me to always be proud of the place where am from. so am just a boy from a lil town like all of u.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

stylo milo

ok excuse the vain moment.. a dinner where its ALL bout me *yes do the victory dance*...hahahaha.. yes the hair does fit like a hat.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

cloud before the rainbow

when u take thing a step at a time.. its much more less stressful that way. but i just cant help it, of weeks ahead and all the things that need to be done..it seems pack i suppose.. haih.. no time to rest
  1. 27th nov 2007 - malaysian study mid term
  2. 28th nov 2007 -electronics 2 lab
  3. 29th nov 2007 - digital logic mid term
  4. 30th nov 2007 -electronics 1st assignment's dateline
  5. 1-3rd dec 2007 -off to Terengganu
  6. 4th 2007 - rushed back to cyber for a 8 am tutorial
  7. 7th 2007 - digital logic lab
  8. 10th dec 2007- electronics 2 mid term

and i might add there are lectures and tutorial to do in between all of this. christmas shopping or any kinda of celebration shall be put on hold untill the 17th dec.and i will be singing..

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

Let your heart be light

From now on your troubles will be out of sight..

yes.. goodbye troubles...

happy thanksgiving

kanye west, speak his mind, won grammy

nelson madela, fight for his right, won nobel prize

Tun Mahathir, give critics-building critics, a nation's great leader

bono,fight for what he belief in, a nobel prize winner

some might just know, i'll just say whats on mind, even though it MIGHT offend. though i try to filter it as much as i could, and i am proud to say that i come a long way from having every sentence that out from my mouth is the F word. i din realize that i end every sentence the F word till my fren Gurdip but back then an enemy told me so. so as i retired using those words frequently, am glad to make my enemies as foes.... though some frens might already turn into the other side.but tonight is not the night for me to talk bout me..

so in the spirit of thanks giving, i would like to share one of my opinion.. that i keep for quite a while..






99% similarity..
i bring to you..

NOTE: photo edited by Wong Juen Jie. THIS is just a promotion of his photo editing skills and have no related to anyone dead or alive.thanks

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

don... forget to remember me...

well, i gues this song is one of those song that have lots and lots of meaning behind it..well, its suitable for all of us who leave our house and further to studies. let it be from KL to melaka, or vise versa, or to overseas or from where ever u are. the day when u leave the house, is one of the heaviest feeling u have, as you will wonder when is the next time u gonna be home as anthing is possible to happen. here's some part of the song that might be intersting

Here's a map and here's a Bible

If you ever lose your way

the map is a symbol if we are lost in the real world, and the bible is for when we are lost in spiritual kind of way. as we are out on our own.. we can easily forget who we are and what we belive in as there lots of influences outside

And just like every Sunday I called momma up last night

And even when it's not,

I tell her everything's alright

does this sound familiar? phone called normally made as we are far away and we might miss our parents or vice versa. even if we have lots of probs... we normally don tell them as we don want them to get worried, as parents love their child no matter its the golden child or the black sheep of the family

And make sure you tell Daddy that I'm still his little girl

goin out and live on our own sometimes we feel we are already BIG. but in our parents eye, we are still their lil boy and girl, yes this might not sound as macho as some might hide their wannabe macho-ness, but that just dumb as everyone do need some sensitive spot too sometimes as everyone have FEELINGS.

and the most important thing of all... DON'T FORGET TO REMEMBER ME..........

and the plan is..

for the next 2 weeks, this week and the next one, will b busy, with assignment datelines, 3 labs and 2 mid term.. so the pressure is on i guess.

with time wasting time like ptptn document verification is such a stumbling block, and lecture like mr.janggut, who speak his own version of english doesn't seem to help matters too. slacking in class and need to play catch up is NOT a part of this sem's plan.

a section of electronics 2 that i don't seem to understand have made me a bit paranoid sometimes.and been pushing my button.pressure is NOT good. i guess i'll try play catch up this weekend.frustration is in the air.........

a chance to be a part of the malaysia a1 pit team this weekend also will b missed.. a chance of a lifetime.. and a trip to genting for the magic workshop tomorrow too will b missed, since i have lab and ptptn form to pass up. yup... frustration is definately in the air.

moonsoon cup!! maya karin!! terengganu, dec 1st...

