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Friday, September 11, 2009

no goodbye just see u later

another fren flew off tonight. i tought Raja was the last time am gonna sent someone off, well tonight is Pei Ling's turn. a well, close fren. even tough as school ends, we don't hang out as much, but still, the connection is there. out of sight certainly not out of mind.

guess thats how we roll, i mean most of my school's frens. of course some might go their own way, but am glad to keep contact with some of them.

things are different, well some have our own university life and new friends, and some got into relationship and stuff like that. but, a big BUT, as friends we understand as thats part of growing up, no we will not say that ' hey that fella forget fren because she/he have a bf/gf ', maybe that happen in high school, but now we are light years ahead, and more grown up, such tought are just silly. thus, even our fren is busy with their own thing, it doesn't mean we have been forgotten.

for example this very fren of mine sent my an sms says : " try read matt 17:20 u must have faith in your self and in God......" it tought me not to give up, and regardless how people might look down or precieve, i just have to belive in myself and in things that i can do.

Pei ling sent this during i was having a tough time. break ups and facing my own personal problems, even though i don usually contact, but still i feel, that she is one of the few people that will have my back. guess this is what real friend is, they will be there for u, regardless if u don contact them or hang out with them for a while. they will understand if u want to spend time with ur significant half, they will understand why u behave in such the way that u did, and they never take offence because they understand.

there are so many things that i could say bout this friend of mine, and everyone that knows her, rarely have any bad things to say bout her.i guess the warm and bubbly personality that she have able her to fit in to any crowd, from those mat rempet to those cina tai lo.

friend like this i think, could only step into your life once, at most twice. i am lucky enough to have her as a friend, of course i do have other friends that am thankful for.but knowing her since form 1, and that the time our growing up is at its peak, guess v kinda see each other grow up and get through challenge of life and have each other's back, make it more special.wonder if i gonna have advisor now, hope u do great over there, i try to make everyone proud over here, hope u do the same over there too....

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