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Monday, January 25, 2010

I dreamed a dream

"I advice those who have a dream, to pursue it" - susan boyle

Friday, January 15, 2010

Opposite attracts

Opposite attracts they say. Boy like girl, girl like boy, black and white, big eye and small eye, big leg and big tummy. Ironic isn’t it?

Being this is the last holiday, taking in consideration of internship and FYP, thus my initial plan was to go on a eurotrip, countdown in Dublin for new year, some boxing day shopping, sightseeing London, and top it off with a visit to Old Trafford for a best club in the world, Manchester United play. But things works out to be the opposite. Study instead of shopping, stay at home instead of going for countdown, catch Jacklyn Victor instead of Man United.

Things happen for a reason, its sort of blessing in disguise, why? Because winter in Europe is so damn bad, it would freeze ur balls off, Man United is having an off season.
Instead I go to sunny Thailand with my uni mates. After an ON-OFF few days finally we decide to go to our own northern trip. Cuti- cuti Malaysia lah katakan.

Jac performing for christmas

After almost 6 tiring hours on the road, everyone was cranky wondering when will we arrive? . Until we saw rainbow that brighten everyone’s mood. No the rainbow was NOT in Land of the 2 tesco, SP the rainbow is in The Land of Ee Woon, Gurun. Beautiful double rainbow and paddy field with the compliment of the sun set, do remind me a lot of my hometown. Another 2 more hours we arrive in Perlis to be greeted by our Perlis host, Yee Kean n Yuan Hong, after they pick up the civilian of the World #1 Mee goreng.


Personally I feel that there are similarities between  Alor setar/Perlis and my hometown.

  •         Most of the place with lots of majorities are Malay followed by Chinese, which best part of all, everyone respect each other and able to live peacefully, unlike in the city, where we hardly know our neighbor.
  •        There are also some Thai influence as it is bordering Thailand. Some are Thai Muslim that migrated to Malaysia, we can see it from the language to the food.
  •         The houses, the shop are also kind of similar too.
  •          Also the lifestyle, around 11.30 p.m, most of the shop will be closed. And they start the day very early.

Serial rapist  picture of the 'sui bo' and the 'soi kong'

Fortunate enough, I was able to go around on a bike, with Jen Tat being riding. Due to the accident that involve my uncle few years ago, which cost his life, there are not much chance for me to go on  a bike. Riding on the bike, early morning, fresh air, is just relaxing. In a nut shell, a good place to unwind, and keep away from all the hussle bussle of the city life.

"fresh" air fresh from the toilet

In Perlis we are brought to 2 awesome dinner. The first night dinner was at Kuala Perlis, nearby the jetty. Having seafood, FRESH seafood, with some thai/Chinese twist. The second night dinner was Ikan Bakar by the “kakak”, good food, and its reasonable too.

Like this for all the night

In Thailand, well, there is ALMOST a game of ‘lost in translation’ why almost because some of the vendor could speak a lil of mandarin and hokkien. From Samurai Burger (Mc’d pork burger), Mango pulut to ice cream pulut. Except for Phad Thai, I can’t recall anything that we miss out. We are also entertain by a magican that was able to make a steaming hot pau disappear in a blink of an eye. Thailand is always going to be Thailand. With all the street food/shops, bargain, offers, hot weather, and yet a hotter tom yam.

 a couple of couples <3


In SP, or sungai Petani, is all about #1.  2 step of forward you will get this, 3 step back you will find this. Our host here is the Boon. And with our guide, a proud SP, Way chow and Jen Tat. Curry noodle by the botak with one janggut  for breakfast and out to SP to Selinsing for fish head noodle, and the 50 cent for the 2 spoon of nasi lemak for supper, and blended groundnut for desert, which got the thumbs up by the food show ‘ho chiak’. SP is not bad really, with 2 tesco, although Ipoh have 3, still none of it are multistories, but Land of the 2 Jusco, with one being the largest in South East Asia, and the birth place for Bak Kut Teh, is better :p

A rocking cendol pulut in Perlis to the super long queue black and white in Ipoh, and finally I have gotten my curry chicken in bread. After years and years of waiting, it’s more to nostalgic than the taste. Last time the taste is nicer. It is just a reminder of the memories of the frequent trip to the north, either to Clearwater or to Fohsan, or even to Ferringhi.  The north is always been a good place for me. Thanks for the hospitality, and guide around.

"best memories are not captured by DSLR, digicam, but it is captured by our heart"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


In a year plus time it's time to leave Uni and into the working world.after much culculation, the current 'luxury' are just afforadable to sustain the current lifestyle.

Taking the worst case scenario,a fresh grad with a pay of rm 2000. After tax,assumption leaving around rm1800.

The rm 1800 salary can breakdown into

  • Rm 500 assuming taking a new proton car worth around rm45000 and a rm20000 downpayment @ a 3.45% or so,thus the monthly installment will b apporoximately rm 500.

  • Rm400 for fuel and toll

  • Rm300 for room rental assuming I work outside kl or selangor.    
  • Rm100 saving for annual car insurance.

  • Meaning I could spend less than rm 20 a day for food.meaning no more luxury such as mc donalds, or movies or even trip back home if I were to stay out of state.

No more new clothes,even spending on gf will b tight. It's not trifty,it's just hard fact.thus as I wrote this in 1u, in front of shop like bebe,Ralph lauren,fcuk n Tommy.it's farewell till I c u again when am succussful