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Sunday, November 11, 2007

sunday morning rain is pouring..

Its been very tiring and draining weekend. But today, a Sunday, which mean, am gonna be back tomorrow at cyber. For once, maybe THAT don sound so bad after all. Some escape or shelter, the 1 thing and 1 place where I can do what I wanted to do, the only place where people cant point finger at you and say, “hey its YOUR fault”. Well at LEAST I think that’s the place, but then again,who knows.

My day start at 10 today, its not so bad as Saturday morning, I mean I feel really really tired on Saturday morning as Friday was a bit tiring for me. Even if I slept at 530 am on Sunday morning and woke up at 10 am. Off to have breakfast with my family around the Lucky Garden area. I was thinking the market in every where we go do really shows the culture of a nation. Well, the morning market there had some of that features, the multination and multiracial people in our country where everyone live as one peacefully.

After breakfast and a stop at TMC. Got called from Vic Leong. The rich B (since she not reading this ) was at Shangi-La at 11 am? Oh well, maybe that’s how the rich parents celebrate their daughter’s home coming. Did not joined her at MV after that, because parents wanted to go to Bukit Bintang.

Bukit Bintang…..what can u think of when one says Bukit Bintang, the Low Yat plaza where you can get computer bargain and all the latest gadgets and gizmos… or Sungei Wang plaza (river money plaza) where well, u probably can find anything there. Almost anything. From fake i-pods to fake hp, to hooker, IF you look at the right time and the right dark corner, other than that there is the row of shop where Massages are offered, and people will harass you IF u walk down that road. And of course, the Bintang walk where all the glitz and glamour boutique and shops, maybe some sort of Rodeo drive in Tinsel Town.

Anyways, I was there to see my cousin’s wife to be, as the was in charge of the optical shop there. I’ve learned that optical business can be quite profiting, and profit from 800%! Imagine a lense for u r glasses was retailed about rm160 and and the shop bought it for rm20. but that again, it’s a tough industry as there are lot of optical shop around.

I also saw the Sungei Wang plaza, Full of shops that sell boots. And lots of the shoppers here too was wearing them. I feel weird. Maybe its in Malaysia, as the weather here is a bit too hot for boots. Boots from those knee high boots with or without chain, that look like those that wrestler’s wore, to the fluffy ones that make u look like u got a road killed on your feet. Well THIS might be fashion for them, those gothic and punk or what ever look. As their style it to look outstanding. Outstanding in a sense of looking unique, and stand out from above, as from my observation, there are those who wore sleeping sleeper, u know those with all the fluff, and once shop, the men staff HAVE to wear a baby blue tie with white shirt. because of the theme of the shop I guess. At the end of the day, maybe its just their style and mine might be different from them, as hard as I try to embrace and accept this kinda of style, I just cant help it but not to ignore those shops full of boots. Maybe different people have their own view on things. Maybe that’s the best explanation I can get so far.

After sungei wang plaza, had a lonely walk on the street, looking, just looking around. 1 weird thing is, seems like akon’s “sorry blame it on me its like following today, as everywhere I go the song is playing, from Parkson till the car radio.

Yup, that’s my Sunday, tough something still feel like missing..

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