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Saturday, February 28, 2009




the sem break of the gamma final sem is coming, well to be honest its about 3 months more, but since the trend now is to book tickets months earlier, for a lower rate, the decision have to be made.this is suppose the time that i flew to the UK.

my fren from perth came down during the last sem break for holiday and told me, 'if u EVER get your heart broken again, come to Perth, and we all will know what to do with you' and this week's e-mail says and i quote "definately i'll take u there!!! wad kind of fren did u think i am? idiot, i know u.... hahaha"
am really happy to have friends that understand what will make me happy and supportive too, even when sharing problems with them about studies they are very supportive, the lines like " i think its dumb to continue doin what you are not into" on the other hand, i have those who will say things like " be gretful bla bla bla" instead of understanding the problem i would get an aunty lecture.don't get me wrong that i don listen to lecture, but it have to make sense.
though its akward for me since school is out long time ago, and rarely hang out with them.

well back here, the tioman trip its organise by Mmu or specificly by kenny tan. considering this trip not only because of kenny tan that organise it, also because i've heard of tioman island for quite a long time now, and one of the places that i would like to visit for quite a long time already. anywhere with the white sand and blue water, you could count me in. its the peace i find when walking down the beach alone feeling the breeze and the hot sun.

verdict: non-conclusive maybe bukit tinggi its an option too.

a song from the past with real soul and a band used to be

bitch off my back

from the title, no am not refering to any individual. the word 'bitch off the back' means, u get something that is really a pain in the ass for you remove.

my bitch is engin math 3, you see,i finally get through the paper after lots of obstecle.so i can gladly say that that bitch ( math3) is off my back, is gone, its history!

another bitch that is finally off my back is when you google my name 'julian gan han jiang' there is no more hate blog on me.its finally gone.guess people should think on the long term on the effect rather, typing on how they feel at that instant moment.

anyways, am glad that the 2 bitches ( math 3 and hate blog) is finally off the list of the tons of list that i need to crossed out from my bitch list

Friday, February 27, 2009

tag by kim

Let play the Tag :)Here`s how it works.
1. write ten things about the person who tagged you.
2. write ten things about yourself.
3. find ten person u wanna tag.
write ten things about the person who tagged you.
koh kim foong
  • from banting
  • rich-change 2 hp in just a few months
  • playful
  • addicted to clubbin
  • have one official bf but many unofficial one
  • have the habit of ffk sometimes.. or most of the time
  • can be nice when want to be
  • skip class alwys and yet get good grade
  • shirt getting tighter
  • keep her family close to the heart
2. write ten things about yourself
  • cant speak chinese, and getting headache sometime of it
  • misunderstood to b self exile instead just want to be alone
  • dispice MMu
  • getting used to klang but still prefer other place- it just not safe here
  • don't really think direct translation from one language to another language joke is funny
  • thinks people who speak in other language,and bitch bout you, thinking you don under stand is just fucking rude and stupid
  • amuse how a 'lala' call others as 'lala'
  • shy, tho lots of others will say otherwise
  • still searching for 'myself'- hard to be understood, even more complex than a complex equation.
  • wants the last 3 years of my life back thank you

3. find ten person u wanna tag.

1 Bemused

#2 Luckystrike

#3 Stupid F*ck

#4 Nicole XH

#5 Pei ling

#6 current-roommate

#7 Bulu Bulu

#8 bird

#9 who have free time lah..

#10 Peacock

the list almost similar to kim's.. just wanna noe wats on your mind ppl

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Erection Hardness Score

Erection Hardness Score (EHS) developed by the European Association of Urology.

whats your score?

  • Level one is like tofu where the male organ is large but not hard

  • two is similar to a peeled banana where it’s not hard enough for penetration

  • level three is like an unpeeled banana where it’s hard enough for penetration but not completely

  • level four is similar to a cucumber where it’s completely hard and fully rigid

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

uno b'day? no?