Monday, November 19, 2007

the chins-happy b'day

they say age is just a number.well as we grow up, birthday is on of the day that we waited for all year round because there are parties and presents. but as we grow 40 plus, birthday might not be the day that we look forward too. as we getting older, and as US, being vain human being. always wanna look good. anyways while we are in our 20's or about to enter that stage, birthday is always a wonderful thing. wonderful day.

last weekend there are 2 birthdays. on saturday was CHIN wai luen and on sunday was Ashley CHIN. dono what the deal with this chin's lah... all in november wan, LOL. btw my wish for both CHINs is...

that this life becomes all that you want it to,
your dreams stay big,
your worries stay small,
You never need to carry more than you can hold
Happy birthday!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

waiting for the world to change

power, everyone loved to be in control.but then again not everyone could. i mean if everyone are in control, who will b the follower?am sure we all sometime disagree on what our leader says, let it b political or family, or friends or working. am sure everyone have been in the situation when someone propose an idea, and yet u cant object it, and yet have just to accept it, whether u like it or not.

as we all would love it if things always goes our way,but the harsh reality is, ( well for ppl like me) the i revolve around the world and not the world revolve around me. well, that suck, when i don to follow ALL the time, adjusting to situation just will turn me into and unhappy camper.liking it or disliking it, its a total different matter, but sometimes leaving with no choice BUT to accept it, IS really frustrating. for example, if your boss asked u to do a task. u got no choice but to do it,let it be an assignment in a war torn country or to do something against ur belief, maybe its not as bad as murdering someone. but get the idea.

well for people like me, we'll waiting.. waiting for the world to change.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

heartbreaker logic

when i just about to love you.
why must u twist my mind?
in the split 2 hours,
u turn my world up side down
am confused
and mentally tortured
oh why oh why
digital logic design must u do this?
NOTE: digital logic design is a subject that am studying now, this have to reference to anyone dead or alive. thank you.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Ichi Rittoru no Namida

a lil teaser of what kinda of the Ichi Rittoru no Namida is, with the theme song like this... its heart breaking


to do NOTHING is to be NOTHING
our life is written by our actions not by pen
ask anyone, even small kids.. am sure they do have their dream of " nak jadi doktor, nak jadi peguam, nak jadi guru" i mean u can hear that everytime they are interviewed. from day 1 i guess they set their innocent mind to capture their dream or maybe its what their parents wants them to be.
studies are very important in life of a teen like me, who is crossing into adulthood.being in Uni is certainly different. sometimes u eat alone, sometimes u go class alone.well mayb that something almost everyone have to go thru. it MIGHT not b the very nice from the start as you are used to have friends all around you before this in school, but i guess you must make do on what u have.
my results here also is NOT the 1 that any parents could b proud of.yes i do go to class and attend my tutorial.but it don't really show on the result slip. every finals i face the same problem. which is i don do enough of practise on my tutorial as i feel really really feel that the question in the finals are somehow simliar to those that its in the tutorial or some extra homework or assignment.
although now am trying to do most of my tutorial and assignment, i still don't want to get carried away. i mean over-confidence could derail me. what i wan to do this semester is..... just to study 1 week ahead of the current syllbus because,well, i have lots to look forward to in mid december. so here i am.. gonna start on my assignment soon,as i don wanna be NOTHING so i wanna do SOMETHING to be SOMEONE. i do hope the Heavenly Father above hear my plea..

