If You Don't do it, You Don't Really Believe it. Some people spend their whole time searching for what's right, but they can't seem to find any time to practice it. Your life story is not written with a pen, but with your actions. To do nothing is the way to be nothing.

Friday, August 29, 2008

c'mon you!

i know its middle of the year and a wrong time to do a resolution.but.....

i need to improve! c'mon you! get serious Julian! start with your studies!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

darling michelle, =)

was excited when heard the news that you will b coming down at the end of september, all the way from west Malaysia. though its nearly finals, am sure i could squeeze some time for you. and yes, am not forgetting your b'day on 4th of october. wondering what should i get you? being naughty or nice doesn't really matter huh? somehow or depends on my mood i know that i would spoilt u :p
will be counting down the days.. cant wait!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

today's checklist

  1. force myself out of bed (easy because slept early)

  2. see doctor ( hard, doctor here expensive lah)

  3. ask kean for lab report

  4. study

  5. TRY to eat SOMETHING

  6. try to turn down Melaka trip to spend some family time. (kena bodek for new shoes and mayb tennis racquet)
  7. scout for... MATA fair (5th sept! :D )

pic's from emi's FB.

take me on a trip i would like to go someday

take me to New York

i would like to see L A..

gotta go my own way..*emo-ing*

walking around at the lib, met her again. her bouncy ponytail moved left and right, and so does her unbalanced body, probably the sneakers already unbalanced.greeted with a normal smile. like how would anyone would greet an acquaintance.

the other day at lab, on 20082008. was suprised to meet her. gather myself to talk to her. i don't know whats wrong, but somehow i stumble my words and make a complete fool out of myself. normally, a girl like her wont make me feel nervous or anything, somehow, she did. nothing special really, except for that sugarly sweet smile. of course that should be forgotten as a mere infactuation.

that last night at manila i went dinner.at chicken Max i think. their version of nandos/chillis i suppose. the person i had dinner with, asked a weird question, throwing a curve ball. she asked " have u considered dating someone my type?"

but somehow,i gotta do what is best for me, maybe i just don belong in the land of lovie debie YET.. i gotta go my own way..

a LOOOoong weekend

its been a LONG weekend, i HAVE to say.just got back today, a tuesday when class started on monday. not that i wanted to skip class, the lesson learned is.. if u r are not well, or don't feel 100% don ever tahan. been tahan-ing it for quite a while and ignoring the signs... in the end, sunday night, it hit me real bad. i was out most of the monday. on the bed. well, the viral still here, even today's class i have to cut it half day. don feel good, and have no apetite to have lunch. sigh...

on a brighter note, the weekend was a good one.

start from sat,

its been a while since i could get up whenever i feel like. exams, revision, morning classes, etc.... and best part of all, mom din not nag me up from my bed. ahh..... such joy! even the house work just both of them do. since both of my siblings are at work. feels good to b the only child sometimes. till, around 11 ish.. uncle Teo, ask for lunch. and to my suprise it was at satay Kajang ( hj samuri) in Bukit Tinggi. a big grin on my face. see, peacock, you COULD have satay if only u come here :P

lunch was more like getting to know the people from the warehouse. my personal opinion is, its good to have lunch and invite them along, although for some it might not be "glamorous". yes they might work hard in the warehouse doing all the dirty job, but hey, without them production don't happen do they? there also David, the engineer, bro's good fren from his Uniten day. as Puasa month is coming, and of course they still HAVE to work, a simple lunch to show some appreciation and some mingling session a lil, will bring more good than harm if there is any. i got to know that most of them are Kelantanese. am not sure how it is done in other state, but somehow we kelantanese just click. the interesting part is some of them are from the area when drugs are almost in every family, because that area is bordering Thailand, thus is such a problematic area. so with them being able to get out of there and find work, i guess they will work doubly hard to help out their family.

after lunch was Jusco. to get cookbook for Pei se, and to fix my badminton racquet. apparently there is a football match that night. a cup final between Kedah and Selangor. knowing Kedah would be playing, i know uncle Nazri would be in town.

he must be really proud of his team: kedah. after all he is their advisor.
my cousin Richard called,saying he will come at midnight. wanted to bring my dad's fav hokkien mee. well, he is sort of an elder elder brother, it suprised me how concern and how he adviced my sister on what kinda guy her bf is. telling her how don't be stupid and to "test"the dude. coming from a dude that have around 15 ex's i was impressed. good thing he turn the big 30, thus its suitable for him to sound like an old man. after his movie date at Pavillion he came with Kah lai. well,they sorta biasa with my hse anyways.

