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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

whats a blog

announcement: *cough cough*

a blog is someone own personal space. yes IF u read the papers, the government have urged bloggers to be careful about what they blog about. i do agree with. as some rumours might cost unrest. its good to have such a concern government.

anyways my blog is my space to express myself or to update my frens whats been happening with me. yes its easy to find anybody's blog add these days. just google for it. thus, just type my name and i bet you could find it. since its MY page.. am free to post up anything i wan, i feel. am sure ANYONE would sometimes feel sad.. angry sometime along the way. i mean this is feeling. if u tell me, u don have all that before. i really feel sorry for u because, its SAD thing that u cant feel. in other words, u don have ANY heart. which will make u as a failure as a person.

as i grow older each day. i prefer to express my feeling. no matter i feel down the drain or up in the heavenly sky. for me its a good thing that if u can express yourself. one of my way is thru this blog. and IF anybody wanted to poke fun, or judge me on how i feel.. well, than i guess.. you are not a fren. or u don exist in my dictionary of life. to be frank, u are NOT welcome HERE. of course i could change my address or create new account. but i don wan to trouble all my frens.so if u know who u are, pls.....stop viewing my blog, OR if u r intelligent level is THAT low..... in u r level language, GET LOST!!!!

this will b my last post till i b back from my trip to the east coast. coz i wanted to reserved my 100th post for about the trip. first of all... am taking a break from my studies. having exam tomorrow nite. i try to b more focus this time.. am not taking my chances. last nite, i asked the Holy spirit from guidance. guide me thru my hard times. guess, thats what happened today. this what i been doin

got my pod to teman me if am sleepy.. the nasi lemak that i ta pau from breakfast... its for lunch, i guess it will cost me time if u go to campus and get my lunch. since my time is limited. guess i have to settle for this.. and its not so romantic, 1 bite 1 calculation. and of course.. good old H2O to keep my body cool. yes i really wan my grade.


and today was a good fren of mine birthday. Amar Zul-nescafe and also son of Sambal..

the poser himself....

he is the one that gonna get me out of trouble from the law..










MY first book from the library that i have borrowed. i just feel really NOT organise with my notes and my study time.. thus.. this good is good for u, who having the same prob. its about RM55 in Kinokunya

nite of disappointment...

the nights end.. some might have some fun celebrating a mini freedom since 2 papers are down.. some might having fun with their frens.. mamak, movies, clubbin?

yes... i sound like a sad child now. heck coz i am.. my apologies to all the dear readers bout my "fook" post..coz at that time i was really really pissed about some low life.. i cant see the bigger picture that time that my exam is MORE important than some low life. i got lost.cought up. and heck, it did cost me dearly for my exams. all my compuse got lost in just a split of a second of raging anger and madness. my mind control failed. i failed to be the "bigger" person, the mature one. how could i let my anger get the better of me at such a crucial time. such simple questions already in my preparation kit. but i lost my concentration. and so i lost my 15% of my finals. other than that i lost my right hand too... my knuckles been bugging me when i doin my writting.. a nite i really really wish to forget.. and a month full with misery and trouble that i wanted to forget soon. could i forget it? do i have enough of will power to forget it? mayb things would change coz of this stupid month. coz i cant carve my "honry" smile anymore. not now... mayb not ever...no thanks to this duff month


as teens.. we grow up finding for who we are, or who we want to be. but sometimes.. we got lost for who we want to be, or who the environment wants us to be. or who our parents want us to be. or peer pressure.. so many factors can play a role. a role of frens too can b a factor.

Look at me
You may think you see who I really am
But you'll never know me
But somehowI will show the world
Whats inside my heart
And be loved for who I am
sometimes its disappointing when you are misunderstood.when u r caring turns into rage and when concern turns into over obssesion..


i rarely curse but.. i just cant tell this to the fella straight right to the face coz i would get arrested so............

fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck u u u u u u u u bastard. you r so ugly, the doctor probably slap u r mama when u was born. so fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck u u u u u u... your wife probably cant satisfied u. so go to chow kit and get some whore will u???bastard child.

Monday, July 30, 2007


i know shows like the top model really had an effect on people, especially girls.. peeer pressure and all.till girls even check out another girls on friendster and on the street too . till and read a blog from a fren of mine... check it out..


