If You Don't do it, You Don't Really Believe it. Some people spend their whole time searching for what's right, but they can't seem to find any time to practice it. Your life story is not written with a pen, but with your actions. To do nothing is the way to be nothing.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

“I wanna watch Toy Story 3”

"You got a friend in me" that is how the song goes that epitome the Toy Story. To be frank I did not catch the movie on its debut, rather catch it on disney Channel, as I grow up, there aren't any cinema in our state-Kelantan.

As a child we grow up, toys are always our good friend when we are alone,especially when our mommy and daddy are at work or busy, toys are the one that accompany us. From the movie, I learn't how to appreciate my toys, although some part of their limbs are broken, I still play with them. They are my "woody" and "buzz". My toys will accompany me everywhere, even to bed. Each of my toys have their own significant memories to me. Some that I played with my brother and sister, some that I played with my friends. But the most significant is my toy car collection as the last time I played it when i was 6 with a friend of my from my kindergarten. I left to Singapore that night for holiday with my family, and that was the last time I play with my friend and car collection, as I got news of him passing away due to high fever.

Today, am all grown up, just like how the Toy Story 3 goes, am now in University. Although some of my toys are thrown away by my mom and some are missing as we shifted house, am glad that most of my toys still are around.

A toy always make a child happy, especially when they are sad. From the name of this character, am sure it will make lots of child happy and of there is always a child in everyone. And even when have grown up, we always need a care bear whenever we are down.

After watching toy story 1&2 in 3D, I hope to catch the third installation too. Thank you Nuffnang. *finger crossed*

Sunday, May 23, 2010

lets bring back the good old time.

What do you do when your primary school teacher add you on fb?!
So darling Michelle is going to the Shanghai World Expo next week, already missing her since the last time I saw her was at my sister's wedding.Growing up is awkward for her with those giant feet, and one big n one small eye, I still like her when she was small and cute, but then again, growing up, I still feel the same for her =D

After 4 years, finally there is a long long break from MMU. The night before I joined I leave for MMU I went out for probably the last time with my friends, back then I remember D-mac was asking if there is no other way? instead asking me to join him in Taylors. Me leaving is just like Harold without Kumar and vice versa. Am glad to catch up again, as now he is really happy with his career in E&Y, and listening about all the meetings and people he meet, as expected he is gonna be somebody.

4 years, I been missing in action. Timing are just not right when there is a gathering and birthday party, then at the same time I have MMU orientated things to do. Sucky as it sound I have to turn their invite down. Too many of "No" from me, am not surprise when the invite got lesser. Thus this 5 months I really hope to be able to catch up and make time for those friends that I missed out during my 4 years in MMU.

I hope my weekend will be like this often, meeting up with my friends that I have not meet as often as I would like. My poor time management forbid me to splitting my time from MMU and outside MMU.

I have noticed on how we have changed, the topic of conversation now more on economy, and work and future.Different when back then, our topic gonna be like girls and etc, and we have to go to some fancy place to eat etc.  " coz all I see are stilettos,definately not an MMU party". Right now, putting our partying ways in the past, a sip of good old "teh tarik" at Nirvana will do.

Looking back at those good old time, and looking forward to our future,hopefully the homeboy is returning to the hood more frequently.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

how to deal with sohai

There are no dummies guide on how to deal with sohai, not on wiki or not even on google. Seriously how do you deal with sohai?

Confrontation will lead to more others to be involve. Thus cause a war. Too bad I don't have the numbers behind me, well maybe not in this place.But the sohai is everywhere, and my patience is getting thinner by the moment,by each and every annoying action the sohai do.

Unless its 1970's and am the son of the Don Carleon, sure I would know how to deal with sohai. I would personally skin the sohai, add salt to the wound and slowly see the sohai suffer, other than cutting a black man dick as put it up the sohai butt. And the sohai will die by choking to his own balls, now THAT is an ideal case. But too bad this is 2010 and am not the son of Don Carleon.

Sohai is always a sohai. I can't change that. Other than praying that my patience is as thick as the sohai face, anybody know how to deal with sohai?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

world update

So exam is almost over for me, the long hiatus from blogging due to preparation for exam. There are lots to say here, as much as I try to be frank. Although some issue I rather NOT bring it up,due to plain moronic action of certain individual, thus Thou shall not bother with moronic individual- new principal.

Anyways, just witness a great quarter finals of the Thomas Cup, held in our own backyard. It was 16 May 1992 that the last Malaysia lift the cup, the era of the Sidek brothers. I do hope 16 of May 2010, will be our time to lift the cup again, because it is far too long.

The good thing about badminton is it brings us Malaysia all together. Somehow we put all our colours aside and cheer for the National team, regardless the colour of the players. Let is be Chong Wei, or Hafiz, Malaysian from all walk of life give their full backing. This is how it suppose to be if we as Malaysian want to put a united front and moved forward. My hope is for this be continuous, and not just during the Thomas Cup.

My strong feeling is still that the older generation 'poison' the young ones with each political agenda. There are too much politics that occurs lately. The shooting of the underage driver for example.Too much of politics is really draining and sickening. Perhaps instead of personal attack and rubbish Facebook claiming, hitting out at each other during by elections, why cant we look at the bigger picture? Its time to grow up, we seen our MP fighting with each other in the Parliment, calling names, just like a child play. Aren't they suppose to set a good example, thats why we vote them?

Regardless the party you support, let is be Barisan or Pakatan, both are the same. Seriously, try go on youtube and search for the Presidential debate in the UK. Now that is some intelligent debate, that really tackle the need of the people. I mean instead of searching video of girls slapping each other, of people burning pets.

If we put all the politics away, Malaysia can be a really decent place. The last week, Malaysia's GDP, increases to double figure for the first quarter of the year, and we witness the collapse of the economy in Europe especially the Euro zone goes tumbling down at the same time.

So those haters always say Malaysia is a corrupt place, but hey, look at Greece, even as various claim how corrupt we are, at least we don't see our country go burst. Some might say I always wrote in a Pro-government manner, but you could check, and my friend, numbers don't lie. The crisis in europe can be compared to the one faced by South East Asia in the 1990's if Greece economy is not saved, it could spread like a bushfire throughout the region, like how the bushfire was started in Thailand and spread out to all the country in southeast asia. But a certain man called Tun Mahathir take the precaution, else we would still serve IMF now. It's now political agenda that runs the country, its the economy. If the economy collapse, there is no point to listen to ceramah by the old man from Ipoh or visit the One Malaysia blog. so yeah, its all good here in Malaysia.

Another issue that I personally keep track was the Thailand conflict.Somehow I wish Malaysian could be like that, I mean, they are patriotism are admirable. They care bout their country, and they take action, although those violent I do not wish to see in our country. I got a friend in Bangkok, which are quite sceptic on how the foreign press portray and tarnish her country's image as if a civil war could occur. Thus she goes to the street of Bangkok right at the heart of the Red Shirt camp site.And took a few pictures

                                               The Red Shirt lining up for their meal

                                             This is the so called "dangerous" barricade 

Business are still running as usual, except those big malls. This shows that the idea we have on things depends on which newspaper that we read. In other words, there is always different ways to look at things.