we bought him. after a short notice. oh well, at least its something, when ur turning 30, you cant expect ur frens to give u suprise party can u? we watch football and the Thai ghost movie for the night.
i feel like vomitting.as soon as i get up. knowing the noise.. i know something is up, uncle teo invite us to his house at Ambang Botanic. apparently ada makan for lunch.

my entertainment for the evening. not bad, can play Leonna Lewis bleeding love and sean kingston's beautiful girl.not feelin that good i just seat down and watch the olmypics. apparently that 2 kinda close from the day they are at JB.

the tought of picking up Golf again, do crossed my mind last week, when Meisiem says the rate is kinda low the Cyber park driving range. thus my brother asked me to go driving range around 6ish.. i know he just using me, so my mom wont nag him. oh well, i got my own benefit of a free game too :)

kota permai golf and country club. not that far from our house.there is not much pressure playing here because there is no coach Kelly to nag and nag and nag. the last time i went to a driving range is at Kgpa, near Kiara. that time was the weekend i came back from Melaka after breaking up. i feel that she is too clingy, and one of the thing that i missed is spending time with my family. thus went to the range with dad and bro that time.

there is always time to cam-whore huh? am pleased to say that almost 69.9% of the ball flew well. well luckly is start with a PW, the 7 don't go that far as i wish. but oh well, hope there is time to catch up.

Friday, August 22, 2008

hav a good weekend ya'll

first of all a happy b'day to YOU!, hope you had fun in you pink theme party.
happy b'day!!

bad bad day for exam. mayb took too much of exam, till the extend that just too freaking tired for it. seriously, never felt so unprepared and so tired in preparing for exam, maybe the 5 Am, wake up call, or lately having non-stop outing.
not another emo post lah.. so just like how i "ordered" them, they are out. having a well deserved rest i assume. would probably join them, but the angel of kim foong, decided to give me a lift back home.God bless her kind soul. so am going back home, suppose to work this weekend, suppose to go Sunway party this weekend, and i end up at home, no complains,but it just shows you that, life is VERY unpredictable, you plan to do A and it turn out as J. maybe thats how my life is. disappointed of course with the way exams goes, but i know, there is no point to get upset and all, as life still moved on. clock still ticking, no matter what happen, the clock is still ticking.
hope everyone hav a good weekend.. toodles

Thursday, August 21, 2008

anok kelate

will be flying with him when balik kelate. muahahahaha

random tought

wonders why everyone is emo-ing and getting broke.... sigh... 6 months to get it all back for my acc to be in the green. and i don feel like replying to anyone's msg or mail.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

woman equation

no offense ladies.. we still love you! :p

a take on love

what and how we define love? yes the boy and girl punya relationship. is it that feeling of some say ultimate hapiness that one cant feel, if they are not involve in a relationship before? is it the hundred heart beat per second everytime he/she is around? or the manja-ness that she possess trying to convince you everytime you don't want to do something for her, or the macho-ness of him, that deep voice and the gentleman-ness with the 6 packs? huah that talk about, its wasting time when get involve, or is not a mature thing to do, because u are a student.

its good to see, people around me, getting back into a relationship, their lips is @ their ear everytime being kacau, by their other half, for some, they blushed as red as a baboon butt, and for some, in particular peaCock Jin case, there are no more " super emo mode". people change when they have "someone" they will probably think of others more, which is a good sign.

it make me smile, and feel happy for all of them, and for those that who are still trying, well, like the saying goes in football matches, "its not over till the fat lady sings" or "its not over till the last whistle been blown"

back to the topic of love. other than it have lots of plus point, sometimes as everything else in the world it have its negative sides too.well, some might try too hard to get themself involve,in other words, sign of desperation, some change their other half more than they ever bought new underpants, till they are totally lost their direction of what is really love is, but then again, it is such a subjective topic, some would fall for money, looks, boobs, etc..

k la, enough talking about ppl.its a bad karma.

