If You Don't do it, You Don't Really Believe it. Some people spend their whole time searching for what's right, but they can't seem to find any time to practice it. Your life story is not written with a pen, but with your actions. To do nothing is the way to be nothing.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

it's o-kai

Well open up your mind and see like me ,

Open up your plans and damn you're free ..

" its o-kai" - danni. i thought of copying her philipino " ok" just to annoy my friends back home. apparently that din't happen. but it gets into me instead. *touch wood* i know everytime i blog about something, it turns out the opposite, so i just don't want to jinx it. but after returning from Manila, i noticed lots of changes. its feels like i left, and during the period am there, Malaysia or most the people that i know, go through some ultra sonic paced, and change. a LOT. but the good thing is, they change for good. so its all good. some, would go out more, instead of caging themself in the room after class. some would think more mature-ly, some have finally approach some girls, though some might not change a lil, still happy go lucky. thus, feeling a positive vibe around is all good.

about 45 mins more to class.. i haven't got a nap yet. oh well, reports are reports, the dateline are set, i have a week, and exams shall not be an excuse. and good to know that i've complete it. though it might cost me my beauty sleep but " its o-kai", m glad to finish my job, even with an injured right hand after kickboxing, damn those uppercute and hooks.guess cavi probably missed her body combat class in sabah, instead trying on debate. and thank God that i did not sleep this time like last time, chatted with budak siam for a while, she busy doing e-commerce. so din annoy her much, since she crazy commited to the job, that rather not sleep till finish her job.

though, a lot broke today.the medic cost around 10 bux per pill, and the doctor prescribe to take 4 in 1 go.. plus everything, its like 70 bux.. haih :( hope to get some job soon, to cover the loses. and don't be naive if the pills are made by pfizer and its automatically equal to viagra. no doubt the company produce that, and so other medic too, its the world's #1 pharmicutical company for heaven sake. what ever sickness,well i prefer it to be a doctor-patient PnC thank you very much.

i'll kick the bad boys back to school,
teachin them fighting is NOT cool,
add a lil sugar and spice,
turn the bully that terrorise,
into a pink puddle that bark but dont bite.

Monday, July 28, 2008

tagged part 2- dowan study for exam lah!

1) Are your parents married or divorced?

2) Are you a vegetarian?
nope.trying to have a balance diet, but... meat is just too damn good!

3) Do you believe in Heaven?

4) Have you ever come close to dying?
feels like it before

5) What were u doing 8.00 this morning?
taking my hp that i left in the car

6) Favourite time of day?
makan time

7) Do you mind dating someone of the same sex?
i do mind. am straight and i love woman!

8) Do you wear makeup?
no.. except being physically forced

9) Ever have plastic surgery?
no. i think its long enough

10) Do you colour your hair?
no, unless they have electric blue

11) What do you wear to bed?
long pants and a T? sometimes without the T

12) Have you ever done anything illegal?
yea.. who doesnt

13) Can you roll your tongue?
yup, sorta

14) Do you tweeze your eyebrows?
no, but would like to tho.. to shape it.

15) What kind of sneakers?
Nike & Adidas & Reeboks

16) What is something you are excited about?
about holiday. but WAS excited till the light bulb tagged along. but i have to say, the back packing trip down under IF it happens

17) What is your Hair color?

18) Do you talk a lot?
if am in the mood, or else am a shy fella

19) Do you snore?
only when am too too too tired i guess

20) If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
in your heart? hahaha there is nobody's heart's. but they say home is where the heart is. but i would like to visit New York, in Australia with lots of promising plan with hema and dharmik, ride leong's mini cooper around the highland of new zealand with its wonderful view. swim around @ bora bora, probably JJ market. curious what they are selling there. would say the street of paris with someone special, but no, there is nobody. Fuji moutain, while watching the sakura. probably see darling michelle at her new beach front house.missing her lots..

21) Do you sleep with animals?
nope, not a big fan of animals.. and yet am goin spca this weekend.

22) If you won the lottery, what would you do first?
pay all my debt. study debt. put in fixed deposit so i'll probably get around 3k per month doing NOTHING!

23) Gold or silver?

24) Hamburger or hot dog?
hambuger at angle's seems good, but i guess its hot dog

25) If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
banyak la... can b bacon, spegetthi, triple play, rojak, or... just MEAT! roasted.seafood!

