If You Don't do it, You Don't Really Believe it. Some people spend their whole time searching for what's right, but they can't seem to find any time to practice it. Your life story is not written with a pen, but with your actions. To do nothing is the way to be nothing.

Thursday, December 31, 2009


5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!  *pow boom boom pow* no its not the black eye peas, the sound of the fireworks, goes off. we bid farewell to 2009 and welcome 2010. Should I be excited? moderately optimistic? super hyped up? Another year means another year have pass by, and we grow older by a year. Personally I love the carefree, immature life of a child. No worries, no commitment, no responsibilities.The date says, am officially 21 but still don feel or act like one yet. Still finding my feet,grasping all that jazz with responsibilities and being adult.

As a child I remember I cant wait to grow up, because when I grow up, I would have more money to buy Lego, instead of need to beg my parents to get me my lego. Few years on... when my allowance is increased, yet the last lego i bought was for my small cousin for christmas a few years back. Receiving a lego set this year for my birthday gift does make me flash back to my childhood. Too bad with finals exam, I cant build my latest model for my collection.

At the same time, am searchin for a place to do my industrial training. the first step in stepping into working life. such contradiction rite?

A very old  experience lady who just know me, advise me to make my heart and head in sync, because its so divided. I think its very true. Maybe its a test for me,to be stern in making my choices. sometimes lack of choices is a problem, but too many choices also brings problem too.

How do you describe your 2009?

The saying goes, " its not how u start, its how u finish it" 

Real life example can be living proof for example,

  • one team can go behind at the first half of a match, but still can win it at the end.
  • some might not have a higher education but still can be a success in life, Bill Gates, David B
  • You might skip the foreplay, but still give her orgasm
So how I really spend my last day of 2009? I decided to stay in this time. Jams, crowds, crazy revelers, is just probably not my forte this time. Although some might find it hard to belive, as they have the impression that am some wild club hopping dude.

Apart from that, I spend a lot of time with my brother ever since I came back from MMU. the kind of bonding that is very rare ever since he step into uni, and that was 7 years ago. Its a really nice change from the post-christmas situation that I am in which is very not the nice.

Lots of those new year sms says "leave all the 2009 prob behind as we embrace the new year" but sometimes the prob will follow u till the new year or even ur next life.But thinking of its nothing I could do anymore until the result is out, the power is not in my hand, thus I decide to join the Hatyai trip next week, to at least try to get my mind off with amazing thailand.

2010, and 2011 are gonna be the "academic year" with FYP, industrial training, and simply no room for error during exam. enough stress rite?

Apart from that, there is the big wedding of my only sister. Enough said, that will be a heck of busy time.

Back to 2009, probably right now, I would say its a moderate year.nothing too tragic or too awesome happen. But its safe to say, that I learn to face a few of my "fears" if its the right way to put it, or let just say it as things I won't do before this.
  • swim in the ocean
  • driving in a crazy busy highway for long distant
  • settling in klang
  • reading the paper daily,now its a habit
  • interact with those that i think i won't 
  • stand up against the 'greater power'
  • having emotion attached
2010, where it will lead? who know..but things I would like to do or a better term, new year resolution. there are no list but in general, I would like to be more positive on things. I really admire those around me that could keep their cool and be open and positive. belive it or not, we are lil bit and part of those people that surrounding us. some people might have drastic change, and some have lil.

I really really have this weird feeling, that i kept to myself. its really really really really really really really really weird feel.... i miss debate, there i said it

till next time, Happy New Year everyone. Hope it will be awesome to all

Monday, December 21, 2009

Top 50 food!

this is my list of food n the location that in my personal opinion thinks its good. no pics, because I think its annoying when people will go like  "wait  wait take picture first"  perut lapar la! well this is my list, whats yours?

  1. Deep fried Tenggiri- Banana leaf store in klang
  2. Chicken Waruwel -Seetharam Banana leaf  bangsar
  3. Roti kosong - Restaurant IV Pandamaran and Nirwana's Bangsar
  4. Naan Garlic/butter/Kashmiri/whatever - Sagar's and Sarawana Bahwan
  5. Nasi Lemak - Nasi lemak Tangling and Nasi lemak tanah Merah
  6. Satay Celup- Capitol,Melacca
  7. Steak-Victoria station
  8. BBQ chicken wing-  any chinese hawkers
  9. char koey tiow- Sisters Char koey tiow, Penang
  10. Cheese lobster- End of the world, Penang
  11. Tau sar Pheah- Ghee Hin or Him Hiang, Penang
  12. Asam Laksa- Jonker 88, lil penang cafe
  13. Portugese ikan  bakar- follow the aroma
  14. Satay- nobody can get it wrong!
  15. Chicken Crispers- Chillis
  16. Ribs- Victoria station (sorry tony roma's)
  17. Panini- Rome
  18. Squid ink speggethi - Venice
  19. Crabs... black paper, marmite, salted egg - From Teluk Gong to Carrie Island
  20. Sweet n sour crab eaten with deep fried man tou - Todak Restaurant, JB
  21. Dim Sum - Pudu's Teochew
  22. Yong tofu- Ampang n puchong. bukit tinggi? a bit cold
  23. Roti Tissue - Kayu ( hands down)
  24. Tom yum - the gallery, Chiang Mai
  25. Phad Thai - Anywhere in Thailand
  26. Nasi Kaya- Kelantan Market
  27. Akok- Grandma's
  28. Fried chicken- KFC
  29. Pandan Chicken -Ampang Yong to fu
  30. Nasi Briyani - The Lorong near Petaling Street
  31. Nasi Lemak Ayam Rempah-Bangsar Utama
  32. Nasi Goreng Maryland -Murni SS2
  33. Chicken Rice- Serdang's Weng Heong n Bukit Bintang Hainanese Chicken rice
  34. Ayam Percik- Yati,Kota Bahru
  35. Nasi Kerabu daging Bakar - yati,Kota Bahru
  36. Gourmet Bakwa- Bee Cheng Hiang (hands down)
  37. Ayam Penyet- Ixora food court, Melacca
  38. Pizza - Street of Rome,Italy
  39. Italian food in Malaysia- Nero fico
  40. Chicken Brest - Chinos on the park, Klcc
  41. Rendang + Lemang - any malay house during raya
  42. Ling Chee Kang - Wong Sa, Kota Bahru
  43. Vegetarian Restaurant -Sarawana Bahwan
  44. Neslo - Amloo stall,Serdang
  45. Ayam Masak merah - wakaf bahru market
  46. Gulai ayam - wakaf bahru
  47. Nasi Padang - Hoover, wakaf bahru
  48. Instant Mee Goreng - Mee Sedap
  49. French fries- Mc D
  50. Chcolate Chip Cookies -Mark and Spencer

