If You Don't do it, You Don't Really Believe it. Some people spend their whole time searching for what's right, but they can't seem to find any time to practice it. Your life story is not written with a pen, but with your actions. To do nothing is the way to be nothing.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The end

With Facebook, its rare for people to upload pictures on blog anymore. Hardly have any sleep and finger crossed, the proposal will be accepted. Its like been a tradition ever since MMU for me to lose sleep as nearer to the reopen of class. Previously as exam results are released, then now FYP is looming.

As my proposal already been mail, all I can do now is to wait for the green light, which I really hope it's green.  However its easier said than done. Not to worry is not so easy to do. 

These are some of the pictures from my recent trip to Bandung, Indonesia. Hope the good time are not wipe away with the stressful-ness of FYP and the new semester, as I hope to enter the new semester, a better person after few months away. 

Spot the lightbulb

The airport, ex air force base


And the Ah Ma needs some loving too..

Gunawan from Surabaya

Nuri Ang and husband from Jakarta

tea time

Remind of little Genting

Adding the ambience's for romantic dinner 

Finger foood

Pisang goreng with sugar or mint flavour chocolate
One of the Factory Outlet

Why is it not by Perodua?

Inside the Factory outlet

Its like your average mall


Everybody for dinner, nasi padang

Ordinary store but..

sells pisang goreng for 1000 each! - Rupiah

Will be nice if the volcano erupt suddenly

As it is stated " Tangkuban Prahu"

Food at the top of highland

Cold weather, its good to have Bakso

Pineapple street

Sarawak Pineapple? please lah

Even the bees love it

ho liao! 

Dinner at Java Beans

Gunawan with wife and kid

Sawah padi? 

Yes, but the view from this restaurant

model, because they are paid to pose

Ain't no Heritage row, another Factory Outlet

Some of the few theme Factory outlet

Flying out from Cihampelas street

Of course some modern building too

No they don't just sell Tarzan suit

One of the place to visit

the most cincai van driver

some can't just behave

the maternal side

Kawah Putih ( read lah) 

Bone chilling weather with warm water

Jump shot take #1

its a crater, please don jump

talk too much, eat chili

Not lake Como, but good enough

As the sun set, its time to say Goodbye..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Love bug

This week mark the last week of my 20 weeks of 'holiday'. Internship is considered as holiday as there is not much of stress for me personally. It happens and its all natural with time, people change. Changes are unavoidable, all we can hope is people will change for the better, and still preserve what we like in them. But to sugar coat everything, is just not life, its more to fantasy.

Although during this period I spend most my time with my family, I do notice changes in some of my friends via the CNN, facebook. Especially those who enter or let just say experience a different phase of their life- Being in a Relationship.

Its sweet really especially to see new couples, doing the oh-so-sweet, honey moon period. My hats off to them, and wish them the very best. Pop in Buble's Quando Quando Quando in the cd player, and you get the goosebumps, on how the anticipation, building up. A period where the girl play hard to get ( jual mahal) and the guy trying the very best to get the girl's attention while all these while she know she have fallen for him and just waiting for him to seal the deal, while messing with his head to value his sincerity.

I guess it happens to everyone, but maybe now its not the time for you, but its time for your friend, probably vice- versa later on. God creates everything in pair, and I belief that everyone will meet their match soon, even the fat and rough one or the slim and handsome one, regardless how you look like.

For those who time have not arrived, I guess enjoy being single as being single is not as bad, although sometimes peer pressure come into play.

A story I would like to share is on one of my best friend who is now dating this girl where they met in university. Before this girl there is another one, however they are having long distant relationship, as they girl is studying in Johore and he is in Bangi. He occasionally drive down to visit her, however their relationship hit some rough rocks, even to the extend of me getting 2-3 A.M call from the girl and the guy, the irony is, I never met this girl. For what ever reason, they broke up. At that time I can sense that my friend is really sad as he have strong feeling that this girl is 'the one'.