26) City, beach or country?
beach, nice view, blue sea, blue bikini (jess alba) , great food-seafood,

27) What was the last thing you touched?

28) Where did you eat last?
pizza hut

29) When’s the last time you cried?
may? mayb?

30) Do you read blogs?
yea.. lots of juicy gossips

31) Would you ever go out dressed like the opposite sex?
as open i would like to be, m no crossed dresser

32) Is there anyone you like right now?
no.. blocking any of those sort of emotion.

33) What’s your favourite shampoo conditioner and soap?
herbal essence is nice.

34) Do you talk in your sleep?
nope, not even when m drunk i think

35) Are you popular?
i have friends.. but m not sure.

38) Are you currently depressed?
nope, just stress out coz of the exam

39) Ever met anyone famous?
not really artise famous, just famous in their industry. like Tony F, the CEO, in CILT awards dinner.

40) Do you feel that you’ve had a truly successful life?
mayb in a different field. not engin i assume

41) Who is the rudest person in your life?
plenty. but one that stands out most if, i should say a dog instead of a person? coz the dog barks, and barking at me is not something i would consider a human action.

42) Ricki Lake or Oprah Winfrey?
rick who? oprah of course

43) Basketball or Football?
basketball, watched it in primary, play it during secondary. football, love it for life

44) How long do your showers last?
5 mins?

45) Automatic or do you drive a stick?
automatic. i would like one of my hands to be free instead of holding on to a "stick"-so so wrong!

46) Cake or ice cream?
used to be ice cream, cake for now.

47) Are you self-conscious?
partially, just when i go for event, the NEED to dress up is there.

48) Do you care what people think?
depends on my mood. and the people, if i would want to impress that person then, of course.

49) Have you ever given money to a beggar?

50) Have you been in love?
i would like to think that i have.

51) Where do you wish you were?
somwhere far away, away from exams, and surrounded with people that i like in an island paradise

52) Have you rejected someone?
think so. but reject such a harsh word. i would say that i prefer to be friends with them instead of bringing it to the next level.

Name : Julian Gan Han Jiang
Birth Date : 4rg December 1988
Current Status : single- not sure if available
Eye Colour : brown
Righty of lefty : righty

My Heritage : chinese
My Fears : super natural
My Weaknesses : jealousy- if i have something for that someone, lack of dicipline
My Perfect Pizza : lots of peperoni, wait,not too much or too lil.

My thoughts first waking up : exams :(
My bedtime : exams :(
My most missed memory : being with the one i love and my dear friends.every one seems so far away now.

Pepsi or Coke : cokes
McDonald or Burger King : both
Single or grouped dates : single
Adidas or Nike : both
Tea or Nestea : nestea
Chocolate or Vanilla : choco
Cappuccino or Coffee : all same lah..

Smoke : nope
Curse : most of the time with the guys. but sometimes.though cav would complain bout it.
Take a shower : off course lah !
Have a crush : not at the moment
Think you've been in love : yeah
Go to school : yeah.
Want to get married : wanted to but, its been a bitter lesson.
Believe in yourself : at times.

Alcohol : just that 2 weeks in manila
Gone to the mall : yeah
Been on stage : yeah
Eaten sushi : yuppp- don really fancy it tho
Dyed your hair : never

Played a stripping game : nope, would like to, IF there are all that i wanted to strip :P
Changed who you were to fit in :sometimes, the condition forced u.

To be married : was, have all set up, but "hope" are just "hope". mayb one day, not in the near future.

LAYER 9 : IN A GIRL...??maybe in a lover?
Best eye colour : anything goes, mayb blue like cameron diaz
Best hair colour : anything goes, depending on if it suits her
Short hair or long hair : again depnds.
Best height : not too tall, the max is same height. but again, no preference
Attitude : can i say cameron diaz again? :P basically, just someone that is fun to be with.who UNDERSTANDS!, have a big and kind heart, have a fun side, and the same time have a woman-ish side- go watch what happens in vegas.cameron diaz can b fun and crazy in vegas, not that i want a lover that sleeps around, and see her at the dinner, in that dress.. HOT HOT HOT!! - but all these are just fantasy, doubt there is any girls like this out there.

