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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

how to deal with sohai

There are no dummies guide on how to deal with sohai, not on wiki or not even on google. Seriously how do you deal with sohai?

Confrontation will lead to more others to be involve. Thus cause a war. Too bad I don't have the numbers behind me, well maybe not in this place.But the sohai is everywhere, and my patience is getting thinner by the moment,by each and every annoying action the sohai do.

Unless its 1970's and am the son of the Don Carleon, sure I would know how to deal with sohai. I would personally skin the sohai, add salt to the wound and slowly see the sohai suffer, other than cutting a black man dick as put it up the sohai butt. And the sohai will die by choking to his own balls, now THAT is an ideal case. But too bad this is 2010 and am not the son of Don Carleon.

Sohai is always a sohai. I can't change that. Other than praying that my patience is as thick as the sohai face, anybody know how to deal with sohai?

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