Monday, November 12, 2007

raise again

have you got a bad patch of time? when everthing goes wrong. where, when u just get sad, upset, angry, u get the idea. sometimes when u feel like when u about to lose faith, and go all negetive and its all end of the world?

people goes thru struggle in their life, but after any storm you'll see there's a rainbow at the end of the line. when u have peace in yourself, nobody can touch u no matter what.i really like this song because it convey a wonderful message to everyone that go thru hard time.

as i quote one of the song lyrics

They can say Anything they want to say,

Try to bring me down,

But I won't face the ground,

I will rise steadily sailing out of their reach,

Although they do try,

How to make me feel that I,

Don't matter at all,

But I refuse to fall,

Tell me what I believe or loose faith in my dreams,

'Cause there's a light in me,

That shines brightly..

people can say anythin they want about u, but hey, when u just belive in yourself and don let them mess ur mind up, u will b untouchable

Q&A with Julian Gan

scenario: double income family,a person that requires constant supervision and care,so somebody has to take care of him/her. They aren't well off, but the lady is higher paid than the husband. Who should be the one to quit their job and why?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

sunday morning rain is pouring..

Its been very tiring and draining weekend. But today, a Sunday, which mean, am gonna be back tomorrow at cyber. For once, maybe THAT don sound so bad after all. Some escape or shelter, the 1 thing and 1 place where I can do what I wanted to do, the only place where people cant point finger at you and say, “hey its YOUR fault”. Well at LEAST I think that’s the place, but then again,who knows.

My day start at 10 today, its not so bad as Saturday morning, I mean I feel really really tired on Saturday morning as Friday was a bit tiring for me. Even if I slept at 530 am on Sunday morning and woke up at 10 am. Off to have breakfast with my family around the Lucky Garden area. I was thinking the market in every where we go do really shows the culture of a nation. Well, the morning market there had some of that features, the multination and multiracial people in our country where everyone live as one peacefully.

After breakfast and a stop at TMC. Got called from Vic Leong. The rich B (since she not reading this ) was at Shangi-La at 11 am? Oh well, maybe that’s how the rich parents celebrate their daughter’s home coming. Did not joined her at MV after that, because parents wanted to go to Bukit Bintang.

Bukit Bintang…..what can u think of when one says Bukit Bintang, the Low Yat plaza where you can get computer bargain and all the latest gadgets and gizmos… or Sungei Wang plaza (river money plaza) where well, u probably can find anything there. Almost anything. From fake i-pods to fake hp, to hooker, IF you look at the right time and the right dark corner, other than that there is the row of shop where Massages are offered, and people will harass you IF u walk down that road. And of course, the Bintang walk where all the glitz and glamour boutique and shops, maybe some sort of Rodeo drive in Tinsel Town.

Anyways, I was there to see my cousin’s wife to be, as the was in charge of the optical shop there. I’ve learned that optical business can be quite profiting, and profit from 800%! Imagine a lense for u r glasses was retailed about rm160 and and the shop bought it for rm20. but that again, it’s a tough industry as there are lot of optical shop around.

I also saw the Sungei Wang plaza, Full of shops that sell boots. And lots of the shoppers here too was wearing them. I feel weird. Maybe its in Malaysia, as the weather here is a bit too hot for boots. Boots from those knee high boots with or without chain, that look like those that wrestler’s wore, to the fluffy ones that make u look like u got a road killed on your feet. Well THIS might be fashion for them, those gothic and punk or what ever look. As their style it to look outstanding. Outstanding in a sense of looking unique, and stand out from above, as from my observation, there are those who wore sleeping sleeper, u know those with all the fluff, and once shop, the men staff HAVE to wear a baby blue tie with white shirt. because of the theme of the shop I guess. At the end of the day, maybe its just their style and mine might be different from them, as hard as I try to embrace and accept this kinda of style, I just cant help it but not to ignore those shops full of boots. Maybe different people have their own view on things. Maybe that’s the best explanation I can get so far.

After sungei wang plaza, had a lonely walk on the street, looking, just looking around. 1 weird thing is, seems like akon’s “sorry blame it on me its like following today, as everywhere I go the song is playing, from Parkson till the car radio.

Yup, that’s my Sunday, tough something still feel like missing..

