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Thursday, July 29, 2010

internship, so far..

When I first start my intern, if I was not mistaken, Edward asked me how is it like interning as he is going to go for his internship for the next 2 semester ( accounting ) at that time, it still fresh to my mind on how the briefing by FOE urging student that are going to internship NOT to bitch about their employer.

Before I start my internship on 1st of June, I really felt nervous on how the place and people gonna be, also knowing that I am the only intern add more to the nervousness.I heard a lot of story about intern especially from those who are in the working world regardless the field. Credit to my kay-po ness listening to mom about the intern in her bank who don't get pay a single cent, and by the middle of the month, most of them stay in office makan biskut. and of course my brother who used the intern to the max, to run his stupid errant for him like go buy goreng pisang. I wish that all that bad karma don't bite me.

What make people scare the most is the unknown. Thus, I asked my friend who have gone through internship, although he is not in the engineering field. He come out with this 5 tips to let me get through my internship

  1. Punctuality
  2. Meet dateline
  3. Buy coffee, kuih when boss do evaluation
  4. Don't take anything personally, no grudges
  5. Learn as much as possible everyday.
Except for No.3, I did follow his advice along with another friend advice which is a big problem that she sees in me, Generalizing!

Anywhere we go, it would be nice if everyone likes us right? you will get more co-operation, you will feel more comfortable and its a nice place to be, but we all know life is not a bed of roses, and ideal case are well.... just ideal condition which is different. Reading a few of the post on FB and blog post from my friends who are also doing internship, some day are good, some day are bad.

But for my internship personally, well, it might not be technically beneficial for me like for some who is working in like Intel for example. My company is more to a marketing company. Thus , at the beginning I did some excel and data entry job, yes its a simple job, but I have to tell myself I can't be a diva of " oh I am an engineer you know, this is not what I am suppose to do"

Engineering job, not engineering job, my 2 months of intern is nothing compared to those senior that have years of experience.Even though I might not learn any engineering skill, but I did benefit more to soft skills, which are crucial in any sort of field.

Internship is a good platform to see various type of people, some will not do certain job because they think its not their job even though it is the bos's order, some don't know to ukur badan.  however its not our job to judge, its the top management's job. Internship is the eye opener.

So far, I think I did from the lowest of job to checking stock to the core of the business of meeting the client.Some client are easy going and some are very very technical, because they are engineers and head of R & D thus they need to know the product the purchased inside out.

The conclusion is still unknown as I still have a month of August and 3/4 of September to go. I hope to open to learn more and avoid saturation, because honestly, I don't really know which direction to go after my graduation, thinking of the Fb's link by Yin Ling on Intel's new research, got me thinking am I really interested in those technical thing or towards the business side,my nature says it the business side, but my training and education in MMU especially nanotechnology sparks some tiny bit of interest in the factory work where they carry out production. And at times I visited the client at Ansell or CNI or even Ericsson, make me think and think again, do I really wanna be like them in their lab coats? or do I really want to suit up?


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SUIT UP BRO--barney stintson

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