A minute ago : doing this stupid tag
Hour ago : revision
4.5 hours ago : eating pizza
1 month ago : leaving for manila
Year ago : planning trip to kuantan

I love: to be successful n rich and powerful
I feel : like giving up on studies, or engineering in particular
I hate : to study engineering
I hide : my feelings
I miss : being around with those ppl
I need : money

-kok jin
-who ever readin this, mae sau? kelvin? v ling? meisiem? JJ? anyone!

Friday, July 25, 2008

mojo jojo

don you just hate people with multiple talent? and they will go, "OH am not good at it" heheheh, m just being green and kidding, the envy kind.but its all good. well, this is some of the art work of a friend, prae. too bad she is taking finance, not so arts things. "i consider myself good when i am paid to do something"-prae

kangaroo jack

when is taking her break from her exam and she come out with:

mr yours trully :D looks like me huh? except for the hair part that hasn't completed yet.

*wonder if i will get it when she come down to kl*

trying to temp me when am hungry..

her creation of "merengues"

personal fav: only available @ bangkok. white choc mud cake! ( lapar wei!)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

5 years plan? or just 5 months

was learning about how malaysian company making 5 years plan to set their goal and way the company would go in that period of time. ( yes i pay attention in dixit class, ada prob?)

so whats my plan in 5 years?

  • graduate?
  • get into flying school
  • join Raleigh
  • take life changing journey

well, sticking to the game plan which is " not to have a plan, IS the plan".

i once told a close friend of mine, rizal. told him, after 3 years after being a pilot, i would buy a X5 and drive him and his then gf, mae sau, up to genting.

well, truth now is, am doing engineering and FAR from owning an X5. X5 is the bmw four-wheeled drive btw.

next month i should start saving up my cash. after checking my bank balance last night. well, its not that good so far. i need to have around X ammout before march next year. it can be said my financial year runs from march to march, as thats when the CNY money come in.

how? how i am gonna get my goal of rm X ?

  1. cut down monthly spending. which includes; phone credit ( means no crazy phone call), simply throwing money away on nothing ( buying clothes for no reason or trying to get shoes)
  2. withdraw out most of the money and store it in FD,( yes, cant get much, but at least get something rather than nothing by putting it in the bank)
  3. click nuffnag more.
  4. collect all the "loan"
  5. don go out so much with sis, (coz she will make me spend money)
  6. don't be greedy especially with food.
  7. don't be forgetful like forgetting pencil box or pen drive.

as all good CEO, they have their plan B. well the plan B shall be................ mind games :D

dear parents,

when they nag you when you are young,
you want them to shut up,
when you grow older,
they stop nagging,
they stop controlling so much,
they start giving you the freedom,
the wing to fly,
the support that you wanted ( as long as they can afford it),
they try to understand,
they try to adjust to the new trend t hat you set,
dad will be at singapore and penang for whole week,
mom will be busy with work,
missing you guys..

get well soon!

i was undecided on what today's post gonna be. at first i wanted to write about the Julian's idol which is the Mas CEO, Datuk Idris , Air Asia CEO, Datuk Tony Fernandes and also of course the donald. they have amazing inspiring stories and for once, i actually enjoy a class.and the 2nd post i wanted to do about how Ghandi said "if you want to see changes it starts within you yourself," thats what happen to Joyce's trip to Nepal, which i have to say a life changing one,when she see and help our the poor condition over there. no not Joyce Ooi, its Joyce Lam from HK but i know i have to study for my exams. thus this post shall be dedicated to..

Get well soon dear, car crash can never b great,even if you describe it like its all fun..

