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Thursday, August 14, 2008

dec plan

woohoooooooooo weeeeeeeehoooooooo woooooooohoooooooooo weeeeeeehooooooooo..

exams in few hours and have 200++ slides and lee chong wei is playing at 630. wtf am doin blogging?! and listening to gwen stef? sleepy lah.. slept reading the first chapter. die lor..

ahhh... chris botti's "have yourself a merry lil christmas" lovely song.. plus its so windy now.

talking bout christmas what to do in dec? herm.... well, i should say last year's one is great.had a great time. a wonderful suprise. great gifts. its all good. not to mention the new year's eve too (walking down memory lane..... ) :)

december this year well...

  • choice one, was HK with vic leong and her friends for christmas. yes vicki am still considering

  • senioring for year end camp. got the invite to senior-ing for Kajang camp this weekend, apa nak buat ada exam. well i missed on year end that time in melaka, and gave my place to madeline. no fair they go river rafting. and last year was in Gua Musang, let those city kids have a taste of life outside the city.. muahahaha.. oh well.. this year not sure yet.. depends on if mel, ah cheong and cav if they can make it.
  • cork's worlds? the less likely one.. although the idea of ireland, and celebrating new year with miku and all don sound that bad after all :p

well, maybe i will b in class instead of those choices. spending christmas with family. the lecture of " no matter how busy you are, everyone MUST gather togather for christmas" will be out. as the saying goes... expect the unexpected. so what ever happen in dec, or what ever i gonna do in dec.. who knows...

back to studies..

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