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Saturday, August 18, 2007

a day of reflection

the ending of the weekday this week have been disastorus for me. especially friday, probably one of the worst day of my life. the worst exam in my life, was that night, i am never this NOT prepared to ANY exam in my life. at about the same time, she told me she is leaving. yes its a good thing that she leave in her education and future prospect, but... sigh..

so today, i decide to go and pray, after a miserable few days i had, mayb its time to pray. plus, its the time of the year that we go and pay respect in the loving memories of our loved one. i followed my mom and sister to go pray for my late grandfahter and uncle. tho they are buddist, and am christian, i don really mind, taking the joystick and pray a bit. i mean, am sure, God would understand that am doin it for the sake of my grandfather and uncle. its great to live in this country where there are lots of races, lots we can learn. tho some would discriminate other races, which is WRONG, tho some ppl, just deserve the discrimination. any hoo... i do feel a bit better after praying. after asking for guidance and blessing, my family and i, minus my brother who busy golfing, went to the EON showroom, to check out the new proton. it looks alright i guess, tho some of the interior kinda, not very the nice.and am suprise to learnt that the fuel consumtion of the car, which is 1.6 is way less than the MYvi, which is 1.3.

and yesterdaY, saturday, i went out to see my old frnes. tho they bugged me to go out during my hols... its a bit akward to hang with them again since its been a while since i see them, but to my suprise, we could still talk for hours, and another big suprise, one of them would stay near or at cyberia on 27th august.


Wai Luen said...

u pray with a joss stick.. play with a joystick..lol

julian said...

pray to sex god use joystick lol.. kidding la... dono how 2 spell, my bad