If You Don't do it, You Don't Really Believe it. Some people spend their whole time searching for what's right, but they can't seem to find any time to practice it. Your life story is not written with a pen, but with your actions. To do nothing is the way to be nothing.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

talk talk talk

few weeks ago.....

mom: julian, why don u go pick up your guitar and continue to learnt where you left last time?

julian:see lah..

mom:since you are free on the weekends and fill your time

julian: see lah..


while buying gift....

julian: they got vacany here

mom: you want to work?!

suprise look...

julian: yea.. during my break or mayb on weekends too

mom:oh ok..

thiking what have gotten into her son and giving suprise look, while julian starting to count his egg before it hatches

mom: stop counting bout money lah... so no trip this hols?

julian:erm.. no, but there are this trip to taman negara

mom: why don u go? i'll pay for u

julian: thinking of working...


mom: you at home today? din go out ar? your siblings are all out..

jullian: nope..continue doin his assignment while mom thinking whats up

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

happy b'day malaysia

have you ever watch the TV advert where its says "selamat menyambut hari kemerdekaan" there lots out there, by pertonas Tm or what ever company lah. normally, the advert would reflect on how our forefathers struggle last time and shows what a great country we are in. i have to admit, these advert are really good to bring out the partrotism in us.

this is country is perfect except there are some flaws like

  • mat rempit

  • lala and ah bengs

  • parias

  • and some policy that are too sensitive to be discussed

  • kiasu

  • people who are NOT proud of their country due to too much of outside influence

  • those that condemn their own country( this is bad as it will brush to younger generation)

i did mention before that i would love to have a taste of life abraod but, that doesn't mean that i don love Malaysia, as i've tasted a few of culture around Malaysia, and i think i wanna a taste of foreign culture.

well, to Malaysia, i hopeour country will develop in prosper and it would bring back all those brilliant mind back home to serve our country, because we do need those mind to move foward.happy 50th birthday Malaysia..

kejar impianmu

segalanya dalam genggaman

walau apa pun tak kan menjadi halangan

hidup ini setia menanti

generasiku bersinar bagai mentari

jangan gentar mengejar mimpi

yakin berani percaya diri

jangan takut jatuh ke bumi

bingkas bangun melangkah lagi ke depan,

lari dan terbang menuju bintang

hanya kau saja yang bisa menentu

arah hidupmu

just like pills..

addiction. there are lots of kind of addiction too, there are good kinda addiction or the bad one. most people get addicted because, they try found joy in these other things, for example, people get addicted to alcohol mayb as a source to forget something that might cause unhappiness in their life, or cigarrattes, just to make themself feel good. mainly, people get addicted just to escape from stuff. and as they keep on doin it, like smoking, they got caught and its hard to quit. tho its not impossible, but its hard.
today, there lots of "escape" route used by your everyday friends, or neighbours, or family like designer drugs, porn, alcohol, or the famous ciggrrte. most people, hide all of this, because its something that its not very proud of doin. but still people do it, cause it make them feel good, or just get caught in the addiction trap. they hide, so public would accept them without being sceptical, judgemental.

but den again, if they don open up, how would the younger or newly addicted people, would know a way to run away from the addiction? its important to open up i guess,because we could help others, and those who really care about us, can understand us better and help us on the road to recovery. because, those who don judge, instead of helping u, its u r true frens, or family, and u need to cherish them, coz u know u can count on them anytime.

so yes i was addicted to something before,years ago. it still hunt me today, with so called frens labeling, or just give that look.tho they just speculate, yes deep down i know i did it. struggle i gone thur, sadly alone. as i am not an open person with my trouble. i try each and every way, spy tourturing ways, God, sports. in the end i realize i don have to push myself too hard, i'll just grow out of it. but yes, those are hard time for me. i decide to kick that habit away, as i realize i need some blessing from above and i wont get it unless i kick it away. its a way for me to reach out, to God. i mean, i rather have a lifetime of success and blessing instead of a short lived man made excitement. as i always am ambituous person and wanting to achieve a lot in life, i wont let 1 wrong turn to ruin it for me. tho in the process i did lose a LOT, my time, my grades,my esteem,my confidence,my focus,my way to success, so called frens. but i guess life it a harsh teacher.
sometimes we feel like we like to