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


once my old hse mate was into this girl den...

julian: why dont u go after her?
zl:you see, u just studying in MMU, the other guy also MMU but Manchester Metropolitan Uni, how to compete?

that really leave me speechless.i got nothing to say to that. do overseas degree is THAT good?
where do we draw the line?how do we compare which student is better?for example if u study law in overseas and u study law here in Malaysia, how do we compare which is the better lawyer? is it the money they earn? where do WE draw the line? we cant exactly compare how much people make as a symbol of success. i mean, if a janitor there earn about 1000punds, that is about rm 7000. and its not easy to earn that much here in Malaysia. but den again, that does not mean the janitor in overseas is better than some coperate figure in Malaysia that earn the same ammout of money right?

in the real meterialistic world, where money really speaks. which i find its really sad where REAL talent have been limited by their financial status.some might just b farmer's child, but what the best he/she can do?mayb the minority can make it big, but what about the rest?and on the other hand, those who don really pay attention in class, and skip school and just got credit for their spm, can further their study abroad, y? like i say money speaks. and supposedly, the education abroad is WAY better than local, thus the lazy slacker at secondary school now in overseas and maybe have a better future, but the farmer's children who work day and night working and studying their butt off, don really have a bright future as the slacker. is this fair? i really HATE when the situation is not fair and those who work their butt off don get their reward.

but who am i to cry out foul play.am just a university student with no power what so ever, who struggle himself to get the grade in a local uni. as i saw my cousin's stpm papers, its something like what i've learn. but why stpm is one of the hardest exam in the world?and do studying abroad is really that tough as good as some claimed? is it jsut the reputation that university aborad have since they have been there for long? or its just overated? i dono. because i am not lucky enough to get my chance to go abraod.guess all i can do now is to look forwarwd day by day and not dwell anymore of what could and should have been.and probably just follow where the flow brings me as am not so sure anymore what will i b next time. if those who study abroad is THAT good, well.. its good to hear and know,my wish is for them to serve the country and give back to the community and help our country to develop and NOT come back with a HUGE ego because of an overseas education.

Monday, November 5, 2007

manbai kau iilhamku

i think this song is a stroke of a genius.. superb lyric and accompanied by the wonderful guitar.this song stands out from the rest as it can be related to everyone. don matter if u r chinese with the canto pop or indian with the bolloywood or malay with nasyid. asked everyone on the street. i bet most ppl have heard and fall in love with the song.


to all adoring readers... pls spend a second of your precious time by just clicking on those advert. thank you. a click a day will help. thank you agian for the precious time.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

my hols...

before hols

during hols
the garden

traditional kueh

how the kueh was made, authentic

Saturday, November 3, 2007


me with bee from bee movie
flamboyant prefect,noorul

allen tracy

after our high school years, most of us go our different way. eventhough some MIGHT got to the same collage or university, but still lots have gone thier own way, chasing what they dream of, what they wannabe next time. its SAD not to see those familiar faces that u see every morning for the past 5 years or so.

as times goes on.. gap might occur, as we all have new friends in university or in collage. with that, personality DO change too, it might be a lil or might b lots.

i met up with my frens last saturday. its been quite a while since i see all of them. raja,hema,dena,ranpreet, parisha, gurdip.its a nice touch that we still can lepak again, for example like hema, we din not see her for the past 2 years or so.

listening to some of them talking bout neurons, do make me think what the others do right now. what are they doin? studying?working? marry mayb? i know one of my friend since primary but we got drifted in secondary now is in the US army, finally realising his dream to be US army. and another flamboyant prefect, well...... i don really know what he but an elvis coustume and a colorful hair taking part in a burger making competion. and some pursuing their dream in the performing arts.and some having a luxurious life new zealand.and some might still be grieving upon the death of a grand uncle, the local casino magnate. there also some those in med school, busineess school,law school and form 6. its good to hear that everyone is doing fine, and having their success.

even though we make new friends, those old one shall not be forgotten.. as we all will meet again in 1 sweet day.