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Saturday, August 16, 2008

people and changes (2nd post of the day)

"you look so dumb right now....."
ok ok.. that was rhinna, too into the song. 2nd post of the day. too free mayb.. anyways, what makes me to have the 2nd post today?
saw this today

emilia's pic. posted all the way from india.looks like someone finally settled down.

it just strike me, there are all or most of the people around me, or my friends have grown/ changed A LOT! some change to the worst, but most change to the better, but come to think about it, who am i to say if they change to the worst rite? ( sorry lah.. people don't like to take critics)

looking at emilia who last time being pampered. dont even want to peel prawn herself, sigh.. though we hardly meet, unless there are company/family function or holiday,but she cant hide her pampered-ness, now probably staying in India by herself, tought her to be more independent, haih.. orang jadi doctor, mesti lah.

browsing thru Facebook, also saw my classmate during highschool, and how they are now more "vain" , ok la.. look after themself and how they look. instead of the normal, jeans and T. and make up etc, mayb its been a long time since i met lots of them. its pretty uncomfortable at first, as i prefer the "natural" look, but come to think of it again, hey, they are growing up, of course they will get into all these, thus, keeping and open mind, instead of the old judgemental. hope that mindset could last though.

flashback to school days, where when u talk 2 the normal girl or the not so called hot one, for sure your guy frens will give u lots of sticks " wtf lah.. that girl so ugly/fat you also talk, you like her isit? " come to think of it, its just plain dumb, but oh well, we are all young and make some stupid thing before, though some still will be picky, who they want to go for a drink with, mayb they are still vain, and mind who they are seen with. but personally, i just don't care anymore, of course will b nice lah, if u are spotted with some hot chic, and all the head will b turning when u walk pass with her, but a good company is not all about the look, its more like how comfortable you are with that person. can b some good ole frens for catching up, also some new fren, that u just click with.

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