Run just as fast as I can

To the middle of nowhere

To the middle of my frustrated fears

And I swear you're just like a pill

Stead of makin' me better,

you keep makin' me ill

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

God almighty

i watch the movie last weekend. well 1 think i learnt from the movie which is kinda true in our real life, is that, God wont give us what exactly what we wish for.

for example, if we pray for courage, God wont just give it to us. He would give us a chance to bring out the courage out of us. maybe some challenge that He would bring down for us to bring out the tiger in us

or mayb if we have broken with someone who don bother or care at all bout us, and wish for someone that cares, mayb that mr/ms caring met us, but mayb they care too much, its up to us to well, appreciate the caring that we wish for or just neglect or ignore, like the sayin goes, be careful what you wish for

in other words, God open the door for us, it just for us to grab hold of the oppurtunity that we have, and shall have NOT regret later on. as chances from above might come in various different way, so its for us to discover it.

hols... oh hols...

its been a while since the hols.. and soon i gonna have my holiday again. but this time, i hope to be working and earn myself this holiday.looking at those pics, make me think more bout it, what a wonderful time i had.if asked would i wan go back again? without a doubt i would love to do it again.as am known to take my 2nd chances. i would certainly do the hols differently.
street of insbrug

white river


0.95 euro

deliciously meat



1.50 euro

Monday, August 27, 2007

weekend weekends weekends

let c, i gave myself a friday off last week. so my weekend stretch from friday till monday, monday half day lah.. since i ada class.

as i arrived on Thursday, met up with Prem at the Lrt station, he din noticed me till i wack his head. heheehehe.. pick up mom and dad and off to Mv for some kenny rogers. and harvey norman for some furniture. not so bad lah, the japs style bedroom

so friday had lunch with Ashley, MY ashley.. hehehehe after her medical check up.after having a wonderful time.sent her back home..

on sat, woke up early early early, to sent dad to his office and had breakfast at good old tangling..after that go to pray grandpa, nobody was there, so its a bit scary.. after letting my shirt smell like smoke, off to mid v, as my mom and sister wanted to get their hair cut, as am bored, i walk around to find my sandal, and yes.. i ALMOST bought a croc!! after careful consideration, i end up with nothing. not gonna rush for it yet i guess.

on sunday, went to movie marathon.. watched ratatoule and even all might.. great show, lovely company by ash. how could i wish for a better day?and at night was watching the man u vs spurs match, tho it was rubbish in the opening 20minutes of the match, man u still got the victory, so tis all good, hopefully a start for a run at the title.

on monday, i went see my ashley who is feeling under the weather. feel great after meeting up with her.. and off to cyber with my monday blues and tons of ass-ign-ment to do..


this weekend also saw a lot of choices and decision are made and propose. next year would b crucial. the choice or new zealand or north america and the timing of both is also important to me as am awaiting for a certain plane from hetrow. a choice for me to get a job or study during my break is also important, as i either gamble for free tickets with my grades or earn my tickets with my sweat and blood. and the MAYB the chances of Ohio state UNi also looming and hanging in the balance.

chances, decision and choices...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

111 post..tonight

let see what happen tonight...

  • some of my fren went out with their bf and his parents to watch the international firework competition at putrajaya convention center
  • some went on their 1st date, or soon to be date
  • some probably eating with his family, thus satay plan is cancel
  • some enjoying their new laptop
  • some might be busy doin their job as a 10 gigawatt light bulb
  • some might be watchin chinese series on astro
  • some might be at the driving range
  • some might be having a meal with client
  • some might be calling their old mother, asking to come and stay with them

yup.. its kinda of a quiet night tonight. i just done packing my clothes, hopefully to be home tomorrow evening to my suprise to the my parents. again i arrange my notes according to their file. the place looks so tidy now. i should b studying later.. keep thinking bout ALL of the people that close to my heart, what they are doin. i do hope they are happy and in good company.

1day, someday, soon........ i will b joining them. like those day. yes that 1 sweet sweet day, where everyone is back and just a walk away or a car ride away. the day might come, or might not as people change... so here i am, with my finger crossed, hoping for the day.