I was at Pizza Uno @ Centerpoint, Bandar Utama for lunch today with my family today
for my parents birthday.

Here are some of the snapshots of food that we ate.
For starters, we ordered the garlic bread

We also tried the Greek Pizza which consists of mussels, shrimp, squid and olives.

The Romeo Special was pretty good too. The thin crust dough was nicely cooked with chicken ham, pineapple, mushrooms, olives and cherry tomato.

Here is a picture of the garlic prawns pasta

... and the delicious beef lasagna

and not to forget the good-looking people.

Friday, February 20, 2009

a day in MFA

a day full of memories..

early start, make some feel very sleepy :P

1st stop was, MMU, melaka.
never crossed my mind that i will b there yesterday.remenise back, on how i used to
walk around that corridoor, having lunch at din's, supper at the bus stop, and well, ixora, where i used to live. also stop to meet some old classmate like charles and joyce.tough charles still look the same, joyce look sickly skinny.if u are reading this, thanks for taking come time out from ur class ya? as i left Melaka campus, a single engine piper plane flew across the sky.. mark the reason why i am here.

2nd stop was one of the few places that i like bout Melaka, the jonker walk

probably because of this place, jonker88.why? because they serve some good food and
a great blend of oldies music and yet relaxing.
and what is good food, and good atmosphere without some company right?

3rd stop was the MFA (malaysia flying academy)

due to come typical of Malaysia timing, the bus was delay and we are late for our appointment,
and as expected, we got screwed by the principal ltn(ret) franky.sad to say,
well, what the principal said bout is really true. if i would blog, bout the diff between the
student there and in MMu, well surely would make a lot of enemy.thus i would keep it to myself,
but those who are there, surely would noticed, the great different and standards.

after being brief bout MFA, we taken for a tour around the place by the student there. places
like the simulator room, library, classroom, and the planning room and most importantly the hanger. one of them student asked "sim? wat is the sim room" *smack my head*

a view inside the cockpit

this is call the "chalk" and one of FOM, FE,final year student can actually asked
"sir, what is a chalk?" *smack my head*
it don't really take a genius when the old man say " the time start when the chalk is off and stop when the chalk is on" the time here refer to the flying hours that a cadet have to gain.

is this the flight that is waiting for me to take off?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

and the dream continues..

hopefully,everything goes to plan tomorrow. and I am set, to step foot to MFA, Malaysia Flying Academy, tomorrow. this semester is a bit tought, especially subjects like microelectronics, small signal diagram... sigh.. and also control theory, with laplace transformation, and machine transformation. with that all aside, it still at the back of my head, bout what the .... am doin here in MMU, with my vision is not as sharp as before, no more 5/5 anymore, the dream of flying seems fading.

as some that been to my room might notice my small collection of plane, well, am very glad to add to the collection.. with..

a Qatar Airways a340-600, its one of the biggest model of the a340 family. the model that i have is to the scale of 1/500.

wing is a symbol to fly, it also a way to say, FREEDOM

the sleek aerodynamic design, always a marvel probably for anyone, don't it blow ur mind how us human can lift this mamoth to the sky? and its all up to the well trained pilot to bring this baby up up and away...

the world, that i am always curious on how it looks like, different culture, different place, different people, all seperate by 3 degrees of seperation.i hope, i wish, and i pray for one day, that i could travel the world, flying, and in the end would still call this place home.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

on friday night i went home. after the b'day celebration at Sk, well Happy bday to Yee kean and eric, who is now officially 21, guess its time for u to cash in the casino chip eric? anyways, i return home due to family reasons, so apologies because i miss out on the Ampang lookout point outing. seeing the situation not that serious as i first tought, i went to bangsar, to meet up with my frens. well some that i never seen since school end. well its nice that i received such a warm welcome, its Shai's 21'st. well Shai is the head boy during my year, if i would put it nicely, he is the more of the people's head boy, or in other word, he is corrupted as shit :P no offense mate. meet Vishnu too,cant forget all the shit we do. at first it does feel really akward as for years did not meet them, but as time goes on, its is alright, ray is also there, Dharmik, Dena and all.
its nice to keep in touch again with everyone. its great to see them, and all of them for sure will miss out time in our lovely high school. although there are some people that is from HELP,too bad we don't really mingle around. oh well, happy b'day mate, and have fun with Dharmik in Melbourne.

