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Friday, February 27, 2009

tag by kim

Let play the Tag :)Here`s how it works.
1. write ten things about the person who tagged you.
2. write ten things about yourself.
3. find ten person u wanna tag.
write ten things about the person who tagged you.
koh kim foong
  • from banting
  • rich-change 2 hp in just a few months
  • playful
  • addicted to clubbin
  • have one official bf but many unofficial one
  • have the habit of ffk sometimes.. or most of the time
  • can be nice when want to be
  • skip class alwys and yet get good grade
  • shirt getting tighter
  • keep her family close to the heart
2. write ten things about yourself
  • cant speak chinese, and getting headache sometime of it
  • misunderstood to b self exile instead just want to be alone
  • dispice MMu
  • getting used to klang but still prefer other place- it just not safe here
  • don't really think direct translation from one language to another language joke is funny
  • thinks people who speak in other language,and bitch bout you, thinking you don under stand is just fucking rude and stupid
  • amuse how a 'lala' call others as 'lala'
  • shy, tho lots of others will say otherwise
  • still searching for 'myself'- hard to be understood, even more complex than a complex equation.
  • wants the last 3 years of my life back thank you

3. find ten person u wanna tag.

1 Bemused

#2 Luckystrike

#3 Stupid F*ck

#4 Nicole XH

#5 Pei ling

#6 current-roommate

#7 Bulu Bulu

#8 bird

#9 who have free time lah..

#10 Peacock

the list almost similar to kim's.. just wanna noe wats on your mind ppl

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