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Thursday, February 12, 2009

return to the macha's and bro's

during the semester break, met up with dharmik, hema, jess and ray. yes ray, finally he decided to stop excluding himself in the cyber cafe with counter strike. it started when i have an online convo with ray, so he decided he wanted to join in the crowd again. knowing hema will be back in perth soon, so decided to call dharmik and ray along, as well... all of us have a common topic, mayb those who know us, they will know.
nevetheless, after hitting the fav past time of banana leaf rice, we continue to catch up with one another. it certainly amaze hema, she was like " am so proud of u boys, after so long being apart still can talk a lot and now talk to more grown up topic like the economics, and stock exchange, instead of discussing pranks" well, i have to agree to that, i guess once u clicked with someone, regardless how long u been apart, when u meet, its like a chatterbox.
tonight, hopefully things goes well, i hope to see ray and dharmik again, with the most of the bandaraya gang, except hema and gurdip who flew off to Perth, earlier this month. this time it will be at shai's b'day mayb just mayb cum engangement party.
time for me to return to the "hood" with the machas and bros. don't ask me why, but am just happy to return always. because i am comfortable there, being outspoken, not being judged or attemped to be provoked, or just a pathetic way to make u feel 'bad', and don't really have to be bother of 'offendin' others, as we quickly forget 5 minutes later, what that could be offensive.
really looking forward for some good time with some good company tonight.

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