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

congrats!thank YOU!

a big congrats to you dear, yes you my dear sister. i know the spot light is always on me, and you have always been unlucky, but guess what? this time you really did it! and you got the upper hand this time, you got your degree, and i havent got mine. and all the critics that you got ever since school day, i'll say screw all that, now you can be proud of yourself for your success and hardwork. so congrats and love you, we all are proud of you! . and we shall negotiate about the sony G900. and for once i joked with my dad! i actually can joke with him!!

i realise that lots of people are happier these days. knowing that all of them are happy and have things their way, do make me happy too by just listening to it. like how carmen and eng hoe, endure a long distance relationship till now he already graduate from UK and they still goin strong, its a nice thing to hear, even if am not that close to both of them. other than that for sure i know its a happy day for my family, and my good mate, amar just celebrate his 1 year and half with his gf, vicki got a great winter break back in Malaysia to bring back to New Zealand, cavvie wavvie got her dream uni, although poor dear got into a car crash, but thankfully she is alright, bro bet, he having a great time abroad with his work and wheng teng having a good time doin internship,while ash seems to have things her way and sound like she having fun back home, while kok jin is happy being with his "friend". as for me, well i have exams, but to complain and sulk? no... so thank God, for everything, for blessing each and everyone.

Monday, July 21, 2008

when the drugs run out

the excitement and the adrediline rush from manila have seem to be drained down. probably the detoxing from the body. no mood to do stuff and feeling just lazy and not to mention tired.

feeling of stopping everthing of my outside activities and just focus solely on study is in the air. and the rest are just friends. study and preparing for the trip, of course i need to have the cash. cash is very important factor for me to go explore. to open up the sepet eyes.

the plan is: not to have one. well, lots of plan have been made.some might say there are too much plan but not much of executing. plans been alter. or just simple scrapped.

an interesting convo during sat dinner:

mr gan sr: so now don't wanna go UK anymore?
jr: nope
sr: well, you could still go. don't have to care bout her or see her.
jr: i suppose, but my friends are mostly there, in Australia and New Zealand. never really fancy UK anyways other than watching Man U.
sr: oh, ok, only when i tought that to sent u there with ur sister.
jr: just sent me down under
sr: so u cant complaint anymore when i go hols with ur mom.

wherever it is, might be the plans with prae, to visit bangkok, or she coming to kl, or we both go down under and fly with dharmik to new zealand. or pay a visit to toshi and chori in japan, or going to a place that i really want, New York, probably can catch Miku there, heck even, seeing Chyntia in Korea, or Jessie in HK. whatever it is, i know life have a very unexpect turn. for example, i never plan to visit manila.

tagged by nik

Starting Time : 10.13pm
Name : Julian Gan Han Jiang
Sisters : 1
Brothers : 1
Shoe Size : Asian Size 8
Height : 5'9?
Where Do You Live : Malaysia
Fav. Drinks : tea, ice and lemon or limau. orange juice
Fav. Breakfast : coco crunch, self made pancake
Have you ever been on a plane? : yup
Fallen asleep at school : yes.. extra classes
Broken someone's heart : i suppose. but karma do bite back. and bite it HARD
Fell off your chair : once or twice.
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : those were the days
Saved e-mails : Only the important one from important ppl
What is your room like: incomplete, lots of painting and table and stuff need to b bought
What is right besides you : the door
What is the last thing you ate : chipsmore-thats dinner
Ever had chicken pox : yup, cause whole sibilng have it, and we need to cancel overseas trip
Sore throat : not lately, i have tropicana
Stitches : nope,hoping to give to ppl though
Broken nose : Nope, mayb during kickboxing?
Do you believe in love at first sight : yea, but love is such a strong word for now..
Like picnics : Yups, its been a while since hav it
Last made you laugh :prae

Today did you :

Talk to someone you like: if "like" as in, "into" then no..nobody that i "like" for now
Kissed anyone : lips are getting dry, but no
Talk to an ex : nah.. don think they would want to talk or have anything to talk bout
Miss Someone : yup.
Best feeling in the world : there are few. being with the one u care A LOT.helping those who are really in need, chiiling with ur good mates
Do you sleep with stuffed animals : hav airlines pillow-MAS and THai so far
What is under your bed : carpet?
Who do you really hate : hate is a bit harsh, but just don want them appear in my eyes
What time is it now? : 1030pm


