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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


the new purpose of life is...............

thus, from now onwards, i would save all my money to go travel, no matter where it is, am sure there would b something unique bout each and every places in this HUGE world. no matter the place is as small as melaka, or as out skirt like the east coast, or as modern as europe.

am sure there is a point in each of your life, where we want something, but our parents wont buy it for us, thus we save and save all our pocket money to get that something.

for me, i used to want a playstation, so when i save enough money, play station 2 was released, thus i need to save more, by that time, playstation 3 was released, i gave up and settled for my pc game. there was a certain period too where i spend my money on clothes, tho it does sound a bit gay and all. and food.. my GOD those heavenly creation, created by the geniues, called chef. used to hunt around for GOooD food till some ppl always wanted long john silvers,, sigh...

but now am having the ugred to see the big blue globe. like how is takashimaya during christmas, tho its been a while since i went there, how is Japan during the sakura season, the european country during summer, and winter like in new york, does spring really bring the joy in your soul when you walk around the sydney harbour? does pegion moutain is really that beautiful? is paris really romantiC? is the "theather of dreams" really do bring dreams come true?

so many question i NEED all the answer, as they say u only live once.and again "life's a book, those who don travel only read a page".

"when u save enough, go travel!, the exciment when the plane landed will motivate u to work harder to have that sense of excitement again"- G.L OOI ex OOCL Gm- Bangladesh

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