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Thursday, July 26, 2007


mr.gan in action

me n the creator of "sound of music"

ever since am listening to the "greese" ost.. i been thinking bout all the musical play i've been to. over the year. tho its NOT so much but it did have good time and company everytime i go to musical, where everyone dress up nicely and just NICE..

  1. 1st one was some charity event for the orphanage or disable kids.. cant really remember as its been LONG ago.. but i remembered its at shah alam

  2. the 2nd show was a special one, i went with my goodmate, amar. it was riverdance. irish dance show.. it was superb show even tho we almost get into trouble with the security, but its all good. and it was around christmas. so both of us are in the mood.. the holiday mood and in spirit of giving. he treat me to the show.

  3. than the "saturday nite fever" come to town.. me and my family went. and this time got those nice seats.. and in the end of the show everyone jive and have a great time

  4. this time, went to disney on ice. remembered it almost exactly.it was 3rd of december.. and my mom suddenly rush me and my sister to get the ticket at the bangsar actor's studio for that nite's show. i was thinkin it was my b'day gift. the show ended late.. so we go supper around 12 and i got this special sms from someone who is half way across the world in UK wishin me happy b'day with the temperature mayb below 0?

  5. the same year also went to see hema and her traditional indian dance. it suppose to b some indian myth thing. tho i don understand the show. still i know its very hard to pull off those fancy moves and just go there to support my dear fren with all the other frens. thats the nite that we shuf 9 ppl or so in a wira.. and that fatty dharmik was on me in the front seat...

  6. last year erm... din go much mayb just a lil one to go c brana's play with raja dharmik dena and all at the KLpac.

  7. mayb this year one is mayb the best? coz mayb we got the dinner and the musical play and its at salzbrug. the home of the von trapped family make it much more special. and being able to meet the creator of the world famous " sound of music" make it much more special. live music and the cast just inches ok mayb just a few feet away from u and that wonderful dinner make it great i suppose.

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