Monday, February 16, 2009

the gift

my cousin from SINGAPORE bought me this for christmas,
SINGAPORE-BREAD... see the connection?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

return to the macha's and bro's

during the semester break, met up with dharmik, hema, jess and ray. yes ray, finally he decided to stop excluding himself in the cyber cafe with counter strike. it started when i have an online convo with ray, so he decided he wanted to join in the crowd again. knowing hema will be back in perth soon, so decided to call dharmik and ray along, as well... all of us have a common topic, mayb those who know us, they will know.
nevetheless, after hitting the fav past time of banana leaf rice, we continue to catch up with one another. it certainly amaze hema, she was like " am so proud of u boys, after so long being apart still can talk a lot and now talk to more grown up topic like the economics, and stock exchange, instead of discussing pranks" well, i have to agree to that, i guess once u clicked with someone, regardless how long u been apart, when u meet, its like a chatterbox.
tonight, hopefully things goes well, i hope to see ray and dharmik again, with the most of the bandaraya gang, except hema and gurdip who flew off to Perth, earlier this month. this time it will be at shai's b'day mayb just mayb cum engangement party.
time for me to return to the "hood" with the machas and bros. don't ask me why, but am just happy to return always. because i am comfortable there, being outspoken, not being judged or attemped to be provoked, or just a pathetic way to make u feel 'bad', and don't really have to be bother of 'offendin' others, as we quickly forget 5 minutes later, what that could be offensive.
really looking forward for some good time with some good company tonight.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

valentine vs chap go meh

chap goh meh, marks the 15th, and the last day of the chinese new year, or its niu year. people throw oranges into the river in hope to find their partner. and a week later, (this weekend) its valentine, its when those who have a partner to supposedly show their affection to each other. lots of shop as u walk down the mall in red with roses, or pink, the obvious kim brickman's 'my valentine' is playing at those shop that sell the "couple magnet" which i seriously don't get it, no offence those who buy it. there goes on a list of thing that i don't understand like today's so called fashion like a 'vest' .

valentine is also a time for restaurant to offer their 'valentine set' and jack up the price. and u can see people trying to make a profit from selling roses, 1 roses can cost up to 8 bux each? yes it is good for the bad economy, as to push the inflation rate, but seriously, have valentine been SO commercialize ? togather with christmas? the side effect of globalization i tell u!

sometimes we are too caught up in the occasion, we neglect and forget what the true meaning behind it, as its a such a subjective thing, as am sure everyone have their own opinion on things. but generally, i think valentine is a way to rekindle, or to light up the spark in the relationship. as most of us are busy, with out daily life, sometimes we go to throght the same routine all the time, yes it does tend to be boring, so let a special day, to add that 'spice' or ' excitement' in the relationship.

thinking of my first valentine card in high school, was an card from THE girl in primary school. everyone was crazy for her in primary, as we leave and go into high school we went seperate ways, but for me, i still keep in contact with her. so during one fine valentine she sent a card, saying " i love u........................." that did bring a big smile but the end of it ".............. as a friend"

ke-kanasai-an yang teramat sangat.oh well, things happen i suppose. happy valentine for those who gonna celebrate, hope that you all have a good time in the name of romance :P and for those single one out there, well, don't let the occasion let u down, there always friends to hang with as valentine is not restricted to boy/girl thing, it could also be viewed as a friendship thing, plus there are still lots of fishes out there.

p/s: applicable for guys and girls