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Friday, February 20, 2009

a day in MFA

a day full of memories..

early start, make some feel very sleepy :P

1st stop was, MMU, melaka.
never crossed my mind that i will b there yesterday.remenise back, on how i used to
walk around that corridoor, having lunch at din's, supper at the bus stop, and well, ixora, where i used to live. also stop to meet some old classmate like charles and joyce.tough charles still look the same, joyce look sickly skinny.if u are reading this, thanks for taking come time out from ur class ya? as i left Melaka campus, a single engine piper plane flew across the sky.. mark the reason why i am here.

2nd stop was one of the few places that i like bout Melaka, the jonker walk

probably because of this place, jonker88.why? because they serve some good food and
a great blend of oldies music and yet relaxing.
and what is good food, and good atmosphere without some company right?

3rd stop was the MFA (malaysia flying academy)

due to come typical of Malaysia timing, the bus was delay and we are late for our appointment,
and as expected, we got screwed by the principal ltn(ret) franky.sad to say,
well, what the principal said bout is really true. if i would blog, bout the diff between the
student there and in MMu, well surely would make a lot of enemy.thus i would keep it to myself,
but those who are there, surely would noticed, the great different and standards.

after being brief bout MFA, we taken for a tour around the place by the student there. places
like the simulator room, library, classroom, and the planning room and most importantly the hanger. one of them student asked "sim? wat is the sim room" *smack my head*

a view inside the cockpit

this is call the "chalk" and one of FOM, FE,final year student can actually asked
"sir, what is a chalk?" *smack my head*
it don't really take a genius when the old man say " the time start when the chalk is off and stop when the chalk is on" the time here refer to the flying hours that a cadet have to gain.

is this the flight that is waiting for me to take off?

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