Is there a person who is on your mind now : Yes
Do you have any siblings : Yupppp
Do you want children : yea, but marriage not on my mind now..
Do you smile often : when i have the adredeline rush like how when m back from manila
Do you like your hand-writing : No
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : one of those in the playboy mansion? angie jolie's? no idea really, don't really thing bout "that" for quite a while.
What calour shirt are you wearing now : topless
What were you doing at 7.00pm yasterday : fill in petrol
I cant wait till : i b rich enough, to stop working and have everything that i wanted, it might sound a bit like yin but,really, for now, i really need cash to do the things i wanted
When did you cry last : last may. probably, the tears have been frozen so do the heart. m a cold cold person :P
Are you a friendly person : i would like to think i am
Do you have any pets : nah, hate to clean their waste
Where is the person you have feeling for right now : a feeling of hatred or wat? if hatred, its around alright.. kidding. i dono, i seems to be trying to block any sort of feeling like that, for now.
Did the last person you held hands with mean anything to you now : lots..
Do you sleep with TV on: Yeah !
What are you doing right now : talking to prae
Have you ever crawled through a window? : Yup !
Can you handle the truth? : yea, though sometimes its harsh and not nice to listen to
Are you too forgiving : i just don reli like conflicts.
Are you closer to your mother or father : mummy!
Who was the last person you cried in front of : erm... ash?
How many people can you say you've really loved : for now, only my family.
Do you eat healty : not really,but i try to balance my lack of vitamin with juice
Do you still have pictures of you and your ex? : yea.
Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you ? : mayb
If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : my mates of course
Are you confident? : depends on the matters

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago :

1. moving to KL
2. #1 in class
3. 1st Thai friend
4. commenwelth game
5. living in the big city

5 Things on my to-do list today :

1. study
2. study
3. study
4. assignment
5 slide

5 Snacks I enjoy

1. triple play
2. fried spring roll at yong tofu restaurant
3. fried banana
4. kinder boueno
5. rojak

5 Thing I would do if I were a billionaire :

1. Travelling around the world
2. help the poor
3. make my parents happy
4. be at all the happening events all over the world-awards show,grand prix
5. make those who are proud of themself or who hate me, be humbled by me :D i like ppl worshiping me

5 of my bad habits :

3.not dicipline
4.not ice cool anymore- have to start keeping stuff to myself
5.get intimidated

5 Places I have lived in :

1. kuala krai, kelantan
2. bangsar
3. ixora,bukit beruang, melaka
4. cyberia
5. bukit tinggi klang

5 Jobs I've had :

1. waiter, shukodo,mv
2. Son
3. Student
4. student
5. pilot trainee- but fail

5 people I tag :

kok jin, meisiem, yin, kean, kelvin

Sunday, July 20, 2008


its been a week since Austral come to and end... m still missing it somehow.

a kind gesture from a friend

http://sashabashir.blogspot.com apparently.. am on one of the links. interesting eh?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

clubs in manila

heard Teisto played here a month ago

lots have asked the club there play what song. well english song lah! duh. well, here are some of the songs that stuck in my head.

beautiful song.. from "cuisine", Fort Strip thats where i listen it. the cool part is, where everyone get up and dance and sing. and everyone just gather around and put hand on each other's shoulder just dance to it. and since its the last night, everyone just loosen themself.

somebody told me, you have a bf, who looks like a gf, that i have in Febuary last year.

its not confidential that i have potiental!

got a phone called from amar last night. dude, if u are reading this now, its all good alright? i no longer listen to mariah's "bye bye" on and on, like i did in langkawi. if i've would listen also its on the part when she sang "you'll never see me back at # 1"

emo sial.. well, fuck that.

when it was first released, i wasnt really catching the buzz of the song, even when everyone goes " its too late... " till i was in "alchemy", that was some hot stuff..

there are few other songs too, that was not that bad, like the "tokyo drift" song. well, with the tokyo girls and "tokyo" song, its a brand new thing i have to say..

Moët et Chandon

Moët et Chandon

somehow ada craving for that champagne.oh well, as long as i don get knocked out like Farai :P
got 3 dinner night last night. first dinner was with kim. she brought me to some chicken rice shop at Banting. not bad, its good to keep in touch with tradition. traditional chicken rice, wrapped with newspaper. classic. no am not being sarcastic, i mean, i tought it would be bad to move away from Bangsar, but things seems good so far. of course i have to travel a bit, to see my frens, but its all good.
at the same time, dena and vicki sms says they are coming down to Bukit Tinggi for dinner. after a short nap on the bus, arrived at jusco. till my mom called, so join my parents for dinner. never want to disappoint them saying i've already eaten or am having dinner with my frens later, since its been a while since we have dinner togather. so we went to Hj.Samuri. yes the same one like the Kajang one.
3rd dinner was at Chin chinho. at first vicki wanted crab, too bad they arrive late so the crab was sold out. we had steamboat.good food, and went back home after that with a full tummy.
bubu called saying there will be a competiton at IIu next weekend. haih.. sorry lah, i only go international.. :P hahahaa no la.. i guess the exams will be a obstecle, i have to skip the competition i suppose.
pool party in......... 3 hours :D