talking bout myself, well when i said am a shy guy. the normal respond " huh?! you shy ar?"
well, at certain place, or condition, i could be shy and really quiet.thinking back that, i hardly talk to any girls back at primary. and if the "hot" girl speak to me, it probably make my week, or day.but now, how thing have change, talking to girls is a daily thing, though no hot one :P having a couple of ex's, not as many as some would assume, have teach me a thing or two, oh wait.. a LOT. in a nutshell, it shows that am not really ready to b in a relationship. 3 years of non-stop having a relationship, these 3-4 months of not getting involve with anyone, give me time to think and reflect again. that i have lots of flaws, that i've still need to work on. of course there are lots that gave advice " its trial and error" or "you are young, go play around". according to Jess simpson, " you once fall in love twice and get your heart broken once"

heart breaking or broken is not a very nice thing. seriously.as much as i would like to be as heartless bastard as ever.still, mayb yi ling is right about SNAG( sensitive new age guy),yes that don't buy the hot chic that you see in the magazine, and the close you can get to those girls are probably the "best fren" that they go to, everytime they have some probs, and once they are "heal" they are off to those hardcore, rockers, bad boy that are ready to break their heart. don ask me why, but girls do fall for bad boys more than the good one, probably the sense of excitement? go read cleo lah.. for more details.

for those who are still waiting or totally close the door about getting involve, due to some bad past experience,i'll say..

what do you say to taking chances?
what do you say to jumping off the edge?
without knowing if there solid ground.

yes its celine's song.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

people and changes (2nd post of the day)

"you look so dumb right now....."
ok ok.. that was rhinna, too into the song. 2nd post of the day. too free mayb.. anyways, what makes me to have the 2nd post today?
saw this today

emilia's pic. posted all the way from india.looks like someone finally settled down.

it just strike me, there are all or most of the people around me, or my friends have grown/ changed A LOT! some change to the worst, but most change to the better, but come to think about it, who am i to say if they change to the worst rite? ( sorry lah.. people don't like to take critics)

looking at emilia who last time being pampered. dont even want to peel prawn herself, sigh.. though we hardly meet, unless there are company/family function or holiday,but she cant hide her pampered-ness, now probably staying in India by herself, tought her to be more independent, haih.. orang jadi doctor, mesti lah.

browsing thru Facebook, also saw my classmate during highschool, and how they are now more "vain" , ok la.. look after themself and how they look. instead of the normal, jeans and T. and make up etc, mayb its been a long time since i met lots of them. its pretty uncomfortable at first, as i prefer the "natural" look, but come to think of it again, hey, they are growing up, of course they will get into all these, thus, keeping and open mind, instead of the old judgemental. hope that mindset could last though.

flashback to school days, where when u talk 2 the normal girl or the not so called hot one, for sure your guy frens will give u lots of sticks " wtf lah.. that girl so ugly/fat you also talk, you like her isit? " come to think of it, its just plain dumb, but oh well, we are all young and make some stupid thing before, though some still will be picky, who they want to go for a drink with, mayb they are still vain, and mind who they are seen with. but personally, i just don't care anymore, of course will b nice lah, if u are spotted with some hot chic, and all the head will b turning when u walk pass with her, but a good company is not all about the look, its more like how comfortable you are with that person. can b some good ole frens for catching up, also some new fren, that u just click with.

time management to perfection,almost

suppose to have class today,even if its a sat, as monday class was cancel. somehow there is "no" class, got msg from wheng teng while walking to lunch. so make a few call , and off i go back to the old hood, the old crib, Bangsar. guess Dharmik was right, when he say this is still my hood, even if i left. because as soon as i arrive, there are lots of familiar faces around. got 2 person to meet today, wheng teng, and also pei ling. since pei ling is only free at 5, so called wheng teng out since she said she wanted to go out before she goin back to London, and Pei ling gonna start Uni in mid sept. nott, semeyih.

so i was planing 3 hours for wheng and 3 for pei ling, and i go back at 8 to catch the fireworks.but the journey to kl was delayed due waiting for the train and, and my 2 p.m appointment was pushed to 3, and luckily she sent her bro to P.j and i've arrived before.

met at toys r us. i was wondering who is this girl in the Chanel glasses and Prada handbag,while i was looking at Lego, (long time din meet, tak kenal sudah :P) was wheng.i dono if its the 3-4 inch heels or she just grown taller. had a drink @ delicious as coffee bean was full.

i find that she have come a LONG way. staying alone in London, does teach her the HARD life.eating at home, cook, and spend her money wisely, for the food and stuff, and not for entertainment like clubs, as her spending there was tight. although now doin intership with Ernest and Young, and behind the big spending on stuff like her sunglass, still can mantain a first class doin acturual science ( dono the spelling lah), that shows that not all that spend money don't know how to think and go just to waste their parents money. though there are a LOT of spectic out there says, those who stay in posh area ONLY know how to enjoy themself and not study.