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

have yourself a merry little christmas

Christmas is coming really really soon, and it suppose to be a really really exciting time of the year. Regardless what religion you belief in, in Malaysia at least, lots of people love this time of the year. The decorations at the malls are just simply awesome, with the music played is just awesome-lah, thus apart from the true meaning of Christmas about the sacrifice of Jesus,  we Malaysian make it our own lah, its time to gather around again with friends and family, and reflect back what we have accomplished throughout the year, as we usher in the new year.

The supposedly busy period with exam here in MMU-land, everyone is excited with this year's exam timetable. but for me personally there is a bitch that forbid me to throughly enjoy the wonderful time.

Thus the annual shopping for gifts, and the "last-minute-shopping-in-4malls-for-8hours-before eve dinner" is a no-no this year. honestly do not have any idea of what should i be getting.

From the busy time prep for exam, I make time for a friend's b'day last weekend. a chance to meet the others too.its a bit awkward i should, as its really been a while since I was in the scene with them.but its nice to gather again.

b'day girl, me,gurdip,ran,dena


There are also other guests from Auckland, like Annie,cicak,nigel and some from taylors and MCKL. really impress with some of them like Annie, who had migrated to Auckland since young, still remember that she is born in Malaysia, unlike some would be emberess just to be associated with their motherland.

While catching up with my friends, I overheard someone thanking the host

"thank you very much auntie for your generousity"

And she came over to our table, not knowing any of us, and goes like

"enjoy the chit chat and catch up guys, i gtg"

It's like woah! such courtesy,polite and well mannered person, shoe-new, than that taiping girl in nano class.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

engineer + musician

can an engineer and a musician make a good combination?
maybe as an individual. 
happy b'day phoon

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

pre b'day emo-ness

 noob camera, a meaningful shot

kidding only ya ah phoon, don angry.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

thank you all

thanks for the celebrations,
thanks for the gifts,
thanks for just have the thought of giving a gift,
thanks for the presence,
thanks for the wishes,
thanks for the facebook messages,
thanks for the sms all the way from UK,
thanks for the sms all the way from Bangkok,
thanks for all the local sms-es too,
thanks for those who came back in time,
thanks for those who wanted to spend time,
thanks for those who volunteer to drive,
thanks for those who understand my absent,
thanks also for those that fail to understand.

My wish is for all to do well, regardless. thank you again.

Monday, November 30, 2009

I’m a Sherlock Holmes in the Making

CLUE #1,

where to go detective?

the land of cheese?

or the cakap kopitiam?

Decision: the clue found in the kopitiam. Good job mate

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Been to the mall very frequent lately.  From Tuesday to Pavillion and Mid valley, Wednesday to Sunway and Thursday to Atria, and Saturday in Mid Valley.Jam pack time, coming back home with almost zero energy, remind me of the hectic life of KL. Its been a while since I left home when its dark and return home also when the sun already set. It used to be a routine. Classes, books, fun, friend and food. You move around, stuck in jam, wait for buses, smell the smoke fume that will cut short half of your life span, yup thats life in town alright. At the end of the day, after all the hours of jam are cleared you find your self around Jalan Sultan Ismail, looking at the lights the light up the buildings, you will tell your self, "what a wonderful world".

Been out shopping at the malls, leaving all the technologies behind, thus no internet. when arrived home, I just feel like sleeping. wall post, AM, comments, all are not replied.

Till I found some time yesterday till I received a phone call while surfing FB,

" hello, Mr Gan please?"

From the voice I already knew who that was, even with the unknown phone number. Its Hema, good ole friend from school that is back from Perth just before my b'day as promised. Another Guju who said coming back in time haven't received any news yet.

But browsing through FB, makes me feel like really do a lot of things. Especially with lots people around. But the fact that I really hate the most is I CANT. Like a prisoner in my own cell, I cant do anything about it, not even when you are suppose to be the man of the day, now feel like not looking forward to it. I used to the commander and chief flying high...sucks when you are not the commander anymore

But we all are our own prisoner of our desire. Like the ZARA sale, so many people line up early in the morning to grab hold of their designer label goods. Am too are guilty of it. Pushing, grabbing, long queue, yup thats some sale alright.

