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Thursday, July 29, 2010

internship, so far..

When I first start my intern, if I was not mistaken, Edward asked me how is it like interning as he is going to go for his internship for the next 2 semester ( accounting ) at that time, it still fresh to my mind on how the briefing by FOE urging student that are going to internship NOT to bitch about their employer.

Before I start my internship on 1st of June, I really felt nervous on how the place and people gonna be, also knowing that I am the only intern add more to the nervousness.I heard a lot of story about intern especially from those who are in the working world regardless the field. Credit to my kay-po ness listening to mom about the intern in her bank who don't get pay a single cent, and by the middle of the month, most of them stay in office makan biskut. and of course my brother who used the intern to the max, to run his stupid errant for him like go buy goreng pisang. I wish that all that bad karma don't bite me.

What make people scare the most is the unknown. Thus, I asked my friend who have gone through internship, although he is not in the engineering field. He come out with this 5 tips to let me get through my internship

  1. Punctuality
  2. Meet dateline
  3. Buy coffee, kuih when boss do evaluation
  4. Don't take anything personally, no grudges
  5. Learn as much as possible everyday.
Except for No.3, I did follow his advice along with another friend advice which is a big problem that she sees in me, Generalizing!

Anywhere we go, it would be nice if everyone likes us right? you will get more co-operation, you will feel more comfortable and its a nice place to be, but we all know life is not a bed of roses, and ideal case are well.... just ideal condition which is different. Reading a few of the post on FB and blog post from my friends who are also doing internship, some day are good, some day are bad.

But for my internship personally, well, it might not be technically beneficial for me like for some who is working in like Intel for example. My company is more to a marketing company. Thus , at the beginning I did some excel and data entry job, yes its a simple job, but I have to tell myself I can't be a diva of " oh I am an engineer you know, this is not what I am suppose to do"

Engineering job, not engineering job, my 2 months of intern is nothing compared to those senior that have years of experience.Even though I might not learn any engineering skill, but I did benefit more to soft skills, which are crucial in any sort of field.

Internship is a good platform to see various type of people, some will not do certain job because they think its not their job even though it is the bos's order, some don't know to ukur badan.  however its not our job to judge, its the top management's job. Internship is the eye opener.

So far, I think I did from the lowest of job to checking stock to the core of the business of meeting the client.Some client are easy going and some are very very technical, because they are engineers and head of R & D thus they need to know the product the purchased inside out.

The conclusion is still unknown as I still have a month of August and 3/4 of September to go. I hope to open to learn more and avoid saturation, because honestly, I don't really know which direction to go after my graduation, thinking of the Fb's link by Yin Ling on Intel's new research, got me thinking am I really interested in those technical thing or towards the business side,my nature says it the business side, but my training and education in MMU especially nanotechnology sparks some tiny bit of interest in the factory work where they carry out production. And at times I visited the client at Ansell or CNI or even Ericsson, make me think and think again, do I really wanna be like them in their lab coats? or do I really want to suit up?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

New York New York.

"went by ferry to see the lady with the flame, walked and saw the bull, dropped by italy and passed china on the way, then went to c a broadway show..... now its time to head back to perth........"

That was posted by a friend of mine describing her day in the great city of new york. It is always been a dream of mine to be there. Like the song goes , "if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere" Before anything don't get me wrong here, I always love Malaysia.

One day I would love to be in New York, let it be for business or leisure.

Friday, July 9, 2010

siow didi

You are 16 or 17 years old? people will go "ha really ar?" when I told them I am 22 this year. I try to take it as a compliment of my youthful look, but on the bad side of it, people will treat u ask siow didi, tak tahu ni tiger  and you need work harder for them to take you seriously.

During work, even the e-mail I received is like "thank you siow didi" , other than my look, my shy-ness of just lack of communication when they speak in chinese make me look like a small boy, similar to Eric's situation, Its hard really to just keep quiet and your mouth feel like stone, coz u just cant communicate. But thankfully sometimes my colleagues do speak in english so I don't feel so left out or maybe sometimes in hokkien and cantonese. 

To make matter worst, a week after I start work, a new permanent staff come in. from the great Cannosa Convent. Yes its your class mate Pei Se and Yin Fung. Although we are the same age, she looks like well.... if to put it nicely have more matured look than me, but if its much more meaning way, like lao zha bor  this make me look younger to my colleagues. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

a friend and a broken promise

The blog getting dusty *blows dust and web away*  tonight is the night that I am going to end the hiatus. No exams and lecture is awesome. But here is a story, true story...

A year ago I received a frantic sms from an unknown number. It says one of my good friend then, have been involve in a car crash and his life is hanging on a balance. The unknown sender of the sms is his sister.At that particular time he was in the ICU. Still fresh on my mind what apparently his gf said that, its a miracle that he survive as the guard's at the ICU ward that witness a lot of these cases said mostly people won't make it. Hope that is a clear picture how his condition like.

As minutes passes by, my phone have been bombarded by phone calls and sms by other school mate, trying to know his situation, as we are the bestest of friend. I visited him at the KL general hospital first thing in the morning, with the company of one our good friend too.The first person I saw when I step out of the lift is his father grieving with his head down. When I greeted him, he forced a smile and explain what happen. It was my friend's lack of concentration that leads to the head on collision with an MPV. His jaw is broken,so does his nose, his face was swollen and totally unrecognisable, and dried blood are all over. Not to mention broken ribs, hand and leg. He broke down to tears and so does his apparent girlfriend. Before leaving I make a promise to him that we will play our favourite game of badminton again, to encourage him to heal quicker.

So even months have passed I know I have a promise that I haven't fulfill. Staying far away in Klang and occupied with uni, is a big hurdle for me to fulfill my word. I took this chance during my internship to set up a badminton session. all 5 of us. After all agree on a facebook thread, in the end the badminton session that was dedicated to, the main guy bailed out at the last minute as he usually do. For me personally trying to get a court, and calling each of them and end up been blown off, is just frustrating and the promise I made consider as fulfill.

His excuse was a plain bullshit, that he went to singapore to interview internship with SIA. Thats the same excuse that I gave my ex boss at my part time job when I was waiting for SPM result. Its sad to see how a person ego have drag him down. Yes I admit maybe I am doing a bit better, but never ever did look down on any of them who are not that lucky to further their studies in tertiary level. Inferiority sometimes is what we bring upon ourself.

Angry & disappointed could sum up my feel toward this friend of mine, who is my first friend that is also the first friend I made when I first come to KL. Due to his hard stand on certain race, he won't admit that the girl beside him on the hospital bed, who cry her eye balls out and till today with those uncompromising picture on fb is his gf, thus the big ego speaks.

There is only that much u can do sometimes, if u wanna reconnect with a friend, it takes two to tango, if they refuse to see u. well, too bad.