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Friday, July 27, 2007

random rambling

does looks and all really important? mayb it does sometimes but NOT most of the time. when u dress up nicely, and the definition of nicely is NOT lala or rapper wannabies which makes u look like a ahem... excuse me... but the word is paria. seriously, how u expect a company to hire u if u go into an interview with piercing covering u r face? maybe am being conservative, but back to reality, we malaysian try to copy others fashion like the chinese ppl love to try their harderst to copy their japanese counterpart and those so called skin head ppl try to b all gothic and punk and not to left out, not to be all racial here, the indian tend to copy their rapping idols. its NOT only our dressing, even our musics and the way we act we try to copy what the tv and mags like..

i mean, why cant we be like ouor dear neighbour indonesia? even if sometimes their country have unrest.. but heck, the people there still united. look at how pack is their stadium when their country play in the asian cup and how much space our own world class bukit jalil have? even their music is indonesian which rings in our head.. for example songs like "mungkin nanti" or "pupus" or mayb in the golden days singers like borey marantika used to grace the music.

back to the topic of dressing. erm.. how should i put this? something thats NOT original is NOT up to the standard mayb? for example... if u go to mid V top floor, where all the so called skin head with their wind breaker and tight tight jeans trying to b all punk and gothic... they just look dumb and stupid for me. but when i went abroad when a real punk sat beside me at the railway station, the chill is there. i mean, their face are really reallly pale, all its like real. just like how we saw it in the internet and tv.

in campus here, i don feel the urge of dress up or try to look good or anything. i will b all "selekeh" as possible. when i look around some are just trying TOO hard or some just don try at all. it just the surrounding i suppose. thus... i could go to class even without combing my hair in my shorts and sandals. this is BAD. once i heard an add says " when u look good, u feel good" i kinda agree with that slogan. in conclusion, i would just let my hair b like kok jin- coconut.

word of the day... "butthole" - eric cartman

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