Friday, July 18, 2008

me likey this

miku just sent me this pics, which i kinda really fancy.even if i look red like a lobster according to alex. think its her smile. on the other hand prae was saying that she don feel the "mmu aura" , dono what that suppose to mean.

on this issue that i found in someone's blog, oh ok.. fine i wont play around the bushes anymore,yin's blog.

have a friend who sort of cheated with the ex and now his current dumped him. Karma? Yes. But my friend was just wanting his happy ending. Is there any wrong? We have to be kind and sometimes along the way we have to be selfish to someone else. It's unfair. He was sad. I don't blame her either I guess. She is also in favour of her happy ending and maybe my friend is the sacrifice this time around. He kept listening to Leona Lewis. At first it was "Bleeding Love" now it is "Better In Time". He is better now after coming back from a good overseas trip. Met lots of chicks. Hopeful and annoying again. Oh, the was-current dumped him for another guy I supposed. Whatever lah. Who dump who is like complex integral.

well i have to agree on the part of being sacrifice, well, we are human, and we tend to be selfish most of the time. though it sucks to be sacrifice. but one thing i have to disagree is..... "hopeful"? hopeful for what?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

a good night out

king tiger.. don mess

kickboxing starts last night. after weeks of lacking of exercise, i got tired really quickly yesterday.after throw a few set of jap and cross. guess.. those philipines socials event don help the cause either. oh well, got a new trainer. some girl name, dude.

after that had dinner around 11 at sirah. nasi goreng USA. its been a while! how i miss u. although the price increase and its not as tasty as before. but what the heck. instead of the charlie's fried rice in manila, its a good change, not saying that charlie's is bad.

well after those work out during kickboxing, i don think it can instantly help me for the pool party tmw night. ( tak ada packs.. malu ar!)

den meisiem sms ask if want to catch movie with her "mr", kelvin.

we catch batman:the dark knight. i have to say it is quite a good show, and heath ledger potray the joker character really really really well. its so twisted the character which looks like very real.

ends at 3 am.. and we went old town to have a drink till 5 because some ppl need go pray.and yet still makan bak kut teh. sigh... ppl today just too complicated. :P

chat with prae till 7 till i accidentally doze off. which in result that i missed out the tutorial and the lecture, and also the meeting for the assignment. sorry fellas...

well, i know we got our differences before. heck it happens sometimes, frens argue. but i guess, how you move on with life from that moment on. either you make things better, or just let is sour. i dont really want to jinx it, but m glad, from those episode at melaka, we all can flip to a new page :D

*** thinking back, how i met Ching, who studying in Australia. and how she say she was born in Malaysia and her dad from Taiping. but she left malaysia since 8? how FINE! Australia did for her. wonder if she would look that fly, if she would stay at a place where they are known only for the Zoo,which is sad... probably look like one of those monkey. ( ok fine! i just did this to annoy kok jin :P, but Ching is a real person tho)


cant belive some ppl still can do the peace sign with a teary eye

Sunday, July 13, 2008

he is BACK!!!

am back from the philipines finally being able to update the blog. its sorta a start/stop process.lots of things to do and updates. though now also i should be studying but... oh well.. anyways am back after 3 hours plus flight from clark airport last saturday. i was greeted by my sister and mom at the arrival gate. apparently that day, my parents are celebrating their wedding anivasary. 27-28 yrs? amazing how ppl last togather that long rite? while around me, even 1- 2 years seems like light years.well, dinner that night was great. seafood! @ teluk gong.

anyways, 2 things happen that day. well Emilia left for India on the same day am back.so cant really say goodbye. and also means i don really have a " partner" for the annual dinner. :P

another was heard that uncle razak, is coming back as the MD.good for you. as you already eyeing that for quite a while, and coming back after all the unfortunate things happen to you. its all good now. i am not sure if its me or what but, everyone seems happy. i mean not because am back, happy as in they got things their way. and lots and lots of great wonderful news. its almost like a fairytale.

