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Monday, October 10, 2011

Is this goodbye?

We begin the journey together, and we ended it together. There are lots of time that I feel that I won't be able to make it, especially when failures come in the way. And some that I share with, will know that I will tell them Sorry I won't be able to graduate with them.

As multiple failures comes in this past 5 years, some that are known and some that I still kept away, as I did not want to make my family worry. I am thankful to those that stood by me during the hard time. Offering me their help and support and even till today. Let it be some tough love, that tell me off, or console me when am down. Thank you very much. They know who they are.

As "Permata Dunia" first played during orientation, it was also fitting the last song we sang during the convocation. The scene of friends holding each other, on the shoulder singing the song away, some holding back their tears, its a very powerful atmosphere filled with emotion. And it is understandable as everyone spend 5 years together. Of course there is always a bond there.

For me personally, its a bitter-sweet time, and at the end of the day, I know I will miss this place and all the colourful characters that is the pallets to my university portrait.  As much as I always finding a way to get out or switch my university path, this place have taught me a lot. Maybe not in an engineering way, as I've forgotten lots of what I've studied, but I've learn a lot more than what the text book could ever offer. The value of friendship, and being away from home makes me appreciate home more. Of course I would have pay more attention to my studies if I could redo this all again. But looking foward, this weekend is probably the last time ever there will be this massive gathering.

I won't be able to know when will I will have a meal, or just chit chat with some of them, especially those who chose their path out of KL or those that you did not take the time to know them well, and during convo, your conversation with them is more than the period in this 5 years.

The promise and the dream of my parents have been fulfilled, as they wanted all their children to get a university degree. As my journey officially ended I will miss.... ( in no particular order)

  1. E-1-B
  2. The makan
  3. late night supper
  4. random movie 
  5. the flexibility of going out anytime
  6. skipping class especially when its raining at 8am
  7. early morning champion league football
  8. badminton, smashing people
  9. the nano permanent trio for assignment and exams
  10. weird by my FYP
  11. pillow talk
  12. gossips/ scandals
  13. Indon food delivery
  14. Puchong Yong Tofu
  15. S.K hawker
  16. Last minute cramp for exams in library
  17. Last minute assignment dateline, where the next morning we are all like zombie but still energetic to go and eat wantan mee or dengkil chicken rice
  18. FCM ah Neh, that scold people who cuts queue when taking roti canai
  19. Lesser worries compare to working life
  20. Cyber tracker
  21. And the list continues.....