as she have to leave at 430, right on time, Pei Ling is waiting in the car. after saying goodbye, her car is already waiting outside the door. great timing. so off we went to mid valley :D
tought of getting my gift.. but we end up watching movie.. this time at the gsc signature. first time at such a posh cinema, we or just me act like some jakun, but the place is really nice and the seat was just TOO comfy, worth the rm 20, if you don't want to line up for lines and sekali-sekala only lah.. if everytime means pokai already. there are only 3 collum in the cinema, and you can practically stretch your legs, and have food delivered into the cinema.talking about service.

she says i suppose to be lucky because she don't/rare to go out with guys alone

after a hungry tummy, was planning to go to Tenpanyaki, till.. i saw the sign, "spagethi grill", which remind me about sin yen's friendster page that i saw this morning, and i have my craving for meatball speg, 2days ago satisfied :D

though i got a STRONG feeling that it is run under the same company as chillies, first the color of the sign is the same red, green, the drink menu is the same, and also the price, the cup, the cutleries.

next stop,

putrajaya international firework competition.. tonight was team china, not bad i have to say. after a tiring day its time for bed..

P/s: for you who say i have a bad taste for chic last nite @ tar chong, which is still unjustified, i beg to differ, as one of my highschool crush, is now is SIA being a flight attendence, and as we all know their flight attendence is way better than MAS's. and no they don need to get laid to b a stewardest. they can still be a virgin and still look damn good. *damn am hitting a lot below the belt tonight* thank you and good nite.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

dec plan

woohoooooooooo weeeeeeeehoooooooo woooooooohoooooooooo weeeeeeehooooooooo..

exams in few hours and have 200++ slides and lee chong wei is playing at 630. wtf am doin blogging?! and listening to gwen stef? sleepy lah.. slept reading the first chapter. die lor..

ahhh... chris botti's "have yourself a merry lil christmas" lovely song.. plus its so windy now.

talking bout christmas what to do in dec? herm.... well, i should say last year's one is great.had a great time. a wonderful suprise. great gifts. its all good. not to mention the new year's eve too (walking down memory lane..... ) :)

december this year well...

  • choice one, was HK with vic leong and her friends for christmas. yes vicki am still considering

  • senioring for year end camp. got the invite to senior-ing for Kajang camp this weekend, apa nak buat ada exam. well i missed on year end that time in melaka, and gave my place to madeline. no fair they go river rafting. and last year was in Gua Musang, let those city kids have a taste of life outside the city.. muahahaha.. oh well.. this year not sure yet.. depends on if mel, ah cheong and cav if they can make it.
  • cork's worlds? the less likely one.. although the idea of ireland, and celebrating new year with miku and all don sound that bad after all :p

well, maybe i will b in class instead of those choices. spending christmas with family. the lecture of " no matter how busy you are, everyone MUST gather togather for christmas" will be out. as the saying goes... expect the unexpected. so what ever happen in dec, or what ever i gonna do in dec.. who knows...

back to studies..

crossed the line..

its was a really pissing off time. imagine someone who hardly know you come out to you and ask u to set ur priorities? well, guess that fella is lucky to get away without a F*** OFF.

first, i was on the flight to Manila i was asked, what else do i do in MMU. i say, kickboxing. i would understand if a club would want its member to stay around for a long run, BUT, do it the right way, not bad mouth about the other club, sigh... so i dont really talk much as i was the junior over there and i will be around them for weeks.

today, the girl, the dude who bad mouth's gf, come out to me and ask me to come to training, i explain that i have exam, and kickboxing. she still insisting. haih..

dear you,

am sorry if the land that you come from the people still live with cow, and probably never heard of the chinese saying that "hapiness wont come with force" , with is SO true. i mean, why would u do something and put your heart into that when you are forced to it right?

probably this IS the problem with your members leaving.you all think you all area very good at talking, thus u all try to play mind games and reverse phychology.. that probably works for those weak ones, yes, i've been listening to their complains. but, i won't and NEVER buy your game for a single bit. i wont feel bad. instead i wont feel anything. i hope tonight i've already sent the msg that yes i hope u know where is my priority are, and there is no need for you to lobby around for me to attend your training. my priority? my studies and if i've have to choose, i've choose kickboxing. the way you approach is never convincing anyways, mayb thats why you never break from the perliminary rounds.