Next week booth for Cyber P hopefully gonna be open, as time is running out, I seriously not looking forward  for booth duty. I really would like to spend the time doing my own things, but again, are tied to it, as its a group effort, and as a group member I should chip in.

Monday, November 23, 2009

nafas lega

Exam is done today. Really hope I do well, from previous supposedly 4 chapters, cut down to two and during exam,we are required to choose one of the two topics. With the assignment already passed up on friday, it suppose to be good times. Cyber P things are taking shape and hopefully booth are ready and we will get a good reception for our trip. defying all odds that previous students says its hard to conduct a trip during short semester, hopefully MMU students will take part in our rock climbing trip.

Got back from a housemate birthday, Quek. A happy 21st to you. A simple celebration but a meaningful one with all his friends. Life can be simple sometimes and it can be good too.

whenever my birthday come along the event that I wanted to attend but can't pops up. Especially the Monsoon cup. been wanting to go ever since I first yacht trip, and wanted to work part time for the event management team that runs the show there. But every year there are always mid term and classes etc, thus I can't work or witness the event. Guess the closest I've been is when during my cousin wedding.

Another awesome event is the Penang Jazz festival, always love to be in Penang and listening and also be serenade  to Jazz music by the beach is just awesome-ly awesome or the swank and modern G-hotel. *drools*

All these event is the thing that 'you wish u where there' kinda moment. Nevertheless, I have to be realistic, although it sometimes nice to dream. I wish to afford those imported car when I work, like the honda and the toyota etc... but to be realistic I would be lucky enough if I could afford a Proton Saga when I start my work.if my pay is around Rm2300,  even a MyVi installment would put a hole in my pocket.It sucks to be realistic sometimes, but thats a fact. Near the Thai boarder, a clerk would only be paid less than Rm1000 for starting pay and an odd job worker that risk their life climbing container, under the hot sun would rely on their overtime to support their family, and some with kids. Maybe I cant speak for all the clerk who works there, but this is the pay in the market, at least in logistic, true story.

Another event invitation also was received today, for Brats's year end camp. This is the camp for those who are chosen from all the camps throughout the year.only selected few are invited for that particular year. During my year, I was in Malacca for foundation, thus I missed out a lot, like white water rafting.  This year they are going to Pahang, to do off roading and  camping to find out life in small community.

Another mail I surprisingly received today is from a lecturer. Its nice to have such lecturers that write to ask whats up and whats happening. Is a such a change from those up tight Dr of a lecturers, that thinks they are all that, just because they have the title 'Dr' and write some journals.

Another good change of wind is that I noticed that well, how do i put this, not quite happy with me before this have let the past be the past. At this rate, I would be making peace and making more friends  than enemy in MMU.

Tomorrow is a free day... I know I still have a lot of studying to do... at least more than others, but perhaps Pavillion is calling... for just tomorrow at least.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Did something that I regret.I turned down my early birthday gift during the weekend. I was a invited to be one of the 500 delegates for the YES conference. Somehow, my nerve got to me.Now am kicking myself, the chance to meet people I admire like Tony.

Another YES is the Year End Sale which will happen this Sunday if am not mistaken. As i trying to hide my disappointment in myself, probably a shopping therapy might work, plus its been a long time since I've shop, and I got a bundle of list to finish, especially with Christmas is coming.

I gotta admit that this week should be good. I mean my assignment looks almost done *finger cross* now and the dateline is tomorrow. Guess am still disappointed and trying to look forward as nothing can be done already. To add more salt to injury,there is an Asian BP this weekend in Bangkok. would be nice to have a swan song tournament, and to meet up with everyone, jo, prae,liying,lukmo,farai and my sister from another mother sue who said wanted being me go Russia... Would be interesting to see how the coach,Tate face if he see me there with other uni tickets. Sometime I could be a bad influence, but I think i did good with Cav. Talking her into debate and also body combat when I was doing kickboxing. Would be nice to see how the apprentice's team do in their debut in a prestigious event. Guess all I could do is see their FB picture, and listening to Prae commenting, and this will be a story of 'how she met cav'

Put a smile, and the Christmas song on and pretend none of those excitement is happening, and prepare for Monday's midterm. "its that time of year, where the world fall in love,every song you hear seems to say merry christmas dream came true"

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Good job Emi, attending a speech by the most powerful man in the world

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friends and i


For some am a friend,
For some am a good friend,
For some am a best friend,
For some am a 'macha' kind of friend,
For some am a bad friend,
For some am a betrayer of a friend,
For some am a bridge between two strangers to b friends,
For some am annoying friend,
For some am a friend with listening ears,
For some am the 'him' in "please don tell him anything, he will spread",
For some am the 'him' in "go ask him la, sure he know what happen to this and that person",
For some am the friend that come for assignment answer,
For some am person that they only come in time of trouble.
For some am friend when they got no other friend or before they have any.
For some am the 'old' friend when they found new one

