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Saturday, July 19, 2008

clubs in manila

heard Teisto played here a month ago

lots have asked the club there play what song. well english song lah! duh. well, here are some of the songs that stuck in my head.

beautiful song.. from "cuisine", Fort Strip thats where i listen it. the cool part is, where everyone get up and dance and sing. and everyone just gather around and put hand on each other's shoulder just dance to it. and since its the last night, everyone just loosen themself.

somebody told me, you have a bf, who looks like a gf, that i have in Febuary last year.

its not confidential that i have potiental!

got a phone called from amar last night. dude, if u are reading this now, its all good alright? i no longer listen to mariah's "bye bye" on and on, like i did in langkawi. if i've would listen also its on the part when she sang "you'll never see me back at # 1"

emo sial.. well, fuck that.

when it was first released, i wasnt really catching the buzz of the song, even when everyone goes " its too late... " till i was in "alchemy", that was some hot stuff..

there are few other songs too, that was not that bad, like the "tokyo drift" song. well, with the tokyo girls and "tokyo" song, its a brand new thing i have to say..

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