and yes, i HAVE a life. am not the one saying.." i cant imagine my uni life without voices" , when someone says that, it not touching to hear for me personally, sorry, the soft and mushy-ness is out, and come in with the new bitterness. i think its shows how lifeless you are, get a lifee, there are more to do other than cling your life to the club.

i would prefer a president like alan, instead of kevin, i would prefer to follow someone like yi han rather than andrew. of course the odds on andrew to get a girl laid, and yi han is quiet, but what kinda of example is that? and of course i would prefer to listen to Kru's lame joke rather than listening to Tate barking.

so you've crossed the line, never ever asked me to set my priorities, especially you, probably the last person ever who qualified to tell that to me. get out of my face. and stop lobbying around.


malam ini...

test was screw up. badly. seriously. getting half mark is already like getting the full mark. went kickboxing. since nobody show up, karen was my partner.being moody, pissed off with that bitch that cling around for attendence, karen's sam pat-ness and sin yen's blur-ness does make me laugh a lil.something that i dono was putrajaya having its annual firework competition now according to sin yen. got wack in the head before that during exchanging of punches with karen, to the side of the eye, that explains my blur vision now and to the rib, was mostly my fault, i found myself dreaming. even when Anis, wanted me to show the demo, i was blur and forgotten the moves. mostly coz my mind was on the exam and probably eye was looking at elaine at the other side of the hall. don't get ideas. it just because she remind of cav. knowing cav took up body combat, which is similar to kick boxing after telling her my syok-ness during kickboxing class. and now at uni she also just joined the debate club.good thing she enjoyed it.

time to bathe, and probably sleep for the class tomorrow.. nite..

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

and the status is..

wednesday,13th August, 2.06 a.m sky is cloudy( just covered the full moon)

love is in the air around here in cyber. peacock jin finally found his chic after a long search, dude cant stop smiling, and some just have a mutual understanding * cough bird cough cough*, and probably in the dark, some just gathering the courage.

after coming back from Manila, lots say i have changed, with that there are also a few speculation, if i've found a new someone or a new target to go for. even to the extend of the parents and cousins asking. well... the answer is.. plain NO. let it b anyone from any part of the world, the new friends that i have met, or the old one. well, all are JUST frens. hope that clears thing up.

i've realise that there are lots of things that i have to work on myself first. yes there are some of my frens asking, " go play around first lah.. you still young", to be honest, that did crossed my mind. but, i cant get, or just bring myself to be a heartbreaker. maybe for some, they can find a new gf/bf in just matter of weeks or months after breaking up,but it just don't work like that for me, to say am fussy, am not, because i don't limit my choices with lots of citeria. but at the same time, i don't even what i want in a other half. so guess this is what is right for me, being single but not available. yes, i got a lot of those " you'll find someone better" , but for me, everyone have their plus point so...

in life:

the more we wish for something,
the further it gets away from us,
the more we care bout someone,
the faster they are taken away from us,
the more we plan,
the plan will turn to the opposite,
we should not expect anything,
as we should expect the unexpected.
ends... 2.20 a.m sky is clear, full moon is out.

Monday, August 11, 2008

tri-weekly summary..

past 2- 3 week summary. start with...

emo night @ putrajaya

great view, too bad for those of don't know much bout it

look @ the star..

beautiful night with the stars.. *emo emo*

off to cyberview lodge

with poolside view like this

the baby cant help to sleep


some just happy to play with dogs

some just having hard time feel bad for those dogs..

some just look like a jap

and some just go there to help out

suprise b'day

after complaining, since got lost on the way, about where bringing them and how they gonna eat durian for dinner... the first question they asked was... " wei, can show me the way here ar?" ahh... typical-ness. but its normal lah to want to bring a girl that u try to impress here. after all, they alredy at the age of dating..

sun set

sun setting

amar (b'day boy), sharean and ray

the same reaction AGAIN, "who's b'day lah?" - when the cake was out

wat a way to say goodnight with the "dragon breath"

so holiday start with me have to wake up at 4a.m to sent dad to the airport. no complains, because kinda get used to not sleeping at that time.

most of the holidays was wasted trying to do my lab report. and there is lunch with kim. no movies, holidays or nothing.