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Less than half a month, am turning 21, less than 2 months we moving in to 2010.another inch nearer for graduation, and lesser time in the cell call MMU.
The legend, (wait for it)- dary trip  that supposedly to end the year with style, apparently is not on. sad to say with a student budget, and the short time frame of planning and also with the airline price raising Rm 800 every month of the delay, certainly looks now doom. The ideal case of watching Man United playing at old trafford, especially during their in rich vein of form during the winter and spending time in Scotland's bon fire for new year, and roam around London after new year.  Sound rocking right? oh well, there would be on the list of "should have done".
Next year also mark an eventful milestone in my family.My one and only sister is getting married. She would be the first among us 3 siblings to get married. Although at first I do think its a wtf thing, and some MMU friends do think its too early for her and bombard with lots of critics, but the opposite happen when I told one of my high school friend, he goes like "oh  hey, thats a wonderful news, tell her I say congrats" . Its the first positive response that I've gotten apart from the oh-stupid-la,oh-why-marry-at-such-age-la from MMU-ians. It certainly does open my eyes, and when I pay a courtesy visit to my sister's bf house together with my parents a couple of weeks back.Its a humbling experience for me, and make me tell myself, that she is my sister, who else is gonna support her if I am not, regardless what others might think, what ever that she is happy with, am sure to have her back.

During dinner, my dad ask my brother to take care of the house and look after my sister as he is going away this week and only be back on saturday, and so does my mom who is going away to write some papers for the bank, inside my heart, I laugh... "am sure the house gonna have a party-lah".
In life I think the 2 important is skills and luck. no matter how smart you are, you always need that luck,to make thing successful.I think I am fortunate. I am fortunate enough to experience things that maybe some might have experience it, but there are lots haven't yet. I sometimes find I do find it amusing, how others find things amusing, no matter how classy they try to act, in the end it won't just look unnatural. But at this age where we still finding who we are, its kinda hard to understand why people act that way. Like some might think having english name would make them more glamorous, or they want to be 'different' and 'creative'. Too creative like naming themself after an expression i.e: happy lim or after a gas i.e Barium lim or adding an extra alphabet i.e Ccris lim.

Another reason why I say I am fortunate is because of my friends. Of course some friends do turn their back on you, sometimes can be a pain. I have all that so called friends, and now some might not be consider as friends, but the silver lining is, I do hope not to jinx this but, I fortunate enough to have friends that still keep in touch ever since primary. I do hope the reunion is a success. But apart from that, knowing that some like Hema, and Dharmik or D-man apparently they call him over in Melbourne would ask if I got anything on for my birthday so they could book a ticket in time for it. It could be true or just them sweet talking, it just nice to have friends that have you on their mind.

The unwritten  Bro code is not Bros before hoes, but we have to understand and not have the heart capacity the size of the or of a germ. For some probably not so happy when their friend have a significant others in their life. Let it be bf or gf, and the significant other take their time from their friend. But like I said earlier, I am fortunate to be able to experience this earlier while some still struggle to get the grip of this fact even when they are in their 20's. Having friend like Dharmik who have gf since form 2 till now, do help me to understand the situation that couple do need their time together, thus its all good in the hood.

The only down side its, my grades its not as on par as usual. I do let lots people down by that. Turning 21 soon, do makes me ponder who am I or what direction am I going to. No am not the first class student nor some president of the student body. Guess thats the biggest let down at the hood, as expectation from them before trying to talk me out from going to Malacca is not low.

Friday, November 6, 2009


those who fail their driving test for a few time, read this

gomo kelate gomo

Aku ore kelate, tapi dok penoh tengok kelate maie bola, tahon lepah, kelate kaloh kat final, tapi tahon ni, kelate masok final pulok lepah mene denga Perlih maso semi. Wala-pong banyok ha dulu denge keto polih pong ore kelate bakar, coach mat saleh dio tingga, kelate tetak kelate-lah, tetak bersatu. aku asyik tengok MU,MU jah, wala-pong tingga KL ko, Melaka ko, klang ko, tapi gak, hati aku tetak kelate. male esok aku harak, Kelate boleh gomo negeri. masok sebaga favourites, denge sokonge kuak ore kelate hok sokmo semangak. Male esok, harak harak kelate bulleh mene lepah pak puloh tahon lebih doh dok mene pialo nih. hok panda tu pon aku raso mesti dok panda apo ambo kechek nih, guno babel fish pong dok leh translate. sebelong aku abih, aku nok royak, "gomo kelate gomo abih teh "

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

time and dime

Exclusiveness, special and all that good stuff, I think most people would crave for. Exclusive means we are different from the majority, and the different make us feel privilege and special . some might be in the car they drive, some might be in the clothes. but with so much of fake goods around, there is the lack of exclusiveness. Gone are the days where, when u pull on a Polo Ralph Lauren shirt, you will turn others head and make them go 'woah', this is due to there are lots of people making imitation stuff out there. with the open market, goods from Thailand and China easily claimed as "over stock" or "factory closing down stock", while the fact is, its an almost perfect imitation goods that will definitely fool the naked eye. other than the Polo T, LV's handbag too is one of the 'hot' item.

Japan is one of those nation that crave for LV. I once spoke to Chori about LV. a very good answer I got is, "I don buy it because I can't afford it"
That certainly make a lot of sense, I mean,just to bergaya you buy the fake thing? it just cant pull the look off-lah!

So unless its dvd, don buy fake stuff-lah.