Lord I know when I lay me down to sleep

You will always listen as I pray

And I know you're shining down on me from Heaven

Like so many friends we've lost along the way

And I know eventually we'll be together

One sweet day

what to do?

what would you do if, you have 2 frens, a boy and a girl but the guy did say somethin bad to you bout her after they fail to get 2gather, and yet she still treat him nicely, wanting to bid the last goodbye before she leave to furhter her studies. do you blow his "innocent" cover? or just see a lie right infront of your very eye? sigh.. dillema... destroy a friendship and been branded a jerk or do the right thing which is telling the truth

white trashers and we

foreigners... why we, take the bad things from them, we learnt the bad instead of the good. why we let them exploid us, our wealth, fortune, pride, dignity.

things like porn and prostitution for example, those mat salleh come in with their money, and due to the exchange rate, they would b like a king in our own land, and stupid foolish US, give in to them just for the dollar bill. with their HIGH sex drive, left our girls without any pride, dignity or any clothes. why must this happen? also there ARE some of our students abraod sell them self to all the white trash and niggers just for the bling and green.why?

there are lots of kids in south east asia, like in thailand or vietnam lose their mother to HIV, why? because they are poor and been force into the sex business. and also those high demand from the white trashes.

we also see this in our very own university or collages, where dumb girls that chasing for material in their life, "sell" themself to foreign students with lots of the black gold.is it worth it, losing yourself both literally and figuratively just for some LV, armani or a car?

we should take the good and reject the bad from the west espcially, mayb the culture is TOO open, where people would have sex in public, but WE as asian, sex is still a taboo subject and sometimes i feel that its a good thing. we should learn from people like Bill Gates or Oprah, instead learning how to get a boob job from pam lee or a sex tape from paris. wake up! its time for a change

umberalla-ela ela ela..

was speding whole nite listen to rhinnas umberella-ela ela ela... in rizal's car. we went to MV to dinner that nite. he picked me up from cyberia.which is about 15minutes from his place. nice fella i tell u. its NICE to find these kinda NICE people i tell u. met up with Wong siew pau, or its mae sau, and her singh bf, Chaman. and of coz, the one and only Ashleeee Chin join me. after a while to take them to decide WHAT to eat, if they let me choose i would say thoses yummy and SWEET, full of fat bacon would b ideal. but then again, we end up in lil Penang cafe. GOOoooooD food i tell u.(makes me hungry NOW!) Siew See can you C, joined us later

its nice to meet up with familiar ppl once again. tho i have to admit we are NOT close back when we are at high school, but den again, in the BB-ian spirit, we mingle quite well. no akward silent. full of laughter and crazy stuff. like always, nobody can decide what to do, and we end up standing in circle, looking those deliciously tall chocolate fountain. walk walk walk and laugh laugh laugh, doin some catch up, in the end, almost ALL the shop in MV closed except Mcd's and the cinema, though we did consider movie, but its kinda TOO late for rizal to go back, thus we are off to Devi's for some teh tarik. tho, HUSH kinda look interesting with the music and shinny light.hehehehhe

after some racing with Chaman's car to Siew C's house,me and rizal head back. its about 1240 when we left bangsar. and arrived at cyberjaya around 130 am. the chill of the night kinda freaky tho. strong winds and the month of ahem ahem... ghost.

so thats about it, a good nite, a lovely nite, a wonderful nite, and a crazy nite.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

budget airlines

talking bout budget airlines... sigh..


the new purpose of life is...............

thus, from now onwards, i would save all my money to go travel, no matter where it is, am sure there would b something unique bout each and every places in this HUGE world. no matter the place is as small as melaka, or as out skirt like the east coast, or as modern as europe.

am sure there is a point in each of your life, where we want something, but our parents wont buy it for us, thus we save and save all our pocket money to get that something.

for me, i used to want a playstation, so when i save enough money, play station 2 was released, thus i need to save more, by that time, playstation 3 was released, i gave up and settled for my pc game. there was a certain period too where i spend my money on clothes, tho it does sound a bit gay and all. and food.. my GOD those heavenly creation, created by the geniues, called chef. used to hunt around for GOooD food till some ppl always wanted long john silvers,, sigh...

but now am having the ugred to see the big blue globe. like how is takashimaya during christmas, tho its been a while since i went there, how is Japan during the sakura season, the european country during summer, and winter like in new york, does spring really bring the joy in your soul when you walk around the sydney harbour? does pegion moutain is really that beautiful? is paris really romantiC? is the "theather of dreams" really do bring dreams come true?

so many question i NEED all the answer, as they say u only live once.and again "life's a book, those who don travel only read a page".