till 8 8 8, the olmpics games opening. God damn i was impressed.the culture and arts of the chinese. no wonder some of my frens like prae wanted to go there to learn the culture after grad.hands down, i was impressed by u chinese..

but that impression don seem ever lasting. because.. the next day, some f up CHINESE fella refuse to reverse, as he wanted the parking too.. this happen at ikea and giant, so i cant really blame Klang ppl, but both cases are chinese ppl. sigh.. wait ur turn will you?

perfect sat:

was awaken up by dad around 7ish.. and i slept at 4.. oh well, shall not complain because today gonna pray grandpa and uncle.well, for the past years during this time of the month, during the hungry ghost festival, there is this occasion called "chiew to" i dono if i get that right. pray yes i pray, this time buddist style, using josstick and all. yes, come of you hardcore methodist might have lots to say, probably dad too, but he didn't. some might say "u r a christian, not suppose to hold that", well, i would say... " f, u.. thats my grandpa and uncle, and as far as am concern, m doin this out of respect to both of them and am sure Jesus would forgive and understand"

probably the best roti kosong @ pandamaran, when u have 3 table and 6 fella making roti kosong ONLY!

after visiting "home"- mid v

opening ceremony...... to stay? or for the japs?

at night.. got a suprise visit form............



Thursday, August 7, 2008

vodka = bak kut teh

yesterday for lunch, was on duty. for my full time job. the job of a good son :p

so my dad woke me up from my beauty sleep on my comfortable bed that i can never get enough of. asking me if i want to go to the bank with him. ( unless there are cash transfer to your own account, why go right?) wrong! just the tought of spending some time with him.

for lunch he ask me to decide what i want to eat.well nasi briayani king was on the mind. but he kinda hinted bak kut teh. so i said bak kut teh. he doubly asked me again if am sure.

oh well, not that i cant eat bak kut teh, and at the same time, not like you and me cant murder someone right? just take a knife and stabe that person. just that i dont really fancy it, but if you were to visit and craving for it, sure, i could be a good host.

anyways, the pork, the babi, is crazy lots.. thus kena force to order extra rice to down the rest of the meat.

you see, the anology here is, vodka=the meat and the rice = the mixer. if you were to down the vodka only,of course u can, if, u r a good drinker, ibut if u r not, and prefer to lower down the strong taste of the vodka, u add the mixer right? maybe it be sprite,orange juice etc..

so there u go, to lower down the taste of the bak kut teh, add more rice!

its time its time, its emo time..

your fav song neh? singing the song with ur ascent, does sound really adorable. bet you will sing it all the time when you are out with ur frens around the street of tokyo koreoke hopping. still remember how good you look that night, with that dress and still remember u showing off u r killer heels (to show that u are taller ) :p ,having our cocktail and with u and this song.

who are we kidding right? being miles apart, guess i wont be seeing you again, because i wont be going to Cork, for new year. because, i know my education is above everything. though, its kinda obvious u taking over from Toshi, guess you will be there huh?

so all remains JUST memories.... hope you doing well in Stanley Morgan.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

heart of greed..

addicted to cerita cina.... and...

watching the video, you can see the girl, Sheung Joi Sum and later on, obviously her bf, the one that gave her the flower, Alfred. and the middle of the video, around the 2nd minute, u can see that bastard is having an affair.

of course, that other girl is a stewardess and all, and wont mind having an affair. but really, if you have someone like Joi Sum, what else you would u ask for? a woman who have her own carrer, which mean will give u space, and at the same time, will make effort to be around you. and she is CUTE!

Monday, August 4, 2008

design circuit masa holiday.. menyampah

*rolling rollling rolling* - limp biskut is playing... more to layan-ing the song rather than finishing my homework. well a short post. suprisingly there is this urge to finishing my homework. thus, went straight to jusco yesterday to repair something that i tought was broken, anyways its not. as i need that to finish my job. while walking with fury and anger, as i tought my newly bought printer broken, i met one of my friend, suprisingly the meternal side of her with her grandma and aunty and a baby. the trademark shorts and pink puma bag.- u all know lah who is that...

and then.....

met up with a "sworn" enemy. the one that only stop me from applying from the homestay program, in Japan. as she is in charge for it. actually i got no probs with her, it just a chain effect.

oh well, i got a "chip up on my shoulder"as some upper crust society. which is some high fancy english that i won't understand, and make me google for it to know. oh well... basically it means for low kedai kopi, with the legs on the chair people like me, " suka cari gaduh".