During the holidays, i went to Aeon Bukit Tinggi near my place with my family. All of them came after they were out, me, came well... i was home so i have my shorts on those really ah-pek and yet comfortable shorts, well if u in klang, you do what klang ppl do.

Walking into the watch shop, yes in my shorts, yet the mofo salesman din even want to have a look, but cant really blame him, as appearance is important, am being realistic not shallow. altho I do wish i would someday walk in to the shop and actually purchased somethin. off he go to my dad who had his eye on the tag's

tag's carrera

tag's carrera with metal strap

tag's monaco

Tag-heaur do really have some nice watches, but I do feel there their product have been over-advertised, thus lost its exclusiveness (tho i won't mind having one). But Brietling have been one of those thing that i would love to have when I am successful. tho i won't mind having one now too with dec 4th is coming real soon.but the chances for a b'day gift is next to never, the aligator skin double clef strap alone can get a sony alfa.another good feature about brietling watches are they can be customize according to your taste, from the strap,the dial.the fine craft of a swiss craftsman certainly worth every penny if u have extra cash to splash.

Breitling's aerospace with aligator and double cleft strap

Breitling's navigator

Saturday, October 24, 2009

S.O.B ( sem 1 brief)

budget was announce yesterday, apparently putrajaya and cyberjaya will get its own hypermarket. wat its gonna be? a giant?carefour? what ever it is, it sure beat the hell out of street mall. but with construction and etc.. i would expect all that will be done after my graduation, IF i graduate in time without any extension. talking bout graduation, good news for those who in 1st class, apparently loan will turn into a scholarship. haih... son of a bitch! no its a good thing really, just pissed with myself, that the chances of me waived off my loan is next to none. while the first class will get priority in job to get the big money AND no study loan to pay off, things look great.

with the result out next week, seriously would see my allowance will chopped into pieces when i do badly. seriously which i have a strong feeling i will. you see, parents are smart. when u small they will raised their voice and you would be scared. now, when they do that, they know u can raised your voice even higher, thus the only way to chain you is to cut the good green drugs. guess there will be a cut on my entertainment and food, the good food, the McD's and all that.

which some to the next issues, weight.i don remember being this round so far. something inside me says it the lack of vegitation, i mean i make simple sense that if you have input but no output?even u put put also the input will still be inside rite?

with the holiday over, and the result is hanging like a chopper that gonna take your head off...i think i really don do well this semester, the objective that been set out not 1 have been accomplished, thus i brand this semester is F, F for failure. Nanotech 09 would be great to be IN, sadly even fail to participate. son of a bitch right? I do really have 2 great team mate in Pei Se and Yee kean, I think I owe them in this project as they have my back all the time. so thank you. Just am disappointed with my self to not push myself a bit more and done the abstract. it will be a heck of experience and will be an impressive in the CV if you can brag that you gave a presentation in KLCC. finals, well... finals just another low for me.finger crossed, they say belief in God, belief in miracle. but my lack of faith and more to realistic thinking says am bound for supp papers yes with the S

went to langkawi for holidays.... and a brief few hours in penang.

this time not with the fellas, but with the uni friends. good thing is i did not go the same place.

and then went to Penang. took the ferry from butterworth and arrive in Pengkalan Raja Uda, does remind me of Raja Ezman. still waiting for the budget reply. and also bring back some old memories. my first trip alone was to Penang. and i always got a fondness to Penang. It does remind me of KL with the busy town and the mall, and at the same time you can go to the beach to escape, on the way back i was thinking " shit! i've forgotten hard rock!" same thing happen in manila too, son of a bitch! you see i am kinda of collecting hard rock T's from around the globe. with God's grace I have to add another 2 for my collection next week when dad and bro goin to Macau and Hong Kong, only IF our holiday is 3 weeks, it will be a different story, son of a bitch you MMU.

wonder what it would be if i take up Julian's offer to ride bike to Penang before.it probably one of those things that you would never know if u take a diff route...

holiday is over, its time to reset the biological clock, hope soon i can just be relax and not so up tight.hope to take thing one at a time.

Friday, October 9, 2009

my day,today

Got back today from one of those, ' hi aunty/uncle how are you?' dinner, so i thought. in conjuction of the raya, so got a lil makan at the office, to my surprise there are staff from indonesia and also thailand came for training. as typical, i find it uneasy,although majority in the company are chinese, but we are celebrating raya for the muslim here, but u all still with your carlsberg? seriously.

but the highlight for me tonight is meeting one powerful lady,Julie. She asked me not to call her aunty, instead call her 'cher cher' or older sister in chinese. it is because she is just 27. a indonesian chinese but based in thailand and she is running the logistic for a public listed company, thats why i said she is a powerful lady. one quote from her is

" work is work,i expect u treat me like a man, so i can rough it out, and at home only i be a girl"

who says a married lady cant still have a carrier? guess thats the ideal case-lah... for me. i do admire these kind of lady,another was my aunty in singapore who is quite successful accountant. earn the big bucks and still did not forget the duty at home. other attribute is they are very humble, the way their talk somehow make you feel comfortable,without having to think they are some kinda of big shot. she did mention on the situation in padang where her office is the only one left standing. wish could be surrounded more by these people, so their positive attribute could brush on me.