"when u save enough, go travel!, the exciment when the plane landed will motivate u to work harder to have that sense of excitement again"- G.L OOI ex OOCL Gm- Bangladesh

Michelle Chong..

my lansi pose

Monday, August 20, 2007

the book of love

why do people get involve in a relationship? some get involve due to peer pressure, some get involve coz they love the idea of other people liking them, some are just desperate,some just wanna play with others heart, but for me, i get involve because i found the person that i care a LOT, and i belive that she would b a perfect soulmate for me. ,its just the feeling, the feeling that u get if u know a person for a LONG time. you don need to be close to know someone, you could observe them from far or could chose to approach them, but all of this takes time. "love takes time" - mariah carey

why people want a relationship? i don think if people "wants" it. it just come naturally due to the spark and attraction form both parties. it could b physical or inner beauty attraction, but that all depends on the individual. having a relationship, do have its up and down, but if its genuine, it could lift u higher and makes you achieve in life, its a some kinda brand new happiness that you cant acheive thru friendship or family love.

desperation could make people to do crazy stuff. i mean some would kill them self due to a fail relationship, some would fake pregnancy to sustain the relationship. i mean i know a school where almost all the guy and girl have been with each other, its like they mix and match, this is no hollywood! plus if we keep on exchanging partner, it kinda take the meaning out of the word, "i love u", which been thrown easily. i find that very shallow.

people try lots of way to get into a relationship, some would try so hard to approach a girl till they would hav fantasies bout the girl, and the girls on the other hand, would "sell" off their body, with constant flirting, or the winking of the eyes, that are sign of trying too hard or just plain cheap. some would b hostile to apply the " also long as she/he not married i still have chance" but do they ever think of the outcome? if u stole other people gf/bf its can happen to u too... its karma. what goes around comes around. but then again these are all people's opinion on things. nobody would learnt till it happens to them, i mean not only in relationship, it apply in real life too. because life really can b a harsh teacher for all of us.

now, am facing the greatest test of r resistance of all, the mother of all test, and also the grandfather of all test. Long distant relationship. its not gonna b easy. today i know 1 of my fren fails, tho am not sure what have happened, but its not really a vote of confidence. but then again, nobody decide a relationship, but the couple. its the relationship between 2 of God's creation, so only both of them could decide what would happen, what could happen and what might happen. so my decision is.......... to stick, stick with the one i love, coz i can really see a future with this wonderful girl. Ashley Chin Tien-ni

once my dad's fren who is a sea captain once said " in a boat, riding the wave is the most fun part" so i guess am riding this 3 years "wave" which is gonna b full of ups and down, till i reach my wonderful paradise of a destination, full with rainbow. an island paradise.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

a day of reflection

the ending of the weekday this week have been disastorus for me. especially friday, probably one of the worst day of my life. the worst exam in my life, was that night, i am never this NOT prepared to ANY exam in my life. at about the same time, she told me she is leaving. yes its a good thing that she leave in her education and future prospect, but... sigh..

so today, i decide to go and pray, after a miserable few days i had, mayb its time to pray. plus, its the time of the year that we go and pay respect in the loving memories of our loved one. i followed my mom and sister to go pray for my late grandfahter and uncle. tho they are buddist, and am christian, i don really mind, taking the joystick and pray a bit. i mean, am sure, God would understand that am doin it for the sake of my grandfather and uncle. its great to live in this country where there are lots of races, lots we can learn. tho some would discriminate other races, which is WRONG, tho some ppl, just deserve the discrimination. any hoo... i do feel a bit better after praying. after asking for guidance and blessing, my family and i, minus my brother who busy golfing, went to the EON showroom, to check out the new proton. it looks alright i guess, tho some of the interior kinda, not very the nice.and am suprise to learnt that the fuel consumtion of the car, which is 1.6 is way less than the MYvi, which is 1.3.

and yesterdaY, saturday, i went out to see my old frnes. tho they bugged me to go out during my hols... its a bit akward to hang with them again since its been a while since i see them, but to my suprise, we could still talk for hours, and another big suprise, one of them would stay near or at cyberia on 27th august.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

bite more than i can chew..

tick tock tick tock, my watch ticking. today, tonight, my fail theory exam.. no its not field theory, its fail theory. meant to fail. its HARD.. no matter how many time i read it, i still stuck.. but, most of the time i read it, my mind seems to fly away else where. its really a problem to focus when u got tons on u r mind.

i think i wanna eat more than i can chew. i have to many goals to approach. imagine a partical that have too many force acting on it.. or a paper where have too many hands pulling it.. in the end i realize that i don move at all.. stationary. stuck. i wish to narrow it down. but somehow it all seems important to me. its my battle against time. so many to do and that i wanted, but not enough time. sigh..