Saturday, July 28, 2007

leaving on a jet plane

emptyness of nothiness

leaving is a HARD thing to do. its HARD for the person that is leaving and its also hard for the person that cares for the person that is leaving. it can be your fren, your best fren, your girfren/boyfren and your family member. or just someone that u know, can b said a hi/bye fren. so next time, if you about to sent someone to the airport, bus station or train station... don say goodbye, just say.. see you later.

goodbye can mean that, you wont see that person ever AGAIN.sometimes, people just leave without telling. mayb it is because of emergency, the rush, or just forgotten all bout u because you are not close to them.

time is closing in.i mean for those who will leave overseas to further their studies.. the time is come closer and closer. between the 6 month period. almost ALL will b gone. fly just like the aeroplane that i see everyday.some might come back, others might decide to settle down there. and thats it. the full stop.you lost a fren.

gloating...(excuse me)

how often do u see somethin that you wrote published in the national papers?its something to be proud of... and excuse me for gloating or booasting.. but am just bored from the exam preparation...toodles..

father and son

one day, a son asked his dad
daddy,when i graduate can I control Penang branch?
and the dad tell his son
(to be continue........ in years)



product of GOOD educational system

a table with chinese,indian and malay

getting along with other races

faces of Malaysia = united

no probs with machas

being one

different races too can b good buddies

smile and b Malaysian

feel the love?

again i have no prob with macha's

the "negaraku" song have cought my attention recently when i tot the song is like some song that to promote the country during our 50th year of indendent and for visit Malaysia year, apparently the tune and tone is the total opposite from the words. it is made by some chinese dude that is apparently have some issues. now he is running away to Taiwan to save his butt. you can see his video on U-tube find "negaraku" or "jangan sue saya.. saya tak ada duit.." something like that. anyways its in mandrin.

back to this butt hole.. why cant he just b glad that we are living in Malaysia? a country, with HUGE potiential economically, peaceful, and harmony? i don get it... what else does he want?

of course there are rules and priorities. of coz the bumiputera have been priorities, by my fren, i bet u get 0% for your history, or did u ever go to school ? our leaders fought hard for our independent so we could leave and walk in the street feeling secure, yes of course there are some idiot called snacth thive, but am sure u rahter walk in the street today, rather than those old days where the japanese would chop u r head or rape u if u r a chic. so to LET us NOT to forget all the sacrifice they have done, the education minister actually introduce the subject history for US, the next generation to learnt from the past and NOT repeat it.

So butt hole, the butt hole is refering to the chinese dude who make the video if u r lost. go read u r history book. be a man and take responsibilty for your action. THINK THINK THINK, your action could cause unrest in the country. and MAY 13 could happen again. do u wan your frens, brothers, sisters, cousin lost their life because of u r stupid video?i don think you could afford to carry the responsibility. nobody could.when life are involve. or if u try to b funny, its not funny at all, when u could cause and unrest in the country.

solution for the butthole

  • IF u don like malaysia, migrate to other country.change u r nationality. but remember, once u change it, u wont get malaysia nationality back

  • come back to Malaysia, instead of hiding like a coward and be a MAN, and face the music. once u r freed, or IF u r freed, move out of the country.Malaysia could do without ppl like u

  • try appriciate what u have over here. or if u really think this place suck, than go to emegration office, at putrajaya or pusat bandar damansara and apply a passport to shift out, or u could go to Jalan Duta or Jalan ampang,there are plenty of embessies there. c IF they wan to give u their citizenship. i mean, a liability like u.

some might wonder why i sound some pissed with this dude, the reason is, he have no right to condemn other races and call them lazy. i mean there are some of u r own races too are lazy man.. c'mon.. look at u r backyard 1st. no races are perfect. am sure there are some black sheep. i mean, murderes are all from races, and so do ceo's too..so what u bising about? and arent we suppose to respect other religion? i mean, its everyone right to pray, why do u think its a "morning call" when the mosque pray in the morning, you too burn those joystick. i mean living in a multi racial country, we sould give and take instead of being narrow minded selfish butthole

its ashame for me, to be a chinese with this kinda butt hole. why cant be more people b like Tun Ling Leong Sik? i mean, people like him make me proud to be a chinese. he actually contribute to the community. isnt that good?

i have to admit i have some issues too with cross racial married and with some people of the other races and also my own races.. but its NOT about the races issue, its how the potray and project them self.. if they being an ass and annoying.. well, wont b suprise if i have an issue rite? wont anyone?

