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Monday, August 11, 2008

tri-weekly summary..

past 2- 3 week summary. start with...

emo night @ putrajaya

great view, too bad for those of don't know much bout it

look @ the star..

beautiful night with the stars.. *emo emo*

off to cyberview lodge

with poolside view like this

the baby cant help to sleep


some just happy to play with dogs

some just having hard time feel bad for those dogs..

some just look like a jap

and some just go there to help out

suprise b'day

after complaining, since got lost on the way, about where bringing them and how they gonna eat durian for dinner... the first question they asked was... " wei, can show me the way here ar?" ahh... typical-ness. but its normal lah to want to bring a girl that u try to impress here. after all, they alredy at the age of dating..

sun set

sun setting

amar (b'day boy), sharean and ray

the same reaction AGAIN, "who's b'day lah?" - when the cake was out

wat a way to say goodnight with the "dragon breath"

so holiday start with me have to wake up at 4a.m to sent dad to the airport. no complains, because kinda get used to not sleeping at that time.

most of the holidays was wasted trying to do my lab report. and there is lunch with kim. no movies, holidays or nothing.

till 8 8 8, the olmpics games opening. God damn i was impressed.the culture and arts of the chinese. no wonder some of my frens like prae wanted to go there to learn the culture after grad.hands down, i was impressed by u chinese..

but that impression don seem ever lasting. because.. the next day, some f up CHINESE fella refuse to reverse, as he wanted the parking too.. this happen at ikea and giant, so i cant really blame Klang ppl, but both cases are chinese ppl. sigh.. wait ur turn will you?

perfect sat:

was awaken up by dad around 7ish.. and i slept at 4.. oh well, shall not complain because today gonna pray grandpa and uncle.well, for the past years during this time of the month, during the hungry ghost festival, there is this occasion called "chiew to" i dono if i get that right. pray yes i pray, this time buddist style, using josstick and all. yes, come of you hardcore methodist might have lots to say, probably dad too, but he didn't. some might say "u r a christian, not suppose to hold that", well, i would say... " f, u.. thats my grandpa and uncle, and as far as am concern, m doin this out of respect to both of them and am sure Jesus would forgive and understand"

probably the best roti kosong @ pandamaran, when u have 3 table and 6 fella making roti kosong ONLY!

after visiting "home"- mid v

opening ceremony...... to stay? or for the japs?

at night.. got a suprise visit form............




Yin Fung said...

i was impressed by u chinese..

wtf? sejak bila kau bukan cina???

julian said...

sejak chinaman start to spit around and the china aunty go and berebut buffet... shame...