Wednesday, August 15, 2007



Tuesday, August 14, 2007

100th post!!.. OH..holiday.. where art thau...

the shadow of your smile

AM .................BACk!!!!!!!!!

AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!........................

Tho am very sleepy right now.... i guess i will go on and on and on bout my hols.. coz there will b a stupid exam on friday and nexy monday by MMU (mesti mau ujian). is really a pain. i still don get it with the exams and exams and ass-sign-ment.really kacau lah...

back to the hols.... first stop....

  • beserah, kuantan

yes its the holiday that everyone been waiting for.everyone as in those who went. some fight for it, some work hard for it, some just drag their butt for it. regardless how we go, we went there. there are 8 of us. ashley, me, vinod, nisha,sheu jeen, shaun, oazir and i wish i could forgotten, sithira.

its a really arkward holiday i first tot. coz i don really know MOST of them. but i guess after i let my guard down, and sceptism go.. its alright i guess. i mean its the beach, how ANYONE would not have fun at the beach. even if the main objective of the holiday is to spend some lovely time with my ashley, i guess at the same time i get to know MORE people. its the situation like life is a box of chocolate thing. lots of suprises. like i don expect to even be holiday-ing with certain people, but i guess how much things have change.

tho normally i would go to the beach to reflect myself,i mean with all the windy breeze of the sea, can b really relaxing, but this time its kinda noisy.i guess being open to certain kinda changes will do you good.as my love affair with the beach date way back since when i 1st went to a beach.. it still continue today

well back to the trip.its kinda a bit suprising with them. i mean they are like really really come from the city.to paint the picture, we had mamak twice!! all the way to kuantan for mamak? for me i guess i would b like them too IF i was brought up like them. but being at the east coast, which is kinda near to my home town, the place there kinda simliar to my area, the food, the people.

day 1:

went early and guess what i saw??!! mr chin sleeping in the couch, its mrs chin birthday that day too. but i guess she its too early for her to notice me i guess.so we went to shaun hse after picking up sheu jeen. off we go to pudu raya. fond memories i have of that place. where i took bus to melaka for a year. thing which i don wish to repeat. being typical puduraya, the black smoke fills up u r lungs and ppl harrast u for tickets.at 9, we board the bus, and off we are to kuantan.most of us are kinda quiet in the bus, till we reach karak, and the bus going at turtle pace, when some of us decide to laugh their butt off.we got a stern stare from the driver.lots of ppl sleep. so it kinda boring for me, its either they are sleeping or looking at trees and hills. till the bus was stopped by a JPJ, everyone got up. a few minutes later, we stop at the R&R center. we resume our journey to kuantan. there is saw, University malaysia pahang. no its not so grand or famous as other premier university, but there is where one of my fren at. aizat. too bad i don drive. or else i would drop by and sent my hi. we arrived, kuatan around 2. no its not a metropitan city like KL. there is no huge malls or restaurant. most of the restaurant are all family run, and there are small stalls selling keropok or goreng pisang and all other of their local delicacy.it does look interesting tho.. even if it don look hygenic, but since when good food are fancy and healthy rite? we ate a&w for lunch.

we took the cab to our hotel. tho its not what am expected, but the place was alright. tho i have to admit its kinda give me the spook. we settle down a bit. unpack and rest a bit after the long hours on the bus. after that, we head off to the beach.played a bit in the sand. the current at th beaech was kinda strong i have to say. there even red flags to indicate if its safe to swim. after tired day, we decide to go dinner, after a long day. we go to this place acall alif, a mamak stall. had a cold nasi bryiani, which was heated up by micorwave oven. not satisfied, me and the guys decide to go for burger castello.its basically ramli burger lah... tho i have to say its GOOood. i mean its ramli burger.. its always good. we ran, and sang christmas song( don ask me why). as it was raining. luckly the rain was just a while so all of us went back and talk and play some card. tho the topic of the conversation is kinda interesting... the girls asked the guy questions that they cant and don dare to ask any other guy. we played card, tho its get boring after a while. and burn marshmellow with candle!! we kinda look like some drug addict with the candle.

