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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Love bug

This week mark the last week of my 20 weeks of 'holiday'. Internship is considered as holiday as there is not much of stress for me personally. It happens and its all natural with time, people change. Changes are unavoidable, all we can hope is people will change for the better, and still preserve what we like in them. But to sugar coat everything, is just not life, its more to fantasy.

Although during this period I spend most my time with my family, I do notice changes in some of my friends via the CNN, facebook. Especially those who enter or let just say experience a different phase of their life- Being in a Relationship.

Its sweet really especially to see new couples, doing the oh-so-sweet, honey moon period. My hats off to them, and wish them the very best. Pop in Buble's Quando Quando Quando in the cd player, and you get the goosebumps, on how the anticipation, building up. A period where the girl play hard to get ( jual mahal) and the guy trying the very best to get the girl's attention while all these while she know she have fallen for him and just waiting for him to seal the deal, while messing with his head to value his sincerity.

I guess it happens to everyone, but maybe now its not the time for you, but its time for your friend, probably vice- versa later on. God creates everything in pair, and I belief that everyone will meet their match soon, even the fat and rough one or the slim and handsome one, regardless how you look like.

For those who time have not arrived, I guess enjoy being single as being single is not as bad, although sometimes peer pressure come into play.

A story I would like to share is on one of my best friend who is now dating this girl where they met in university. Before this girl there is another one, however they are having long distant relationship, as they girl is studying in Johore and he is in Bangi. He occasionally drive down to visit her, however their relationship hit some rough rocks, even to the extend of me getting 2-3 A.M call from the girl and the guy, the irony is, I never met this girl. For what ever reason, they broke up. At that time I can sense that my friend is really sad as he have strong feeling that this girl is 'the one'.

After a while, he called me up with a more cheerful tone. He have met this new girl, his current gf. They seem very compatible, hanging out and sticking to each other like glue. Playing badminton ( which is his favorite sport) and have late night supper at the 24 hours KFC in Kajang, (btw they have cheap bowling neraby).

Finally I met this girl. She seems friendly and the total opposite from his ex which is more alim ( strong in religious ). After a few more meeting with other friends, they seems to be in their own world as we watched. You know how it is, when there is like an invincible wall separating them and the world.

I did not confront my friend this time, although most of the time I've been vocal towards him. Yes, at times it can be a bit annoying when everywhere we go, the girl will be there, there is no bro time. However, when I see it on his side, I guess he is lucky to have someone who love to spend time with his,not all couple would like to spend time with each other as some would still stick to the 'friends forever' thing, or they need 'time alone'.

As his good friend, I hope nothing but the best for him.Putting myself in his shoe, make me understand better And now, his girlfriend are part of the roaster when we all gather. Heck, we even pull off surprise party for him recently for his 22nd birthday.

The lesson here is, our friends might change when they involve in a relationship. Their other half might appear to be more important that us, the friends.  But if we say we are their friend, don't we just wish all the best to them without being bitter about it ?

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