This semester i think i really do badly, my worst nightmare is facing 3 supp papers although result is not out, i don really feel good bout it. uncertainty really started to cloud my mind. uncle Chan asked me when i am gonna graduate, his only advice is to enjoy what i am doin.although the dude is a cunning and sly, hey he is a millionaire by 30 years old. certainly some of his ingredient to be successful works!

back home after the dinner and karaoke session, who knows it cost rm 40 bux ++ per person. shit karaoke is expensive!am back home and catch wwe raw

yes i know there a lot people says "alah... fake lah... why u still watch?" it is more annoying when people say that while am watching and then they change the channel.but tonight nobody change my channel. but then again, don't the action movies, your james bond, your jackie chan show are all fake? well basically wrestling is labelled themself as sport entertainment. of course the drama all are acting, and the moves, they practice the proper technique not to hurt themself, but somehow belive or not, am sure there are bruises too after fights. but if its not your cup of tea, its ok, its my cup of tea, so i would appreciate if you don't put salt in my cup of tea.

the classic degeneration X is re-united. i remember watching wrestling since primary, every thursday 3-6pm.and its one of the few things that me and my late grandpa can share. with the language barrier and all the barriers, both of us do enjoy wrestling, even when i move to KL he still call if there are any special event like the royal rumble or what time is raw.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

not good

due to recent event in the region for the past week,like the earth quake in indonesia and storm in Japan and the Philippine, just a feeling about the trip this sunday. although langkawi is not situated, facing Philipine in the south china sea, it is more toward facing the andaman sea towards india (see if u play AM, u learn something!), still it is fore casted to be bad with thunder. until end of the week.it might not be in the magnitude of the one that hit japan or philipine, but can do enough to spoilt any water activity or ANY outing activity

Today: Scattered showers and thunderstorms. High 88F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

Tonight: Scattered thunderstorms. Low 78F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

Tomorrow: Mixed clouds and sun with scattered thunderstorms. High 88F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

Tomorrow night: Scattered showers and thunderstorms. Low 78F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 60%.

Sunday: Scattered thunderstorms possible. Highs in the upper 80s and lows in the upper 70s.

Monday: Scattered thunderstorms possible. Highs in the upper 80s and lows in the upper 70s.

Tuesday: A few thunderstorms possible. Highs in the upper 80s and lows in the upper 70s.

it is also the same in Penang,the sea is expected to rough.

Today: Scattered showers and thunderstorms. High 88F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

Tonight: Scattered thunderstorms. Low 78F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

Tomorrow: Mixed clouds and sun with scattered thunderstorms. High 88F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

Tomorrow night: Scattered showers and thunderstorms. Low 78F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 60%.

Sunday: Scattered thunderstorms possible. Highs in the upper 80s and lows in the upper 70s.

Monday: Scattered thunderstorms possible. Highs in the upper 80s and lows in the upper 70s.

Tuesday: A few thunderstorms possible. Highs in the upper 80s and lows in the upper 70s.

p/s: this is just a forecast weather based on highly sophisticated satellite image and trusted by industry such as the airline. but than again, things might not be as forecasted.


another swan song?

same place same time different crowd
different song..?

miley certainly look gorgeous! seriously.. its the hair and the developing body... damn... and i used to think she sound like a dude...

Monday, September 14, 2009

court battle

he went to the 'magistrate court'
he lost
he went to the 'high court'
he lost
he went to the 'court of appeal'
he lost
but tonight,
the 'supreme court judges'
with 2 panel
mdm ummu and mdm Serina,
have proven him innocent and acquitted

btw pls give face and vote. fren's sis

Friday, September 11, 2009

no goodbye just see u later

another fren flew off tonight. i tought Raja was the last time am gonna sent someone off, well tonight is Pei Ling's turn. a well, close fren. even tough as school ends, we don't hang out as much, but still, the connection is there. out of sight certainly not out of mind.

guess thats how we roll, i mean most of my school's frens. of course some might go their own way, but am glad to keep contact with some of them.

things are different, well some have our own university life and new friends, and some got into relationship and stuff like that. but, a big BUT, as friends we understand as thats part of growing up, no we will not say that ' hey that fella forget fren because she/he have a bf/gf ', maybe that happen in high school, but now we are light years ahead, and more grown up, such tought are just silly. thus, even our fren is busy with their own thing, it doesn't mean we have been forgotten.

for example this very fren of mine sent my an sms says : " try read matt 17:20 u must have faith in your self and in God......" it tought me not to give up, and regardless how people might look down or precieve, i just have to belive in myself and in things that i can do.

Pei ling sent this during i was having a tough time. break ups and facing my own personal problems, even though i don usually contact, but still i feel, that she is one of the few people that will have my back. guess this is what real friend is, they will be there for u, regardless if u don contact them or hang out with them for a while. they will understand if u want to spend time with ur significant half, they will understand why u behave in such the way that u did, and they never take offence because they understand.

there are so many things that i could say bout this friend of mine, and everyone that knows her, rarely have any bad things to say bout her.i guess the warm and bubbly personality that she have able her to fit in to any crowd, from those mat rempet to those cina tai lo.

friend like this i think, could only step into your life once, at most twice. i am lucky enough to have her as a friend, of course i do have other friends that am thankful for.but knowing her since form 1, and that the time our growing up is at its peak, guess v kinda see each other grow up and get through challenge of life and have each other's back, make it more special.wonder if i gonna have advisor now, hope u do great over there, i try to make everyone proud over here, hope u do the same over there too....

