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Thursday, August 14, 2008

crossed the line..

its was a really pissing off time. imagine someone who hardly know you come out to you and ask u to set ur priorities? well, guess that fella is lucky to get away without a F*** OFF.

first, i was on the flight to Manila i was asked, what else do i do in MMU. i say, kickboxing. i would understand if a club would want its member to stay around for a long run, BUT, do it the right way, not bad mouth about the other club, sigh... so i dont really talk much as i was the junior over there and i will be around them for weeks.

today, the girl, the dude who bad mouth's gf, come out to me and ask me to come to training, i explain that i have exam, and kickboxing. she still insisting. haih..

dear you,

am sorry if the land that you come from the people still live with cow, and probably never heard of the chinese saying that "hapiness wont come with force" , with is SO true. i mean, why would u do something and put your heart into that when you are forced to it right?

probably this IS the problem with your members leaving.you all think you all area very good at talking, thus u all try to play mind games and reverse phychology.. that probably works for those weak ones, yes, i've been listening to their complains. but, i won't and NEVER buy your game for a single bit. i wont feel bad. instead i wont feel anything. i hope tonight i've already sent the msg that yes i hope u know where is my priority are, and there is no need for you to lobby around for me to attend your training. my priority? my studies and if i've have to choose, i've choose kickboxing. the way you approach is never convincing anyways, mayb thats why you never break from the perliminary rounds.

and yes, i HAVE a life. am not the one saying.." i cant imagine my uni life without voices" , when someone says that, it not touching to hear for me personally, sorry, the soft and mushy-ness is out, and come in with the new bitterness. i think its shows how lifeless you are, get a lifee, there are more to do other than cling your life to the club.

i would prefer a president like alan, instead of kevin, i would prefer to follow someone like yi han rather than andrew. of course the odds on andrew to get a girl laid, and yi han is quiet, but what kinda of example is that? and of course i would prefer to listen to Kru's lame joke rather than listening to Tate barking.

so you've crossed the line, never ever asked me to set my priorities, especially you, probably the last person ever who qualified to tell that to me. get out of my face. and stop lobbying around.


malam ini...

test was screw up. badly. seriously. getting half mark is already like getting the full mark. went kickboxing. since nobody show up, karen was my partner.being moody, pissed off with that bitch that cling around for attendence, karen's sam pat-ness and sin yen's blur-ness does make me laugh a lil.something that i dono was putrajaya having its annual firework competition now according to sin yen. got wack in the head before that during exchanging of punches with karen, to the side of the eye, that explains my blur vision now and to the rib, was mostly my fault, i found myself dreaming. even when Anis, wanted me to show the demo, i was blur and forgotten the moves. mostly coz my mind was on the exam and probably eye was looking at elaine at the other side of the hall. don't get ideas. it just because she remind of cav. knowing cav took up body combat, which is similar to kick boxing after telling her my syok-ness during kickboxing class. and now at uni she also just joined the debate club.good thing she enjoyed it.

time to bathe, and probably sleep for the class tomorrow.. nite..

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