After a while, he called me up with a more cheerful tone. He have met this new girl, his current gf. They seem very compatible, hanging out and sticking to each other like glue. Playing badminton ( which is his favorite sport) and have late night supper at the 24 hours KFC in Kajang, (btw they have cheap bowling neraby).

Finally I met this girl. She seems friendly and the total opposite from his ex which is more alim ( strong in religious ). After a few more meeting with other friends, they seems to be in their own world as we watched. You know how it is, when there is like an invincible wall separating them and the world.

I did not confront my friend this time, although most of the time I've been vocal towards him. Yes, at times it can be a bit annoying when everywhere we go, the girl will be there, there is no bro time. However, when I see it on his side, I guess he is lucky to have someone who love to spend time with his,not all couple would like to spend time with each other as some would still stick to the 'friends forever' thing, or they need 'time alone'.

As his good friend, I hope nothing but the best for him.Putting myself in his shoe, make me understand better And now, his girlfriend are part of the roaster when we all gather. Heck, we even pull off surprise party for him recently for his 22nd birthday.

The lesson here is, our friends might change when they involve in a relationship. Their other half might appear to be more important that us, the friends.  But if we say we are their friend, don't we just wish all the best to them without being bitter about it ?

Friday, October 8, 2010

You Again?

Its been a while since I participate in Nuffnang competition, and this time the Movie Premier of "You Again" have really caught my eye as it is something I can relate to, on a personal level. Now I am 

"old enough to look back and laugh at my mistakes Young enough to look at the future"

School have been the best time for me. Lots of fond memories there. However there is one that stand out from the rest or let just say one person that everyone is school will remember, perhaps for the wrong reason.His name goes by KKW.

KKW was my school mate throughout my primary and secondary school.He was quite intelligent on the academic side, however he was not liked by many due to his annoying attitude. 

We all hate those who always complain to their parents and their parents come to the school and make a big fuss.whinny baby that goes around and telling people stories. Well that is the case with KKW. But I have to admit that I was kinda naughty and a bit of the playful side when I was younger.

One memorable incident during primary school was when a girl found out that KKW's school uniform have yellow stain on the arm pit. Being naughty I add oil to the fire and almost everyone in school start giving him name "Garlic bread". The abuse he got that time was harsh and almost everyday and every person who bump into him  tease him. At one point when the mother came to the school gate and start to shout at me and my friend plus giving long lectures. This anger me more.

In high school I thought that I would never see him again, but during the first day, the person who step in the class, and my heart goes " YOU AGAIN!", but I got the same vibe from him as I was close to the girl that he has his eye on since primary.

During form 2, someone stole his personal diary from his bag. Inside he wrote some indecent thing that he wanted to do to some of the girls, his fantasy with his raging hormone grace the content of the diary.Not knowing who stole it, he pointed the finger at me, thus I was in a deep trouble. I imagine myself again getting long lectures from his mother. To avoid that I found the real culprit however it was too late to salvage my tarnished image. 

Furious that I was, I asked a few friends for favor to get back at him. And one of them is a person who keep on complain to. so me and my friends walk into the class to get him. All 3 of us are furious because he is the tattletale who rat us out to the chemistry teacher, that we skip her class. 

Our punishment

3 of us did something well, I am not sure its appropriate to even discuss it here. However, most of people in our batch still talk about it today. In no specific order, one of us hold his hand and another his legs, and another one open his zipper to flick our fingers, well the rest I leave it to your imagination. We got chased by a broom after that. Its like you leave an angry bull out of the cage when we release his hand and feet.

After that incident, our feud ended. I guess both of us grown more matured. However, all the person that KKW have annoyed still remembers it and he is forever known as the tattletale.

After leaving school everyone goes their own way to Universities, some of us are already working. There is never a time when I catch up with my high school friends without discussing about KKW. Ask anyone from there, their reaction will be


You again?

Whenever anyone met him. And we know he is always around a mini market nearby  his housing area.