dena's christmas party

another chritsmas party


Sunday, September 6, 2009

procasination of the week

Normally around this time i would be swinging down the E5 in the Honda, back to cyber. sometimes i would like to go Via the Klia route. having the plane flying over, while turning on to lite Fm's swing time with sharizan, that plays classical jazz music. Its not much of a happening ways to spend your sunday night when you are in the 20's aint it?

but since this week am at cyberjaya, i ran into a lot of event this week
  • back on tuesday ( hapir mati with fever)
  • Got into a car crash
  • had been stopped by road block for a few time
  • got summon
  • played in a dodgeball tourney
  • watch midnight movie twice, back to back
  • first time in 3d cinema
  • had my ramadan buffet
  • had pizza
  • had sambal mooncake
BUT... i have to say the highlight should be listening to how a girl would moan or sound like when she got drilled,and the best part is, nobody is drilling her that time... no offense but she does sound like she kena fuck ok?

' baby.... baby... careful'

seeing what happen to my week this week is 'nothing' compare to others... well not exactly others just this one particular person. i ran into his blog that was famously among my fren here in mmu discovered a long time ago. the dude was like

"oh my cgpa drop by 0.01, thus its 3.99999 but my baby one still at 4"

yea... that blog.

having mid term this tuesday, well, just thinking back just now that i still feel like i could do better in my exams. seriously. like i know i could shift to a higher gear, but stuck at gear 3. maybe i've gotten lazy or just the lack of interest is just blocking it, but everytime i walk out of exam i would feel like i could do better,or lets say most of the time.

i also feel like those 'study god' is NOT as smart as all the hype they are getting. seriously

  • if they are smart, why still come to class when have fever+flu+cough while H1n1 is still hot topic.
  • if they are smart, why leave dangerous chemical around, unattended?
  • i might not be smart to learn other language like chinese, but those who master the language and regard as 'study God' cant even master the basic language like 'shutting up'

see? they are not so smart after all. i've been quite quiet for a long time, even with others taunting, most of the time i would just wanna avoid any conflict, so i would take the insult and ignore. but really, everything have a limit right?

probably am still in the process of growing up, there is a lot i have to learn like my dad would say, "there are something that even Harvard don teach you"
things like controlling myself for example. and sometime is just good to walk away instead of engaging in a confrontation.

During the Merdeka weekend, i slept quite late during one of the night. that night i was looking at a balance sheet. it come to my knowledge that the worker, that do odd labour job in Padang Besar, like checking containers and making sure it is transported onto the train, or trucks, you know those that is working on site under the scorhing heat,just earn around Rm 800, and plus over time will be around Rm 1100-1200, and the so called exacutive, earn around Rm1500.
plus this odd job worker some of them have 4 kids. its hard to imagine how do they survive, especially with their wife not working. working so hard in rain or shine, in the container yard and yet earn so little. no suprise if a rival company offer an increase of even Rm 50 they would jump ship. on the other hand, my sister's boss driver earn about Rm 2000

Working in such dangerous condition have it hazard too.. but sometimes safety equipment like safety boots, make their job more difficult, as it is easier to climb the container with bear foot or slipper. so its a dillema, for safety or the efficiency of the job.

life is hard,although some might doubt that i understand it. am thankful for what i have.

and another matter is of intership. visiting the skypark in subang, there this company called "AIROD" or the special place called Penang? or home sweet home ?

wrestling is not real, what about movies?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

cakap tak serupa bikin

action: definition:

" no matter what this person say, jokingly or not, prejudice
whatever out from this person mouth, i don like it"

" 2 piece ayam percik,2 roti boom, 1 piece of beef rendang heavy fever
2 piece of pulut bakar, 1 piece of beef murtabak, half bird of
pei pha ark ( duck) for 2 days"

" I am sick" really sick, don take it

"first, we have a new rule, those you say 'u r put' lawyer buruk
that person will be out, secondly, the first person
that is out is the first person to come in"

" all 3 digits is out excepr for one" just not your luck

"i think all girl that love shopping are shallow" i try to be different but deep down am one of them too

"tadi abang keluar pergi makan (lunch)" abang tak puasa

"chill! chill!, dodge baby! careful baby" i am what i wear - sound like lisa simpson at maggi simpson age

" look, am a magican i can go IN and OUT i am an SRC, i'll show u
without the ref's acknowledge" how dirty, i can play

ONE Malaysia Kelantan (malay dominant), Bangsar (indian dominant) Klang(chinese dominant) = Julian Gan

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chiang mai

Finally! i finished up loading the pics from my trip to Chiang mai. since the semester starts, its been quite a shotgun of a semester. quite fast. busy with mini project mostly and also assignments. after finishing the anolog assignment, feel like there are a big weight taken off from my shoulders, no the road is still far, with finals, mini P final report and presentation, electronics assignments, midterm, but NO. not this weekend. this weekend i should put a pause on all that and have a liltle breath.

this trip is kinda afforable. seriously. book an early ticket from air asia, and a hotel with a suitable location right at the heart of the town. and hiring a van that could fit 8 person comfortable with an LCD tv inside. probably will be around rm 250- rm 300 per person. ( exclude the shopping)

Chiang Mai located in the northen region of Thailand second largest city in Thailand which also served as a cross border trade between Laos and Myanmar. it have a lot of french influence to it too, and there a lot of used books sold here, and like other thai city, the street market and street food.

