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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

white trashers and we

foreigners... why we, take the bad things from them, we learnt the bad instead of the good. why we let them exploid us, our wealth, fortune, pride, dignity.

things like porn and prostitution for example, those mat salleh come in with their money, and due to the exchange rate, they would b like a king in our own land, and stupid foolish US, give in to them just for the dollar bill. with their HIGH sex drive, left our girls without any pride, dignity or any clothes. why must this happen? also there ARE some of our students abraod sell them self to all the white trash and niggers just for the bling and green.why?

there are lots of kids in south east asia, like in thailand or vietnam lose their mother to HIV, why? because they are poor and been force into the sex business. and also those high demand from the white trashes.

we also see this in our very own university or collages, where dumb girls that chasing for material in their life, "sell" themself to foreign students with lots of the black gold.is it worth it, losing yourself both literally and figuratively just for some LV, armani or a car?

we should take the good and reject the bad from the west espcially, mayb the culture is TOO open, where people would have sex in public, but WE as asian, sex is still a taboo subject and sometimes i feel that its a good thing. we should learn from people like Bill Gates or Oprah, instead learning how to get a boob job from pam lee or a sex tape from paris. wake up! its time for a change

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