Friday, July 27, 2007

the northen coridor

can this transform Penang to.....


i alaways belive it would happen. i got a feeling that it would happen.but somehow others see it too. am talkin bout penang. the first time i took the ferry i was wondering, " hey, why don the government change the state to a metropolitan like Hong Kong, or better still, New York"

all of them got some similirities like

  • all of it got island.

  • bridge

  • a very important port as an economy recourses

  • industrial area

  • tourist attraction

  • good food??

Penang have a very Good potiental to be the next big thing other than the already over developed KL. than the news is out about Ird (iskandar development region) in Johor. although its good for the people down south, am still wondering why not penang. till in a day in september the Prime minister annouce that Penang will get its own monorail system. then all the good news come to the northen region

  • the extension of the komuter service from Perak to Penang

  • the double track project is back on after years of delay, that will assure a more efficient and faster train service. and hopefully in the near future, we will have our own eurostar. tho KTM is looking at some of those fast train to purchased

  • finally the Master Plan of the Northern region development have been anonounce, where 4 states are involve, Perak Penang, Perlis and Kedah.

  • with argriculture as the core of the development in Kedah and Perlis and yesterday was the lunch of the Seed center, the 1 of its kind in the country. its a research center to produce better quality seed for our farmers to improve their life style at LEAST being them out of the poor state.

  • the government too cut some of the red tape so could attaract foreign investor to penang industrial area

  • the extension of the Perak airport and the Bayan Lepas international airport to also make some promise.

  • the introuduction of rapid Penang. make it easier and more efficient for travelers and local to travel around penang

  • the booming of the real estate prices at Penang even when nothing is build yet also make it sound like there lots and lots of promises

  • the building of penang 2nd bridge also open another industrial region in the butterworth side, and with the cooperation with China.. am sure there are lots of Chinese investor would b delighted to tap in our market

  • the new development project after the relocation of the old penang turf club.

things are really looking up for the country, with the nothern region and down south with the Ird. the thing that concern me is, with the rapid deve;opment, i hope all the states don lose their true identity.. like the gurney drive, line clear's nasi kandar, or the peaceful serenity of the paddy field in Kedah and Perlis, or the temple in Ipoh.

happy 6th month

a promise, all the way from kristalwalten
last friday dinner..

roses.. she likey

so today will be offically am with Ashley chin. something that am not shy or afraid to say.mayb for the fact that i very lucky to have her. the past 6th months have been a roller coaster ride, full with ups and down. but mostly ups. she have been my pillar. literally too. as the past 6 month have been really difficult for me. she have seen it all.

how can we really tell its love? that is very intersting question. i mean am sure it pops up to every couple's mind. its not just as simple as saying ' i love u' i mean that word's value seems to b lower and lower as lots of people just throw the word easily. am also still not sure what love is.. but i hope and i know am learning it together hand in hand with her now.being in love is NOT always make u feel like u can walk in the air. coz there are times that you argue, or have misunderstanding. but in the end of the day i guess how we works things out indicate that we still care bout each other despite of all the arguement.problems can b discuss and work out, just that both party need to b willingly open their heart and solve the prob.

i tot i know ALL of her.. but i gues still there is a LONG way to go. mayb this is just the start of our journey.mayb 6th month is a short time to know everything bout someone that u wan to spend u r life with.so i guess we gonna learn bout each other each and every step along the way, if we wanna walk thru the road of life together. although sometimes it could b very frustrating as need to adapt to changes and am a NOT so patient person.. but i guess.. with a lil bit time and patient, i could change all that, i hope.

soon she will leave i suppose. to further her studies. but all depend on her results, which i really honestly think it wont b a prob. it will b HARD on me. i wont b suprise. i wan to be ready for it.. but i dono how. i guess we will work it out when the time come.hard fact and emotionally tribulance time will b.