am out!

day 2:
everyone woke up around 10? by the time we arrived to the buffet area, most of the food kinda gone. but we make most out of what we got. i found that most of them like old people, coffee addict! anyhoo.. we went back to the room after breakfast, as some of us need to crap, yes need to shit. went to sleep at the seat by the beach while enjoying the breeze, walk a bit by the beach, under the hot afternoon sun. i was a bit dizzy. when lunch time, its hard for us to get food, we tried the restaurant that was reconmmended by some guy who wanted to offer us outdoor activites, but they are not open for business. thus, alif again... the scorhing heat and hot sun apparently take the toll out of some of us. headache,sleepy, moody are some of the reaction. things are a bit better after lunch. but sadly nisha got allergy and her eyes was swollen. and vinod have to bring her to the doctor. the beach is caling my name, its my time. the david hasselholf inspired run by the beach and the dive breaking the wave was wonderful.too bad nobody wanna get burried.

pond outside the room
i went to return the towels as the rest getting ready for dinner.. so i decide to take a lil walk alone to the beach. i was hoping to catch the sun set, but sadly, tis on the opposite side... so there i was seating of a log, making a wish while some tourist go on a horse ride.i do hope my wish would come true. at that moment when the cold breeze from the sea blowing my face, and the and sand that goes thru between my toes... yes thats the moment when u feel u r alive.
we went to this restaurant called yala. they basically serve thai food..and there where we met

miow miow the pussy..

as we return to our room, its obvious all the excietment making everyone exhausted. slept very early tat nite around 10?
day 3:
the last day.. a bit heavy hearted to leave but i guess all good thing must come to an end. the hotel kinda generous with their breakfst this time, since they don have the buffet no more, we can order ala carte. after packing, amd checking out, we decide to go to the beach to pass our time, since the bus at 6. the girls was writting some messege and putting it in a bottle..
lee sheu jeen the type writer
its coz all of them are leaving to further their studies, so they wil b in different part of the world. so its kinda a sad thing.. we also decide to go on our final lap on the beach. before going back, snap some pic too...

summer breeze

toes to toes and hand to hand

if picture wasn't perfect, i dono what is

hold tight!!! when u say forever, i belive

thats all folks... wish u were here

Thursday, August 2, 2007

mid term break.

announcement *ahem ahem*

due to my itchy hands, so i deleted on of my draft post. so this shall b offically my 99th post.


so today is the last day before the 1 week mid term break.. thing this morning is fine.. i finished my Ck2 experiment, in just about 1 and a half hour? but due to my urge of goin back.. i went back withouot getting my 2 marks.. (damn!!) i din go consult the lecturer, for on spot evaluation. and by the time i realize that, its TOooooooooo late. now am waiting for all the monkeys to get their stuff ready before heading to Cineleisure for my much anticipated movie..

z simpson......

cant belive am watching it with them... tho there is NOTHING wrong watchin with them. it just.. nvm.. anyways how do i start my hols weekend.........? herm.. interesting question.

  • to many suprise.. am NOT going to PD tomorrow anymore. cancelled the trip.. instead i will b...............

packing my files and notes to study tomorrow on a SATURDAY!!!!!! damn sad rite? especially the first day of hols.. so will my SUNDAY.... boy how "happening" is my break is.. while i know some of my frens would b.......

  • eating for hours at seoul garden buffet
  • goin to the Kukup Island trip
  • studying at kedah ( no not yee kean)
  • goin back to their home town
  • playing futsal
  • having some holy meal
  • celebrating their 3rd year anni


oh well... since the monkeys are almost ready, i guess i would be getting ready my notes and make sure my room in a tip top condition. this is the first time am goin out with them around KL. so i guess i need to be a good host. even tho my knee cap is hurting and my stomach is growling....

till then, happy holidays everyone. hope you'll have a GREAT time, let it b with ur frens or u r family. its time for all of u to tighten the bond with all of them as most of us here in MMU, don't stay at home with our family. of course there will b a conflict of interest, as we are used to do what ever we like, such as go out at what ever time, or bathe at what ever time, guess thing will b different at home, my advice is to be patient. thing of ALL the good home cook meals! God bless!! goodbye room.. hello books and astro.

quote of the day.. " today won't come again tomorrow, grab all the chances you have today!!"