this is the Gallery. an art gallery cum restaurant.Located by the river, its an awesome place. with a band playing some traditional chinese string instruments, and also electric guitar. brings a cozy feel to it. even if its not a cold country naturally, due to its location, it can be quite cold here too, about 15-20 degrees at night, during summer. and can be lower during the winter.

the outdooor theme of the restaurant certainly a different twist, wish they could have this in KL. if you are one of the corny sucker, for sure, this is on of the place for you to go for the romantic date.other than the good embience, the food rocks too. being colonise, there are some western influence in the menu, but being in Thailand, there are no question but to go to the thai food, and no, it never fail to delight my tastebud. its not one of those fancy restaurant that have great setting but upsetting food, this place have both the food and the embience.

my highlight is, that Hillary have visited the place during bill was still in the house, yes hillary of the clinton visited the place before during a thai festival.

not far from my hotel in Th Changklan street, by not far i mean, a 25m walk from the lobby, is where the daily street market is. by night, you can see the market being set up. one of the thing that caught my attention is the art.

one of the many artise here

the paiting here looks so alive. and they do paint you too upon request at a fee. maybe around rm 100 till rm XXX depends on the size of the painting, and they will deliver to you house via postal.

for the second night, we went to a Khantok culture show, dinner.it suppose to show how the royal ppl live last time.the van from the restaurant pick us from the lobby. one funny thing is there are this white man with his 'partner'. well, she kinda dress up like cinderalla. but putting the equation togather, thailand+ mat man+ partner. well you make you conclusion.

we were greeted with this lady playing er hu, its like a carnival, with latern, and few other vans coming, bringing the guests to the place. it cost around rm 30-rm 4o per person for the show.

once registed, we were ushered into the dinner place. its a big hall and have a stage for the performer. while they serve us the food, the show started. although its hard to understand whats the story,i can see the fine dance move by the dancer. don get me wrong, the show have english subtitles, just perhaps its too abstract for me personally.

after dinner, we were invited outside to see performance by the tribe members. there are quite a few tribe members that perform.

the show is done by these few girls..

one more fact about Chiang mai is that its the hometown for yes, the reds. no not liverpool, but to Thanksin.thus he have quite a strong supporter here. talk to everyone, they support the ex president. My eagerness wanted to purchase one of the red shirt that they wore during the protest, but i did not manage to find the store because of the massive street market.

During the trip i was fortune enough to visit uncle taksin's place.

with politics aside,the shinawat, own this silk shop. and its one of the biggest in the thai silk industry. we are greeted in such a grand manner by the workers here. and we are bought to a grand tour of the place.

here they show us how they produce silk from the silk worm to the the end product of the silk.

fancy shirt and tie are not that cheap, but there is not much to complain since its a high end silk product

one of the cheapest item in the shop, it cost around Rm80, even the silk boxer cost that much. oh well, i guess i kinda expected it with the grand reception we got and a tour.

the Chang or elephant is one national animal of the country. here at maese elephant camp, is one of the elephant santuary, about 20 minutes drive from the hotel, the elephant satuary offer a ray of activites and show.

for Rm2, its not so bad for such an ammout of banana and sugar cane

we can feed the elephant, for a banana or sugar cane it can perform a trick like this

ever seen how elephant pee?

maybe Real Madrid want to buy this

it can score goal

elephant drawing, starting from Rm 200. even an elephant can draw better than me

seriously, they draw.

the boss

the sister

i was a bit disappointed that my dad n brother are against stopping at the shooting range, i was kinda looking forward to try how to fire a gun. and if you watch amazing race, the tiger santuary is also here.

another highlight of my trip is the visit to the tribe village. if you watch ripley's i think you would heard of the Long Neck Karen tribe. the chain is almost 5 kilos. imagine that, on your neck since you are small..

being able to visit does put things in perspective here. well, things in the village and their standard of living might not be ideal to urban folks, and there are some of them, the young ones leave the village to find job in the city. words cant describe it, but i guess its kinda of a humbling experience for me personally and its one of those things that you should experience it by yourself.

big ear tribe

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this is our tour guide, seriously. she doesn't speak. but she just lead the way for us.

this is some of their source of income, selling the tribe product.

on the way to the golden triangle and Chiang Rai, we stopped at the hot spring. not privallaged enough and being lucky enough, to go to Sungkai's hot spring. this is my first time at a hot spring, excluding the time at Lake Toba, well i was kinda small that time.

its not bad actually. at the hot spring. here they sell the chicken and quil egg, where we can boil it for a few minutes and it tasted like, well... egg.

even its not in the plan, but never strike me that we would go to the Golden Triangle ( thailand, Laos, myanmar) famous for the drugs trade.

its erm... maybe not the safest place to go, but its quite an experience to be here. a lot of imitation things that are sold here, and you can get ANYTHING here. from fake ciggarate, and people come to you and sell you viagra and porn.

the great Mekong. learn it in geography class, never cross my mind either that i would be here. and never that i expect my dad would agree to seat in such boat. well, he is not the most advanterous person and easily paranoid for safety, but he just being a parent.


snake and scorpion wine, is one of their natural product

in a the end any trip to Thailand wont be complete without a visit to its street market and also street food.

thereare lots of creative products that are sold, kinda impressive too

one of the street market

coma sutra

phad thai, this thing is legend.. wait for it dary!

a new definition to 'photo shootin'

the end, courtesy of