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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

hols... oh hols...

its been a while since the hols.. and soon i gonna have my holiday again. but this time, i hope to be working and earn myself this holiday.looking at those pics, make me think more bout it, what a wonderful time i had.if asked would i wan go back again? without a doubt i would love to do it again.as am known to take my 2nd chances. i would certainly do the hols differently.
street of insbrug

white river


0.95 euro

deliciously meat



1.50 euro


~Yin Fung~ said...

patutlah u spell nanas as Ananas... icic. 1.5 eu... here can get it at rm1.5 oni lah. ppl frm bkt ktl canot aford u bangsar's high end living... =p.

Show me the rm2.5 maggi goreng!

julian said...

mr.phua dono nuts lah... its just a normal place where everyone live lah.. nothing great, except for the people are extra nice, not like bukit katil. high end living is a bull..

~Yin Fung~ said...

ppl are extra nice thr??? tat's a real bull

julian said...

c u din know the people there YET, extra nice. tho there are some are just pest. but certainly nicer than those attention seeking, or those kecik hati ppl u see at MMU.