Austral was a really eye opener for me. having no experience what so ever in debating, except for those in the daily life, which cant be couted. other than that, there are also other things than goin there for a competition as some might assume. at the bigger picture, debating is just a small part of the trip. i would say the experience, friends you make and the culture you embrace is what really matters. thats what an Australian dude told me, and he is a veteran of 3 Austral.

well here are some intersting ppl that i met.

Q san, and Chyntia from DAE, korea.met them, during the unofficial opening night. and hang out sometimes. well, chyntia travelled a LOT. she was brought up in England, and moved to China, Japan and finally Korea. have lots of interesting stories. and a killer camera. she took over 1842 pics during the tournament.

Jonathan ( on the far left) Keigo ( far right)

met Jonathan around, he is very friendly and always love to stand out in the crowd. like in the pics, he wore a guy kimono. well, he is an american but studying in ICU, where Keigo is studying.met Keigo during my first match. apparently those that i met during my first match, against ICU, is those ppl that i can say i kinda close to most.

Chori! or Naouko.meeting her in the debate room, was a freaky experience. as she was the 2nd speaker and so was i. well, she was a bit aggressive for my first time experience.was talking to fangs, how ridiciouls her idea was. but after the debate, we shook hand and start talking.met her at almost all the socials event. talk and have a few drinks. well coming from someone who live near Harajuku, i have to say her dressing is not as bad as those wannabies harajukus in Malaysia, for example a certain "may" which is just an eye sore. SERIOUSLY! well a nice person to talk to, really cute and adorable. and have a voice of an anime character.

though its sad not being able to say goodbye properly as she got sick. and when she was about to leave, Masako said she is sleeping. oh well, tough luck.

Toshiyaki. or Toshi. ICU's captain.brought up in London. his nick name is American boy/ rich kid. because he speak with such an american excent. apparently a well known jap representative as he have been debating for quite a while.quite a unique character.but always hang around, even for dinner. we enjoy our Jolibee's :D he is quite an alcohol pusher.dude probably, pushed me to a limit that i never been before.

mmu ppl. most of the time its with them. ips, bubu, baby G, B square,fangs. quite interesting ppl.

Prae,or Tayanan or noprada. one interesting story bout this girl is her dad changed her name when she was 12, as it is belived that it will bring her bad fortune later in the future. brought up in New Zealand. and now in thailand. though just met her during the last few days of the competition, but a really fun character to be around with, the pic above, she was havin of the marlyn manroe moment as the sudden wind almost blow her skirt :p and that was the pic she took of me, in the morning before she left. i can actually listen to the cam clicking! hmph!

miku. helping her out with the keio bid for hosting the next Austral. although monash get the nod, well that don really matter at the end of the day. we had each other as company especially during our duty as adjudicator. which i got a feeling Clans put us 2gather on purpose as panels during one of the round. well been brought up in carlifonia, she havent been to a jap school, even though now in japan, she was in private school, before entering uni, well, goodluck sweetie in the states in like 3 months time?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

a mus ta ka!

A mus ta ka, from Quezon city! well, its almost been a week since am here. though, its hard settling down at first, but its alright now. i have to say ATTENEO is a wonderful place. its something equallvalent to our sri garden, except they have, high school and also university.well, i am for sure won't mind to be an exchange here, thats for sure. anyways, the food here is pretty exotic at first, there are lots and lots and lots of pork! they used up all part of the pork, that the chinese would be ashame of themself.

so far i tried, sisig, which is a smash up pork face, serve in sizzling hot plate, pig cook by its own blood, bull testical, well, the hamburger here is great too! they have this place call "angel" which is something like our ramli burger. real cheap food. like for 2 burger its rm 3. well, exploring the street's food does make me more adventurous with food.

met a few new friends, like anna, raymond, nigel, toshi, Bj, maki, and also chori. well, booze have been their national drink here, especially san miguel's.

to be honest right now, at this cybercafe, i don feel THAT easy. as there are few eyes are watching. its either transexual or ........

oh well.. hope to hear from you guys soon. and yes i do miss home!