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Thursday, August 7, 2008

vodka = bak kut teh

yesterday for lunch, was on duty. for my full time job. the job of a good son :p

so my dad woke me up from my beauty sleep on my comfortable bed that i can never get enough of. asking me if i want to go to the bank with him. ( unless there are cash transfer to your own account, why go right?) wrong! just the tought of spending some time with him.

for lunch he ask me to decide what i want to eat.well nasi briayani king was on the mind. but he kinda hinted bak kut teh. so i said bak kut teh. he doubly asked me again if am sure.

oh well, not that i cant eat bak kut teh, and at the same time, not like you and me cant murder someone right? just take a knife and stabe that person. just that i dont really fancy it, but if you were to visit and craving for it, sure, i could be a good host.

anyways, the pork, the babi, is crazy lots.. thus kena force to order extra rice to down the rest of the meat.

you see, the anology here is, vodka=the meat and the rice = the mixer. if you were to down the vodka only,of course u can, if, u r a good drinker, ibut if u r not, and prefer to lower down the strong taste of the vodka, u add the mixer right? maybe it be sprite,orange juice etc..

so there u go, to lower down the taste of the bak kut teh, add more rice!

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