Saturday, August 2, 2008

400th post, should i stop? + some mini photo essay

pejam mata, sekelip mata saja sudah 400th post. so fast huh? 400 posts full of happy moment, and also sad sad emo ones. its like a mirror for how i feel. sometimes those probs m facing, and sometimes just simply to critic. and of course there are lots of effect( chain effect) pei se said recently after some event which i have to say, and proudly say that am not involve in, " you all blog, and then fight, better stop blogging lah".

i did noticed the trend of, things turn out the opposite whenver i type something online. for example the previous post, about 30 mins to class, i slept off! and n i just type " i b catching some sleep after lacking of sleep" in FB, and look at where am i now!! its almost 3 and am still awake, after sleeping like from 9 pm. peacock gonna kill me for not waking up later.

it just that, sometimes, or in my case, there are lots there i need keep it to myself. just so, things don't turn it the other way, which is to the bad. though this post sound like a bit on the emo side, and me listening to sad ass song. *self reminder* * your are a cold hearted,bastard with no feeling whatsoever where the mentality of "fuck you" for those who gets in your way, and "fuck,i don care who you are, or where you are from, i don give a damn, i want this more than you", if should i something* do the chant * cold hearted, cold hearted, cold hearted, cold hearted* why? because i've been stabbed and spit out.

so to quit or not to quit, THATS the question.

but to a more "U" rating post...


the city,maybe just pasig area


astoria plaza (the hotel)

key to your heart? no just the door and..

this! its a massive room

the "other side" of the town

its in the airport

and the uni tag booard

mode of transport

the world famous jeep-ney

various design

they actually rent the whole thing for us

contradiction-they show this at the subway station

and practice this, gender segragation


1st purchase

similiar one in austria.

donuts craze is everywhere huh?

jolibee,cant leave philipines without it.

words says a million expression..

"starbake" because m broke

angel's their version of ramli

3 ringgit for a footlong! and 2 ringgit for 2 hamburger!

the sell..

pork equation

this + hammer to smash it all up, and sautey it

= sisig, -its everywhere around philipines.


gateway to..."contradiction"
all the mall in the city or country have security check!
and k9 units!... so no guns right? think again!
the contradiction..
one of the shop in the mall..
one stop center for..
who needs to sneak in guns to rob mall now?if they are selling in the mall itself!

another episode of "manila de contradict"
greenbelt- as the name suggest, u need the green to come here.
its like pavillion times 3! they have 3 blocks and garden in the middle..and of course your gucci and pradas, but........
almost of the toilet are similar.... haih...

ladies night

those Atteneo ppl sure fancy, fancy places.

the transexual-homo society of phil. she/he really an eye opener.well when you read the event says "ladies night" well u will think lots of hot chics around to go to, but we listen to her speech about 'we are born as a seed, and everyone is born equal, and gender is just a label, so why label ourself?label just lead to discrimination and put us in a "box" " hear hear... its a bit true what she/he said. so *ahem ahem*.. to those people who present some song that day about how bsb is gay which nobody laugh, btw... i think you guys should be more careful, especially doin presentation in public, in the OPEN society, statement like that, well, will just get you shot.
how a proper dinner should b.
dear mr.big butt or u just have tight pants, president of ...soc,
do take note, this is how a proper prom should be, i mean if you want to be all classy, but judging by looking at you, classy probably not in your dictionary, mayb try "lala"?

jazz band, -easy listening for a black tie event

fancy place. this is JUST the toilet!

good food not some CHINESE food, no offense but am sure everyone agree the chinese food at prom was... *cough cough* chinese food will only be great at chinese restaurant NOT hotel!


am sorry, i only go to club Via "VIP" and nothing less :P

pre-autral kickoff party, can imagine what the real one offer?

US VIP enterence :P

great enterence too


trashy,clubs vodka..

a more proper like one, for him and her

sorry alex, i kinda cheated by pouring some to the floor. mayb in pure next time c u?

even during dinner.. haih.. in-d

boat race- hahaha those white trash wanker from monash LOST!

while they singing "betcha golly wow" -the emo-ness is in the air... thus

everyone have a flaming drink

flaming "blow-job" - no joke

mine! just like the heart, blue,bitter, and cold!

and when you drink too much... so much for someone who have "strong" principal- pathetic!

am sorry!

yes i know, i offend lots in this post...

am sorry! :D