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Saturday, November 3, 2007


me with bee from bee movie
flamboyant prefect,noorul

allen tracy

after our high school years, most of us go our different way. eventhough some MIGHT got to the same collage or university, but still lots have gone thier own way, chasing what they dream of, what they wannabe next time. its SAD not to see those familiar faces that u see every morning for the past 5 years or so.

as times goes on.. gap might occur, as we all have new friends in university or in collage. with that, personality DO change too, it might be a lil or might b lots.

i met up with my frens last saturday. its been quite a while since i see all of them. raja,hema,dena,ranpreet, parisha, gurdip.its a nice touch that we still can lepak again, for example like hema, we din not see her for the past 2 years or so.

listening to some of them talking bout neurons, do make me think what the others do right now. what are they doin? studying?working? marry mayb? i know one of my friend since primary but we got drifted in secondary now is in the US army, finally realising his dream to be US army. and another flamboyant prefect, well...... i don really know what he but an elvis coustume and a colorful hair taking part in a burger making competion. and some pursuing their dream in the performing arts.and some having a luxurious life new zealand.and some might still be grieving upon the death of a grand uncle, the local casino magnate. there also some those in med school, busineess school,law school and form 6. its good to hear that everyone is doing fine, and having their success.

even though we make new friends, those old one shall not be forgotten.. as we all will meet again in 1 sweet day.

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