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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


In a year plus time it's time to leave Uni and into the working world.after much culculation, the current 'luxury' are just afforadable to sustain the current lifestyle.

Taking the worst case scenario,a fresh grad with a pay of rm 2000. After tax,assumption leaving around rm1800.

The rm 1800 salary can breakdown into

  • Rm 500 assuming taking a new proton car worth around rm45000 and a rm20000 downpayment @ a 3.45% or so,thus the monthly installment will b apporoximately rm 500.

  • Rm400 for fuel and toll

  • Rm300 for room rental assuming I work outside kl or selangor.    
  • Rm100 saving for annual car insurance.

  • Meaning I could spend less than rm 20 a day for food.meaning no more luxury such as mc donalds, or movies or even trip back home if I were to stay out of state.

No more new clothes,even spending on gf will b tight. It's not trifty,it's just hard fact.thus as I wrote this in 1u, in front of shop like bebe,Ralph lauren,fcuk n Tommy.it's farewell till I c u again when am succussful

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