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Thursday, August 30, 2007

talk talk talk

few weeks ago.....

mom: julian, why don u go pick up your guitar and continue to learnt where you left last time?

julian:see lah..

mom:since you are free on the weekends and fill your time

julian: see lah..


while buying gift....

julian: they got vacany here

mom: you want to work?!

suprise look...

julian: yea.. during my break or mayb on weekends too

mom:oh ok..

thiking what have gotten into her son and giving suprise look, while julian starting to count his egg before it hatches

mom: stop counting bout money lah... so no trip this hols?

julian:erm.. no, but there are this trip to taman negara

mom: why don u go? i'll pay for u

julian: thinking of working...


mom: you at home today? din go out ar? your siblings are all out..

jullian: nope..continue doin his assignment while mom thinking whats up


shlee88 said...

i like this post. very funny :D i love u

julian said...

funny meh? i love u too..