today i cant be there with her to celebrate it. even if we celebrate it last friday,but i guess i gonna make it up during next next friday cherating trip.hope i can.

if i could describe the 6th month journey, i shall say its magical. am in it for the LONG run.. so i gonna love u till the end. am gonna be around..

random rambling

does looks and all really important? mayb it does sometimes but NOT most of the time. when u dress up nicely, and the definition of nicely is NOT lala or rapper wannabies which makes u look like a ahem... excuse me... but the word is paria. seriously, how u expect a company to hire u if u go into an interview with piercing covering u r face? maybe am being conservative, but back to reality, we malaysian try to copy others fashion like the chinese ppl love to try their harderst to copy their japanese counterpart and those so called skin head ppl try to b all gothic and punk and not to left out, not to be all racial here, the indian tend to copy their rapping idols. its NOT only our dressing, even our musics and the way we act we try to copy what the tv and mags like..

i mean, why cant we be like ouor dear neighbour indonesia? even if sometimes their country have unrest.. but heck, the people there still united. look at how pack is their stadium when their country play in the asian cup and how much space our own world class bukit jalil have? even their music is indonesian which rings in our head.. for example songs like "mungkin nanti" or "pupus" or mayb in the golden days singers like borey marantika used to grace the music.

back to the topic of dressing. erm.. how should i put this? something thats NOT original is NOT up to the standard mayb? for example... if u go to mid V top floor, where all the so called skin head with their wind breaker and tight tight jeans trying to b all punk and gothic... they just look dumb and stupid for me. but when i went abroad when a real punk sat beside me at the railway station, the chill is there. i mean, their face are really reallly pale, all its like real. just like how we saw it in the internet and tv.

in campus here, i don feel the urge of dress up or try to look good or anything. i will b all "selekeh" as possible. when i look around some are just trying TOO hard or some just don try at all. it just the surrounding i suppose. thus... i could go to class even without combing my hair in my shorts and sandals. this is BAD. once i heard an add says " when u look good, u feel good" i kinda agree with that slogan. in conclusion, i would just let my hair b like kok jin- coconut.

word of the day... "butthole" - eric cartman

Thursday, July 26, 2007


mr.gan in action

me n the creator of "sound of music"

ever since am listening to the "greese" ost.. i been thinking bout all the musical play i've been to. over the year. tho its NOT so much but it did have good time and company everytime i go to musical, where everyone dress up nicely and just NICE..

  1. 1st one was some charity event for the orphanage or disable kids.. cant really remember as its been LONG ago.. but i remembered its at shah alam

  2. the 2nd show was a special one, i went with my goodmate, amar. it was riverdance. irish dance show.. it was superb show even tho we almost get into trouble with the security, but its all good. and it was around christmas. so both of us are in the mood.. the holiday mood and in spirit of giving. he treat me to the show.

  3. than the "saturday nite fever" come to town.. me and my family went. and this time got those nice seats.. and in the end of the show everyone jive and have a great time

  4. this time, went to disney on ice. remembered it almost exactly.it was 3rd of december.. and my mom suddenly rush me and my sister to get the ticket at the bangsar actor's studio for that nite's show. i was thinkin it was my b'day gift. the show ended late.. so we go supper around 12 and i got this special sms from someone who is half way across the world in UK wishin me happy b'day with the temperature mayb below 0?

  5. the same year also went to see hema and her traditional indian dance. it suppose to b some indian myth thing. tho i don understand the show. still i know its very hard to pull off those fancy moves and just go there to support my dear fren with all the other frens. thats the nite that we shuf 9 ppl or so in a wira.. and that fatty dharmik was on me in the front seat...

  6. last year erm... din go much mayb just a lil one to go c brana's play with raja dharmik dena and all at the KLpac.

  7. mayb this year one is mayb the best? coz mayb we got the dinner and the musical play and its at salzbrug. the home of the von trapped family make it much more special. and being able to meet the creator of the world famous " sound of music" make it much more special. live music and the cast just inches ok mayb just a few feet away from u and that wonderful dinner make it great i suppose.

street photography

this is some of the pic that i took during my hols in europe.. some street photography craving...enjoy.